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From the blog The expat life: A family portrait

November guest blogger Nat Newman continues her series on women expats. You can find her first and second posts here. A funny thing happens...

By Guest Blogger
21 November 2014

From the magazine "All taboos feel dangerous until they're broken"

Ailsa Bristow looks at the second season of Masters of Sex and finds an approach to sexual awareness that is unashamedly political and unafraid of challenging viewers

By Ailsa Bristow
13 November 2014

From the magazine Gone Girl: condemned or hailed?

David Fincher's Gone Girl, adapted from the novel by Gillian Flynn, has been simultaneously condemned as a misogynistic portrayal of women and hailed as the birthplace of a feminist icon. Lily Kendall investigates: does it deserve either of these accolades?


By Lily Kendall
11 November 2014

From The Magazine

Musical machinations

Although Sarah Graham would prefer less caricatured male parts, she finds Made In Dagenham: The Musical worthwhile and inspiring

By Sarah Graham
8 November 2014

Siouxsie and the Banshees: the final four

Eighteen years after their split, Siouxsie and the Banshees have re-released a quartet of their studio albums, spanning 1987 to 1995, in a remastered package. Cazz Blase listens and reflects

By Cazz Blase
4 November 2014

But yet a woman

Lissy Lovett applauds Henry IV at the Donmar Warehouse, which casts women in all the roles and tells a powerful and compelling story

By Lissy Lovett
1 November 2014

From The Blog

Making waves: women and electronica

Jo links to a piece covering a female-only electronic and experimental music event

By J Whitehead
21 November 2014

I'm a Celebrity... give me a break!

Lucy Drewery asks why mocking a person's appearance is still just seen as 'banter'

By Guest Blogger
20 November 2014

The more things change... A closer look at 'strong' female characters in film

This is a guest post from Chloe Darke, a freelance journalist and postgraduate student living in London. She likes books and watching crime dramas on...

By Guest Blogger
18 November 2014

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