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From the blog Weekly round-up and open thread

Welcome to this week's round up and open thread! Below are some links that we came across that we thought were interesting. As ever, this does not imply endorsement. Feel free to add links of articles that you've been reading and comment on the ones we've posted here.

By Asiya Islam
27 July 2014

From the magazine Sheffield Doc/Fest 2014: a secret thread of feminist elders revealed

Sophie Mayer recommends documentaries to watch out for, hand-picked from this year's Sheffield Doc/Fest line-up

By Sophie Mayer
22 July 2014

From the magazine Not an open and shut case

Despite enjoying some of the plays that make up Shutters, Charly Rowland can't identify the commentary on women that is supposed to unite them

By Charlotte Rowland
17 July 2014

From The Magazine

Girls: meet your punk foremothers

Stephanie Phillips enjoys rare footage on The Culture Show's Girls Will be Girls episode but is left wanting more than talk of fashion, women's sex appeal and lingering concerns over the survival of the female punk spirit


By Stephanie Phillips
6 July 2014

Under and through the celluloid ceiling

Sophie Mayer finds recent collection of essays on women's cinema a mixed bag but a powerful tool nevertheless

By Sophie Mayer
3 July 2014

Sexiness only skin deep

Under the Skin's alien hero/ine makes Liz Barker-Woods rethink how we make sense of our identities and the world around us

By Liz Barker-Woods
17 June 2014

From The Blog

Mothers Against the Odds: new documentary

This is a guest post by Anne Daly, who wrote and co-produced Mothers Against The Odds (directed and co-produced by Ronan Tynan), a documentary...

By Guest Blogger
27 July 2014

I love being a feminist because...

Being a feminist can feel like a burden. In fact, it has added more value to my life than any other principle I hold.


By Amber Collins
27 July 2014

July 2014 playlist

July 2014 playlist, for your listening pleasure

By J Whitehead
23 July 2014

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