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Philippa Willitts is a disabled, atheist, lesbian, pacifist oddity who lives in Sheffield and sometimes makes zines. She has been a feminist all her adult life, and joined The F-Word collective in November 2009. She is now the Social Media Officer for the site, as well as being a member of the blogging collective.

Philippa has eclectic tastes in blogging but often covers issues around disability, domestic and sexual violence, social justice and sexuality. She enjoys being in nature and committing random acts of mischief, and has her own sadly neglected blog in her incarnation as incurable hippie, as well as contributing to the group blog Where's the Benefit?

Philippa is also a freelance writer, specialising in writing about health and disability, women's issues and social media and tech. She is also one half of a freelance writing podcast.

She often can be found on one form of social media or another, in particular on Twitter where she wastes spends lots of time: follow her at @PhilippaWrites. She is also on Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook and Pinterest.

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