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From the blog Are fat people disabled?

The European Court of Human Justice has ruled that, in some circumstances, fat people will be able to use disability discrimination law to respond to discrimination. D H Kelly examines whether fat people can be described as disabled

By D H Kelly
19 December 2014

From the magazine The I-word strikes again

Channel 4 describes Viktoria Modesta as "inspiring, unique and very hot" with "a difference that sets her apart from the idealised form of a pop artist". Gemma Varnom asks, can a disabled performer only be noticed or valued if her performance centres on her apparent otherness?

By Gemma Varnom
19 December 2014

From the magazine Finally, the girls are centre stage

Kate Bonynge looks at the third series of BBC3's Some Girls, a comedy about three 18 year olds that marks a change from the male dominated programmes we've come to expect


By Kate Bonynge
16 December 2014

From The Magazine

Reproductive choice on waves

Liz Smith praises Diana Whitten's Vessel, a documentary about Dutch pro-choice activists that reminds women not to take their reproductive rights for granted

By Liz Smith
6 December 2014

A side of Bechdel in your showcase

Although the short plays in Whoop'n'Wail Represents.... The Launch have their flaws, Rita Suszek is impressed by the focus on the female experience

By Rita Suszek
3 December 2014

Teen pop fandom: an adolescent rebellion

Teenage girlhood is a period strongly associated with avid pop fandom. Bridget Coulter examines this phenomenon, arguing that fan behaviour is a rebellion against a culture that constrains and controls teenage girls

By Bridget Coulter
3 December 2014

From The Blog

Weekly round-up and open thread

Some important feminist-related and intersectional news/commentary this week, including Disabled People Against the Cuts' open Letter after the 8 December High Court ruling against their challenge to the closure of the Independent Living Fund

By Holly Combe
15 December 2014

Exceptions won't change the rules

Amelia Handy muses on the aspirational formula behind The Apprentice and argues that quotas recommending the 'add-woman-and-stir' recipe to companies are not good enough when we have an economic system that values profit over people

By Guest Blogger
12 December 2014

Saudi activists arrested for staging protest against female driving ban

Guest blogger Jan Nadarajah writes about activists arrested for staging a protest against women driving in Saudi Arabia. Two prominent female Saudi women's rights...

By Guest Blogger
10 December 2014

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