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Introducing February’s guest blogger

Starting off our 2016 programme of monthly guest bloggers, we introduce Helen Reid, who'll be writing for us throughout February

Megan Stodel // 1 February 2016

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openclosed sqOpening up and shutting down

While happy to talk about non-monogamy, there are a few things Megan Stodel is tired of hearing

Megan Stodel // 23 January 2016

Categories: Blog

Getting control back

New legislation criminalising coercive control is a positive step forward, writes Megan Stodel, as it strengthens and clarifies the definition of domestic abuse

Megan Stodel // 29 December 2015

Categories: Blog

Make your resolution to be an F-Word writer

If you want to write for The F-Word, now's your chance! Contact us if you're interested in being a guest blogger for a month

Megan Stodel // 26 December 2015

Categories: Blog

Why there aren’t any straight women

Megan Stodel isn't straight, but she believes there are some women out there who are; here, she explains her controversial and seemingly science-defying position

Megan Stodel // 8 November 2015

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Bored of boardroom sexism

Another year, another display of the sexist tropes that hinder women in The Apprentice; Megan Stodel attempts to produce an assertive riposte but may end up just being feisty

Megan Stodel // 21 October 2015

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Dilemmas in feminism

Sometimes there are issues that aren't easy to work out. Megan Stodel discusses why she isn't sure whether to campaign for mothers to be added to marriage certificates

Megan Stodel // 3 October 2015

Categories: Blog

We’re over here!

Bi Visibility Day was celebrated on 23 September. Megan Stodel starts listing ways that would help increase the visibility of bisexuality

Megan Stodel // 26 September 2015

Categories: Blog

Composing an alternative

Exam boards should be consciously inclusive, so Megan Stodel celebrates the recently successful campaign by a 17-year-old that will result in women composers being on the Edexcel A Level syllabus

Megan Stodel // 13 September 2015

Categories: Blog

Exiting the sausage fest

When previously carnivorous Megan Stodel started cutting down on meat, she was surprised to find gender expectations more of a barrier than sourcing recipes with enough cheese in them

Megan Stodel // 2 September 2015

Categories: Blog

Being invisi-bi

How can we talk about people in a way that acknowledges bisexuality? Megan Stodel explores the barriers and looks for answers

Megan Stodel // 27 August 2015

Categories: Blog

The second EdFringe 2015 theatre digest

Hot on the heels of the first batch, Megan Stodel delivers the latest F-Word theatre reviews from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Megan Stodel // 16 August 2015

Categories: Reviews, Theatre

The first EdFringe 2015 theatre digest

From the experiences of young black women to depression in men via the armed forces and gendered toys, this is the first round-up of theatre reviews from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015 from Megan Stodel

Megan Stodel // 14 August 2015

Categories: Reviews, Theatre

The undeserved derision of one-woman shows

One-woman shows get a lot of flak; with the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015 around the corner, Megan Stodel argues that they are written off unfairly

Megan Stodel // 5 August 2015

Categories: Blog

luisa2Badass and disinclined to diet

Megan Stodel leaves Luisa Omielan’s stand-up show feeling inspired despite the occasional misstep

Megan Stodel // 29 July 2015

Categories: Comedy, Reviews

Respond to the consultation on reporting gender pay gaps

You have until 6 September to complete the government's consultation on their commitment to bringing in regulations that will lead to large businesses publishing information on pay and gender; Megan Stodel outlines the background and benefits

Megan Stodel // 16 July 2015

Categories: Blog

poundsWhy a group of artists from Tbilisi had their visa applications refused

The New Collective are a group of women invited to bring their performance art to an international festival held in the UK. Megan Stodel sees a worrying sign in the refusal of their visa applications

Megan Stodel // 14 June 2015

Categories: Blog

Bad witch, good witch

Despite some promising themes in Wicked, Megan Stodel finds the musical about the witches of Oz defying the gravity necessary to go beyond their superficial exploration

Megan Stodel // 10 March 2015

Categories: Uncategorized

Daffodils-thumb-320x240-5259Weekly round-up and open thread

It's that time of the week again - find interesting links from around the web here

Megan Stodel // 9 March 2015

Categories: Blog

maze1-thumb-320x240-5217A ray of hope from the UK Border Agency

LGB women face immense barriers when attempting to claim asylum in the UK. A new document suggests progress could be made, but as Megan Stodel writes, only if the guidance is followed

Megan Stodel // 22 February 2015

Categories: Blog

dice-thumb-320x240-5175Weekly round up and open thread

This week's collection of links to news, stories and observations that The F-Word team found this week. Do you have any to add?

Megan Stodel // 19 January 2015

Categories: Blog

leafWeekly round up and open thread

Here are this week's links to articles and posts we've found interesting - enjoy!

Megan Stodel // 24 November 2014

Categories: Blog

crayonsWeekly round up and open thread

We're back! After a short hiatus, here is the round up of links we've found interesting recently, plus a space for discussion in the comments

Megan Stodel // 17 November 2014

Categories: Blog

dictionariesTime for feminism

Time Magazine thinks the word "feminist" should be banned; Megan Stodel thinks it isn't the word that the world has a problem with

Megan Stodel // 14 November 2014

Categories: Blog

dik-dikI don’t

Despite upcoming changes that would see mothers included on marriage certificates, Megan Stodel isn't wedded to the idea of marriage

Megan Stodel // 21 August 2014

Categories: Blog


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