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From the blog FWord_friendzone-min The comic strip: Friend-zone

Our resident cartoonist, Silvia Carrus, on that most hated of terms.

By Guest Blogger
5 February 2016

From the magazine kitten-killers-featured Cool cats

Grace Sharpley finds the sketch group Kitten Killers have a lot of funny things to say and sing about contemporary sexuality

By Grace Sharpley
4 February 2016

From the magazine Hinds Hinds hit hard

After listening to their debut album, Holly Martin is first in line to join Hinds’ girl gang

By Holly Martin
3 February 2016

From The Magazine

You are not who you do

Kat Wootton reviews The Sex Myth by Rachel Hills and explores the fascinating links between sex and identity

By Katherine Wootton
2 February 2016

My rapist walked free

As only 6% of reported rapes end in a conviction, an anonymous contributor tells her harrowing story

By Guest Blogger
1 February 2016

Beautiful dead women

Ailsa Bristow looks at Making a Murderer as part of a broader cultural trend in which women’s deaths are fetishised and made into a spectacle, while the women themselves are erased

By Ailsa Bristow
26 January 2016

From The Blog

CBB Steph, you’re not a ‘slut’ (whatever that means anyway)

Samantha Rea watches Celebrity Big Brother and wonders how a snog can possibly be a scandal in 2016

By Guest Blogger
2 February 2016

We need to talk about periods

Sophie Jo says no to euphemisms. Why can't we just say we're bleeding and it hurts like hell?

By Guest Blogger
2 February 2016

Weekly round-up and open thread

This week's collection of interesting articles from around the web, covering everything from Kanye West to the #TraditionallySubmissive hashtag. All links chosen by The F-Word team

By Lusana Taylor
1 February 2016

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