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Pomme-Is-French-For-Apple---2---credit-photographer-SiddiquiThe F-Word goes to EdFringe

The F-Word is back in Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival. In this post, we review shows about vaginas, Christianity, Tourette's syndrome and Greek myths

Various Authors // 13 August 2014

Categories: Theatre

More of The F-Word at EdFringe

In our second round-up of reviews, we discuss productions at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival that deal with subjects including sex work, trans* issues and religion

Various Authors // 18 August 2013

Categories: Reviews, Theatre

Salome-4-Fourth-MonkeyThe F-Word at the Edinburgh Fringe

Since the start of August, reviewers for The F-Word have been at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Here are their takes on a variety of shows that cover topics from sanity to Sappho

Various Authors // 11 August 2013

Categories: Reviews, Theatre

White Rose could fly higher

Although the story of women fighter pilots during World War Two has a lot of potential, Rowena McIntosh and Hazel Robertson find the plot frustratingly superficial

Various Authors // 11 April 2013

Categories: Reviews, Theatre

03-Judy_Chicago_The_Dinner_Party_Installation_at_Brooklyn_Museum_OverviewWhy Feminist Art matters now

In their interview with Judy Chicago, Andrea Berryman and Jennifer Patterson ask the artist about the continuing prevalence of sexism, the sexual politics of her internationally influential, revolutionary art and her definition of feminism

Various Authors // 30 November 2012

Categories: Art, Reviews

JUANA_shot3The Edinburgh Fringe Festival: Week Four

The largest arts festival in the world comes to an end! We review a few last shows from The Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Various Authors // 31 August 2012

Categories: Reviews, Theatre

Caroline-Horton-in-%27Mess%27.-Photo-by-Alicja-Rogalska-%282%29The Edinburgh Fringe Festival: Week Three

As the Edinburgh Fringe Festival continues, we have another round-up of reviews

Various Authors // 24 August 2012

Categories: Reviews, Theatre

Bitch-Boxer-photo-by-Alex-BrennerThe Edinburgh Fringe Festival: Week Two

Reviewers from The F-Word share their opinions in our second instalment considering shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Various Authors // 16 August 2012

Categories: Reviews, Theatre

LOVE-CHILD-anna-cheney-chrissie-oage-02The Edinburgh Fringe Festival: Week One

During August, Edinburgh hosts the largest arts festival in the world. Throughout the month, we'll be reviewing shows that we think might be of interest to our readers; here are our impressions of the first shows we saw

Various Authors // 9 August 2012

Categories: Reviews, Theatre

PolyculeThe poly-feminist manifesto: towards a feminist non-monogamy

Some argue that non-monogamous relationships are inherently patriarchy-busting. But in practice that's not the case. A group of workshop participants pieced together this manifesto to change all that

Various Authors // 23 May 2012

Categories: Sex and Relationships

NewGirl_Ep5aThe manic pixie dreamgirl grows up

Hit US sitcom New Girl arrived on British TV screens in January. The 'girl' is freshly heartbroken Jess (Zooey Deschanel), who finds herself sharing a house with three men. Emily Kenway and Kaite Welsh watched the first episode, to see how the show fared from a feminist perspective

Various Authors // 9 February 2012

Categories: Television

reclaimingbookcoverOne book – three reviews

Annika Spalding, Jamillah Knowles and LonerGrrrl offer three different and independent takes on Reclaiming the F Word: The New Feminist Movement by Catherine Redfern, founder of our site, and Kristin Aune

Various Authors // 4 June 2010

Categories: Books

senzeniIn conversation with Senzeni Marasela

Last year Senzeni Marasela created an art installation called Jonga: the Museum of Women, Dolls & Memories, in a shop-front in Huntly, Scotland. Here Marasela talks to Claudia Zeiske about Barbie and the ways that beauty standards and pressures impose differently on women of colour and white women

Various Authors // 17 March 2010

Categories: Culture and Media, Fashion and Image, Interviews, Racism, Work and Play


This three-part BBC documentary has many interesting moments, say Charlotte Cooper and Jess McCabe. However, the series fails to adequately represent women of colour's involvement in feminism and conceives of the family through a heteronormative lens

Various Authors // 8 March 2010

Categories: Television

On sisterhood

Katie Sutton was called sexist names at Reclaim the Night, amid continued disagreements between feminists over the issue of prostitution/sex work. Where now for sisterhood at these public events? Includes a response by Finn Mackay

Various Authors // 9 December 2009

Categories: Activism, Feminism, Violence

We’re all in this together

Irish and British women must unite in the battle for reproductive rights, argue Ariel Silvera and Sinead Ahern, as they sketch out the history of abortion in Ireland and the UK

Various Authors // 26 October 2008

Categories: Activism, Body and Health, Feminism, Politics and Current Affairs

It’s only a bloody tampon

Is a tampon soaked in stage blood too shocking for theatre-goers? Gemma Bolwell and Harriet Chandler report

Various Authors // 22 September 2008

Categories: Culture and Media

Ask a feminist – The F-Word problem page

In the third 'Ask a Feminist', our contributors answer questions from a woman who is seven months pregnant and needs help explaining why she wants to keep her name to her partner - and why their child won't necessarily take his name; from a reader wondering if crafty hobbies are compatible with feminism; and from another pondering if life is easier as a "fat" or "thin" feminist

Various Authors // 2 June 2008

Categories: Ask A Feminist

Female Chauvinist Pigs

Six F Word readers discuss Ariel Levy's influential book on 'raunch culture' and the women who support it. Discussion by Marianne Lemond, Abby O'Reilly, Sheryl Plant, Holly Combe, Jessica Bateman and Catherine Redfern.

Various Authors // 3 February 2007

Categories: Books

Take Back The Streets

Ever tensed up when forced to walk past stationary traffic? Cringed when a stranger, out of nowhere, instructs you to smile? Choked down your anger as a passer-by whispers obscenities? Changed your route to work to avoid harassment hot-spots? As these stories show, you're not alone.

Various Authors // 14 April 2005

Categories: Violence

Resolution = Revolution!

Wondering how to get more active? Isolated? Stuck for ideas on how to help feminism progress? Not sure what you can do? Well, The F-Word is here to help. We've invited groups and individuals to suggest a stack-load of practical suggestions for activism to take you through 2005.

Various Authors // 13 January 2005

Categories: Activism

Responses to Bloody Disgrace

Several responses were received to the article Bloody Disgrace by Lindsay.

Various Authors // 16 April 2003

Categories: Body and Health

Feminist Must-Reads

In September we asked the readers of The F-Word to send us their lists of recommended feminist books: what are their favourite feminist must reads? Here's the results. The most recommended book? Germaine Greer's The Whole Woman.

Various Authors // 16 October 2002

Categories: Books

More responses to ‘Whose Slut?’

Natasha Forrest's article "Whose Slut?" in The F-Word in July prompted many responses - probably the most on one specific article this site has ever had. Here are the latest comments received during August-October.

Various Authors //

Categories: Sex and Relationships

More responses to ‘The Biological Clock’

A couple more responses were received to the article The Biological Clock from February 2002. The article had already promted a response in March from Niamh Devlin.

Various Authors // 16 August 2002

Categories: Body and Health


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