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Weekly round-up and open thread, 31 December

by Jess McCabe // 31 December 2012, 10:12

A round-up of the week

Comedy and games editors - WANTED

by Jess McCabe // 19 November 2012, 20:00

Tags: comedy, gamers, games, volunteer opportunities

Take hold of the opportunity to transform our comedy or games coverage, apply to become one of The F-Word's new section editors.

New feature: A tale of two cities

by Jess McCabe // 3 November 2012, 13:47

Hannah Brock was living in Israel/Palestine. She used the opportunity to visit Tel Aviv, the country's most liberal and buzzing city. It is also to most LGBT-friendly city in Israel. Tel Aviv is not typical of Israel (earlier this year...

All change

by Jess McCabe // 27 October 2012, 14:20

It is all change at the moment on The F-Word's volunteer staff. I'm really sad to say goodbye to both Iman Qureshi, who is stepping down as fiction editor, and Charlene Moore, who is stepping down as non-fiction editor. Both...

Weekly round-up

by Jess McCabe // 9 October 2012, 21:30

A day late and a dollar short, but here is our regular round-up of what's interesting and provocative. As ever, linking does not imply endorsement. Feminism is dead and it's probably your fault - The Frisky Whose archive? Whose...

Your weekly roundup

by Jess McCabe // 24 September 2012, 22:45

Hello and welcome to this week's round-up! It's an exciting collection of interesting things. Standard disclaimer: linking does not apply complete agreement, or endorsement. All photos in this round-up are from the London Slutwalk this weekend, and they are by...

New feature: Taking advantage of mum?

by Jess McCabe // 8 September 2012, 13:53

More and more young adults are living with their parents well into their 20s. It's cheaper, and even the prime minister is encouraging it. But what are the practical consequences? Who does the majority of the housework in a...

New feature: What is the Everyday Sexism Project?

by Jess McCabe // 16 August 2012, 08:27

One of the most insidious elements of sexism is that we're taught to disregard it, to question if it's really happened. We're encouraged to question and second guess what's happening in front of our eyes. This might take the...

New feature: Is 'cupcake feminism' all empty calories?

by Jess McCabe // 11 August 2012, 14:07

'Cupcake feminism' is a term that I suspect was first coined as a way to disparage activists who spend time cooking and crafting. But this week on The F-Word, we run a feature from a self-described cupcake feminist, Laura Brightwell,...

Are you The F-Word's next features editor?

by Jess McCabe // 4 August 2012, 14:31

The F-Word is looking for two volunteers take on and transform our features section. Applicants should be based in the UK. The current editorial team and collective are still majority white, middle class, and benefit from various other types...

The process of making art

by Jess McCabe // 15 July 2012, 14:27

Getting an artist to sit down and fully explain their work is always a privilege. But we've done that twice in a week at The F-Word. First with Karen Rhodes talking us frame by frame through her stark film on...

Welcome to Megan, our new theatre and arts editor

by Jess McCabe // 2 June 2012, 18:16

A big welcome to Megan Stodel, who has just started as the new theatre and arts review editor at The F-Word. Megan is a recent English graduate and is soon to start a masters in gender and international relations....

How do you ensure a community is anti-sexist? It's difficult work whatever the community, no less, it turns out, in the polyamorous community. A group of workshop participants, writing anonymously, have put together a manifesto with the aim of addressing...

New feature: Women born women?

by Jess McCabe // 22 May 2012, 19:58

How is it possible for feminists to reconcile these two statements. The first, of course, is Simone de Beauvoir's most famous quote: "One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman." And the second is the entry policy for the...

The Legend of Korra

by Jess McCabe // 21 April 2012, 19:26

Following on from Katniss Everdeen and the Hunger Games, here's another female action hero to get excited about: That's Korra. The next Avatar. And her show, The Legend of Korra, just started in the US. More info over at Wired....

Where does the metal for the Olympic medals come from?

by Jess McCabe // 19 April 2012, 22:16

Today the international mining firm Rio Tinto held its AGM down the road from Parliament. You might have read about the activist protests that disrupted the shareholder meeting. Earlier this week, I met with some of the women who have...

Slice by slice

by Jess McCabe // 5 April 2012, 10:32

The benefits system is being overhauled - we've covered some of the impacts of this already. But one aspect that has gone almost unreported so far is the impact of the changes on how domestic violence refuges are funded. I...

Weekly round-up and open thread

by Jess McCabe // 12 March 2012, 20:44

Time for our weekly round-up of links and an open thread - feel free to add links to stuff we missed! As ever, linking equals interest not necessarily endorsement. Required reading: The House on Mango Street - Bitch Magazine...

Women of the World, women of science

by Jess McCabe // 10 March 2012, 23:13

Tags: astronomy, astrophysics, science, women, WOW2012

We're all stardust. Yes, you've heard this before. But Jocelyn Bell Burnell explained in more depth today at the Women of the World 2012 festival at the Southbank Centre in London. During the talk, 'This time it is rocket...

Do you dream of transforming The F-Word's arts and theatre coverage? If so, we need you. I'm looking to appoint a theatre and arts editor to join our team of section editors. What the roles will involve: helping to...

New feature: Hot pants or hot air?

by Jess McCabe // 26 February 2012, 19:50

Are we being manipulated into a faux moral panic over the 'sexualisation' of young girls? That's the question that Ruth Whippman poses today. She talks about her experiences as a TV researcher - basically the fixer of the TV...

The Twilighting of Near Dark

by Jess McCabe // 25 February 2012, 12:51

Tags: cinema, film, movies, Twilight, vampires

If you are a vampire movie fan you've probably watched Near Dark. The film was Kathryn Bigelow's first as a director. Because the studio didn't trust her, "the film's producer, Edward S. Feldman told her that if she couldn't handle...


by Jess McCabe // 7 February 2012, 22:47

Want to cut through the commercial crap of Valentine's Day, but still do something a bit romantic? Rather than getting your loved one a card, flowers or a stuffed toy, you might want to consider one of these virtual romantic...

New feature: No access to the women's room

by Jess McCabe // 5 February 2012, 16:10

"My clothes-shopping nightmares epitomise the way that, as a disabled woman, I am often treated as though I have no gender," writes DH Kelly, whose new feature for The F-Word looks at how clothes shops often fail to cater to...

Go Feminist

by Jess McCabe // 5 February 2012, 12:28

Tags: cuts, feminism, go feminist, intersectionality

Conway Hall was once again crammed with feminists yesterday. People came from all over the country for Go Feminist. When the organisers wrote for The F-Word about this conference, a few weeks ago, they explained the motivation like this:...

New feature: Challenging rape myths in the mainstream

by Jess McCabe // 29 January 2012, 12:24

About 4.8 million people watched the last episode of Law and Order: UK for which there are stats. It's on ITV, it has a broad, mainstream audience. This Friday's episode is about gang rape - and, particularly, the rape myths...

New feature: Who are the outlaw mothers?

by Jess McCabe // 15 January 2012, 09:35

Jane Chelliah's list of the "characteristics of patriarchal motherhood" is provocative. What she's talking about are the expectations that our patriarchal culture holds mothers to. Those who don't adhere to these requirements, she says, are outlaw mothers: Children can be...

New feature: She gives me fever

by Jess McCabe // 13 January 2012, 20:52

Tags: porn

Porn: one of the most controversial subjects of feminist debate. To be honest, many feminists I know are so bored of retreading the same arguments that they shy away from the topic altogether. Last month Lisa wrote for us from...

New feature: Take back the tech

by Jess McCabe // 5 January 2012, 22:48

In Cairo and New Dehli, smart phone apps are being used to map sexual harassment and report sexual assault. Farah Jassat reports My friend was once walking down a street in Cairo when a stranger in a nearby bus stuck...

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