Happy Birthday to Us!

A quick comment on our one-year anniversary, yippee!

, 16 March 2002

This is just a note to say yay! This site is one year old! Paper

anniversary, so I’m told!

One year ago I was cajoled into starting a feminist ezine, and after weeks

of dithering and wondering whether I should, I finally got around to it. I

wanted to find out if other UK feminists were out there and what they thought

about stuff, and wanted especially to let other young feminists know that they

were not alone. The time has flown by so quickly and it’s been fantastic.

Now I know I’m not alone, and neither I hope do you! What’s more, I’m

discovering more UK feminist resources as I go along, and sharing it all with

you. I’ve made friends and had the opportunity to read intelligent and

interesting contributions from various people…

So many many thanks and love go out to all the people who’ve contributed: Jen

Clarke, Janet Evans, Lynn Cicada, Geethika Jayatilaka, Lorraine Douglas,

Natasha Walter, Natasha Forrest, Jane Collins, Marion Beach, and Naimh


Thanks to each and every one of you who’s emailed to give me support and

encouragement, especially all the Fawcett Society staff and Riot Girl


Sorry if I have forgotten anyone!

Special extra thanks go to Andrew Bowden for designing and building the

site. Cheers to www.durge.org for hosting us.

PLEASE keep contributing – this site is what you make it. Here’s to

another great year!

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