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From the blog Departures and disablism

Philippa leaves the F-Word and pays tribute to the other collective members who have left in recent months. She also addresses some issues of disablism that have arisen this year

By Philippa Willitts
23 September 2014

From the magazine Boyhood's girlhood

Reviewing Richard Linklater's unique study of growing up, Sophie Mayer applauds the girlhoods that frame Mason's boyhood

By Sophie Mayer
22 September 2014

From the magazine Backstage of life: Japan's love hotels

CN Lester praises Love Hotel, a documentary by Phil Cox and Hikaru Toda that beautifully explores the Japanese phenomenon without exploiting its protagonists

By CN Lester
15 September 2014

From The Magazine

Girls love gigs too - so let's make them safe

Festivals should mean fun but for women, they have become unsafe spaces. Some festival-goers shared their experiences with Laura Maw, who argues that both organisers and performers need to do more to ensure women's safety

By Laura Maw
9 September 2014

Mama Rhythm

Mainly a modern jazz soul singer, Sarah Jane Morris is perhaps most known for her 1980s pop cover of 'Don't Leave Me This Way' with The Communards. Chrissy D has a listen to her latest album, a politically charged project produced in collaboration with musicians including Keziah Jones and Tony Rémy

By Chrissy D
8 September 2014

Photographs saved from oblivion

Keeping her reservations, Hayley Ellis Jones is thankful to John Maloof for finding and publicising the body of work of a secretive Chicago nanny

By Hayley Ellis Jones
7 September 2014

From The Blog

It's the pits - belly dancing and femininity

D.T. Dragon would rather not belly dance than change their appearance to suit norms of femininity

By D. T. Dragon
15 September 2014

Suppressed again?

A guest post from SWOU (Sex Worker Open University) about the failure of the upcoming 'Feminism in London' conference to include any sex workers on its sex work panel


By Guest Blogger
15 September 2014

The revolution will not be pinkified

Is it too much to ask for women's bikes and cycling accessories in colours other than pink, asks Liz Smith? And while we're at it, let's get the same specs available for the same price


By Liz Smith
11 September 2014

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