Starring Carey Mulligan, Meryl Streep and Helena Bonham Carter, Sarah Gavron’s Suffragette is the thrilling film celebartaing the remarkable untold story of the foot soldiers of the Suffragette movement as they fought for the right to vote. It opens in UK cinemas today (last Friday we published a report of direct action by Sisters Uncut after the film’s red carpet premiere).

SUFFRAGETTE-02A remarkable and unexpected fact not many know about is that the real-life Suffragettes were trained in jiu-jitsu. Members of the Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU), fronted by Emmeline Pankhurst, were taught the practise by Edith Margaret Garrud. She was among the first female professional martial arts instructors in the Western world. Even though she was just 4’11” in height, she didn’t let that stop her! By using jiu-jitsu, a martial art which can be used as a self defence system that focuses on grappling and ground manoeuvres, she was able to teach a smaller, weaker person how to successfully defend against a bigger stronger person. This was by using technique body weight and applying joint locks and chokes to the opponent.

To bring this story to life in line with the film release of the film, jiu-jitsu trainer Nikki Sahota (pictured above) ran an exclusive and interactive self-defence Suffrajitsu workshop, which gave attendees a first-hand attempt at the practise. I was gutted to miss it but Nikki shared:

It’s a little known fact that the Suffragettes were trained in jiu-jitsu and learnt self-defence to protect themselves from the violence that they withstood from the police and men during their campaigning. It was led by an incredible lady called Edith Garrud, who taught the Suffragettes some very kick ass moves! I find this story extremely intriguing and so to bring it to life in line with the release of Suffragette, I ran the Suffrajitsu Experience. Owing to my own personal experiences, I’m really glad to be involved with the film and project. I find the importance of women being able to defend themselves as important now as it was as the women fought for the right to vote over 100 years ago.

SUFFRAGETTE-50Set in the heart of the East End at KO Gym in Bethnal Green, the workshop offered an introduction to a number of jiu-jitsu moves that the Suffragettes used to free themselves from the police and men during their protests, which included:

  • wrist sweep and arm lock- used to freeze police from hitting them with batons;
  • hip toss –used to release oneself from the grip of a stronger opponent;
  • choke hold – used to free oneself from a tight grip.
  • The workshop offered a real insight into how these moves were used in Suffragette times, and how they are still relevant to protect women today.

    Suffragette is realeased in UK cinemas on Monday 12th October.

    Photos are from Press Workshop with Jiu Jitsu expert Nikki Sahota to promote the new PATHE FILM RELEASE OF ‘SUFFRAGETTE’ on the 12th October @KO GYM in Bethnal Green. Photo: Tim Anderson
    First picture is a portrait of Nikki Sahota, a young woman with dar hair in a bun on top of her head, wearing black jumper, smiling.
    Second picture is of a woman applying a self-defence move to a man.

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    February 2015

    • February is LGBT History Month

      Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans History Month takes place every year in February. It celebrates the lives and achievements of the LGBT community.

      See the LGBT History Month website for more information.

    March 2015

    April 2015

  • Monday 20 April – The Fawcett Society Hustings

    Women and the economy 2015 political hustings. Put your questions to: Priti Patel, Conservative Treasury Spokesperson, Stella Creasy Labour Shadow Spokesperson for Business Innovation and Skills and Liberal Democrat representative.

    Our economy has been a key area of focus for the past five years and it is the only game in town in the 2015 General Election. But where are women’s voices in this debate?
    There may be more women in work than ever before and the pay gap is closing, but there is no evidence that women are benefitting from the so-called “upturn”.

    From apprenticeships to women on boards, public spending cuts and NHS privatisation, how the economy work affects how gender equal our society is.

    The Fawcett Society Women and the Economy hustings is the only place you can be part of a public debate about women and the economy before the general election.
    So that we can put the widest possible variety of questions to the politicians, submit your question in advance to with the subject heading ‘Fawcett Society Hustings – question submission’ or use the hashtag #womenandeconomy.

    Location: Stamford Street Lecture Theatre, 127 Stamford Street, SE1 9NQ London

    Time: Doors open at 6.30pm so you can take your seats.The debate will begin at 7.30pm.

    Price: Standard: £10, Fawcett Society members: £8. To book tickets click HERE.

    Accessibility: No accessibility information included.

  • Friday 24 April – WHAT THE FROCK! AWARD

    What The Frock! Comedy is an award-winning series of comedy events celebrating fantastically funny women. As well as a monthly night in Bristol, we also host shows in other UK cities, run an all-female comedy competition, hold workshops, host solo tours, improv theatre and, oh, so much more. We look forward to seeing you at a show soon.

    The What The Frock! Newcomer Award returns for its third year. Join us as the finalists battle it out to be crowned the new Queen of Comedy. See you there!

    Location: Riproar Comedy Club, 15 Union Gate / 63 Union Street, Bristol

    Time: 7.30pm (doors 6.30pm)

    Price: Standard: £10 (+£1 booking fee), Concessions: £9 (+£0.90 booking fee). To book tickets click HERE.

    Accessibility: No accessibility information included.

  • 28 April – 2 May – Titus Andronicus an all-female production

    By popular demand, Smooth Faced Gentlemen’s triple-award-winning paint-soaked thriller finally comes to London! Following a smash hit tour in 2013, this is your last chance to catch the UK’s only all-female Shakespeare company ahead of the 2015 Summer tour. A stripped-down, ramped-up, vibrant and visceral theatrical whirlwind.

    For more information, visit the Facebook event page HERE.

    Location: Greenwich Theatre, Crooms Hill, Greenwich SE10 8ES London

    Time: Eves 7.30pm, Sat mat 2.30pm

    Price: £16 (Concessions £13.50). To book tickets click HERE.

    Accessibility: The Greenwich Theatre hopes to share the experience of live theatre with as many people as possible, and takes the issue of accessibility very seriously. You can find full details of the theatre’s accessibility HERE.

  • May 2015

    • Friday 1 May – CLUB DES FEMMES & VERSO PRESENT: The Dialectic of Sex – the case for feminist revolution revisited

      1970: Shulamith Firestone was just 25 years old when she published The Dialectic of Sex. It was the first book of the women’s liberation movement to propose a feminist theory of politics. It offered second-wave feminists the impetus to act. It became an international bestseller.

      2015: 45 years later, as Naomi Wolf suggests ‘no one can understand how feminism has evolved without reading this radical, inflammatory second-wave landmark’.

      Now is the time to revisit Firestone’s seminal ideas. Join in the revolution at an evening of screenings, readings, art activism and conversation to celebrate Verso’s publication of the new edition of Shulamith Firestone’s groundbreaking manifesto.

      Click HERE for more information about the evening.

      Location: The Horse Hospital, Colonnade, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 1JD

      Time: Doors open at 7pm

      Price: £5 in advance (click HERE to order tickets), £6.50 on the door

      Accessibility: 1 entrance/exit ramped for easy access. Please click HERE for more details and a map of the venue.

    • Tuesday 5 May – Firecrackers: Women and Wit in Photography

      Photography is sparkling with the work and wit of the women who create and shape it, but the path has been never straightforward. Join us for a viewing of the essential documentary Finding Vivian Maier, the story of an extraordinary photographic talent that remained invisible for too long. Questions of conformity, identity, self-portraiture, wit, art and ownership raised by the film will be discussed by Fiona Rogers in conversation with Brigitte Lardinois. Rogers founded Firecracker, a platform for female photographers, in 2011, and, to celebrate its fourth anniversary, she will talk about its continuing necessity, with Brigitte Lardinois, who was instrumental in the women’s photography movement in the 1990s. Presentations by outstanding contemporary practitioners will follow, including Natasha Caruana and Anna Fox, whose show opens at PARC the same night – Firecracker attendees are invited to the private view.

      For more information, visit the Facebook event page HERE.

      Location: Main Lecture Theatre, London College of Communication, Elephant & Castle, London SE1 6SB

      Time: 1-5.30pm (arrive 12.45 promptly please)

      Price: Free event but booking essential. Click HERE to book.

      Accessibility: No accessibility information included.

    • Wednesday 6 May – Derby Film Festival – SIGHT AND SOUND CRITICS PANEL – FEMALE FILM CRITICS

      Join us as we explore the history of female film critics through a discussion with writers Sophie Mayer, Pamela Hutchinson and Catherine Wheatley, chaired by Isabel Stevens, production editor of Sight & Sound.

      We’ll rediscover and pay homage to a wide range of female voices on cinema, from little-known early reviewers to contemporary cultural critics, including C A Lejeune, Dilys Powell and bell hooks.

      Location: The Box, QUAD, Market Place, Cathedral Quarter, Derby, DE1 3AS

      Time: 7:00pm

      Price: Standard tickets: £4. Click HERE to book.

      Accessibility: QUAD is a fully accessible building, with an automatic front door (push button), a lift to the upper floors and accessible toilets on every floor. You can find more details on accessibility HERE.

    • Thursday 7 May – CJC Annual Lecture: Rashida Manjoo – ‘Normativity without legality – 20 years of UN developments on Violence against Women, its Causes and Consequences’

      The Criminal Justice Centre at the School of Law, Queen Mary University of London will hold its Annual Lecture at 6.30pm on Thursday 7 May 2015. The speaker will be Professor Rashida Manjoo, the UN Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women, its causes and consequences, and she will be speaking on the topic of ‘Normativity without legality – 20 years of UN developments on Violence against Women, its Causes and Consequences’

      States have an affirmative obligation to respect, protect and fulfil human rights, including fulfilling the responsibility to act with due diligence to eliminate violence against women. Elimination of violence against women is critical to women’s ability to participate in the civil, political, economic, developmental, social and cultural spheres as full and equal citizens. Unfortunately, pervasive levels of violence, and a culture of impunity, fundamentally jeopardize the realization of women’s human rights, including the right to a life free of violence.

      Professor Manjoo’s 2014 report to the UN Human Rights Council focuses broadly on developments in the United Nations over approximately 20 years; and highlights the normative gap in international law with regard to violence against women. The ‘soft law’ developments in the United Nations, reflects the existence of resolutions, interpretative guidelines and monitoring by human rights treaty bodies and the universal periodic review process. It is important to note that these developments do not explicitly articulate violence against women as a human rights violation in and of itself; but as a form of discrimination against women. The lack of specific legally enforceable standards impacts attempts to ensure appropriate responses and also accountability for acts of violence against women, whether by State or non-state actors. The normative gap within international law is a barrier to holding States accountable for the failure to protect against and prevent violence against women.

      Location: Arts2 Lecture Theatre, Arts2, Queen Mary University of London, Mile End Road, E1 4NS London

      Time: 6:30 – 9:00pm

      Price: Free event but booking essential. Click HERE to book.

      Accessibility: Please be advised that no parking for visitors is available at the sites. There are a limited number of parking spaces for Blue Badge holders, but it is advised you check with the Security Team in advance to ensure availability. You can find more details on accessibility and contacts HERE.

    • Wednesday 13 May – Buying and Selling Sex: The Big Debate

      ‘Sex work’ is work. Prostitution is violence against women. These two sentences encapsulate the polarised and often bitter feminist debate over the buying and selling of sex. So what can the two sides agree on?

      In this special event, hosted in association with the New Statesman, we will hear from current sex workers and prostitution survivors about the reality of the sex trade, and take floor contributions from academics, charity workers and other experts. Can selling sex be empowering, or a job like any other — or should we try to “end demand”? And what does the evidence say is the best way to keep women safe – legalisation, decriminalisation or the “Nordic model” of criminalising punters, but not prostitutes?


      Margaret Corvid is a writer, activist and professional dominatrix living in the south-west of England. She writes for the New Statesman on sex, power and social change.

      Fiona Broadfoot was exploited into prostitution at the age of 15 and exited in 1996 after someone close to her was murdered. She now works for SPACE, an organisation which supports women leaving the industry.

      Rebecca Mott is an “exited” prostituted woman who now works for abolition of the sex trade. She entered prostitution when she was 14, and only did indoors prostitution. She now campaigns for full human rights for all the prostituted.

      Pandora Blake is an activist and outspoken advocate regarding sex workers rights, sexual freedom, censorship and civil liberties, kink acceptance, ethical pornography and the female gaze in erotic media.

      Niki Adams is a spokeswoman for the English Collective of Prostitutes (ECP) which is a network of women who work or have worked in different areas of the sex industry. The ECP campaigns for the decriminalisation of prostitution, sex workers’ right to recognition and safety, and financial alternatives so that no one is forced into prostitution by poverty.

      In addition to our panellists, we will also take floor contributions, and we invite audience members to submit testimony which can be read aloud by the chair or delivered anonymously in the hall, from behind a screen. Please, email statements to be read out to with the subject line “Conway Hall” and include details of how you would like to be referred to.


      The panel will be chaired by journalist Samira Ahmed.

      Location: Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL

      Time: 7.30 – 9.00 pm

      Price: £5 for Conway Hall members and concessions, £15 standard. Complimentary drinks and nibbles will be available on the night (first come, first served). Click HERE to book tickets.

      Accessibility: the venue is fully wheelchair accessible and there is an induction loop. Please let us know at the time of booking if you have any particular requirements.

    • Friday 15 May – Saturday 16 May – Graduate Conference 2015- Reflections on Social Change: Metamorphosis or Transformation?

      Life today seems to be continuously changing, floating, and shifting faster than ever. Boundaries and barriers disappear, only to re-appear in new forms. Social movements shout their demands for social change. Subjects face the complexity of the contemporary world and its challenges within and across groups and cultural heritages. Possibilities of completely new approaches to the same old questions blossom together and are shut down. Re-visiting the critical frameworks of feminism, Marxism, psychoanalysis, critical legal theory, and postcolonial studies, we ask ourselves “where are we now?” How should we theorise the social changes of the present? Are we going through a metamorphosis or a transformation?

      As the PhD student interns in the Birkbeck Institute of Social Research (BISR) and the Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities (BIH), we invite fellow postgraduate students to take part in the conference and discuss their on-going work with others.

      For further information on the event, click HERE.

      Location: Birkbeck Institute for Social Research, Birkbeck University of London, Malet Street, London, WC1E 7HX

      Time: Friday: 2.30pm – 5.45pm, followed by wine reception (registration opens at 1.30pm),
      Saturday: 10am – 5.00pm

      Price: Free event but booking is essential. Please click HERE to book.

      For catering purposes, would you please let us know if you have registered but find that you cannot attend the event by cancelling on Eventbrite or emailing Many thanks!

      Accessibility: No accessibility information included.

    • Wednesday 27 May – Hannah Pool – The Politics of Race, Feminism and Hair – Gender Research Centre Annual Lecture

      For more information, visit the Facebook event page HERE.

      Location: Room 2D1, Social Sciences Complex, University of Bristol, 12 Priory Road, BS8 1TU Bristol

      Time: 2:00 to 4:00pm

      Price: Free event but booking necessary. Click HERE to book.

      Accessibility: No accessibility information included.

    June 2015

  • Tuesday 16 June – Women in Law

    Continuing our popular series of women’s networking events with inspirational and thought-provoking guest speakers and time to network with fellow female legal professionals over drinks.

    16 June 2015 – Career Planning
    Mills & Reeve, Leeds. Learn, share and network. The talks will be followed by drinks, nibbles and networking.


    Employment Judge Rita Rogerson

    Rita completed her training contract (then called articles) at Harehills and Chapeltown Law Centre where she qualified as a solicitor and specialised in employment law. She left the Law Centre in 2000 to move into private practice where she remained until 2003 when she was appointed as a fee paid employment judge and became a salaried employment judge in 2011.

    Employment Judge Sarah Jane Davies

    Sarah-Jane has been a salaried Employment Judge in Leeds since 2013. She started her career as a barrister and spent many years specialising mainly in public law at 4-5 Gray’s Inn Square and then 11 King’s Bench Walk chambers. In recent years, she moved back to Yorkshire, but continued to practise from chambers in London. Sarah-Jane was appointed a fee-paid Employment Judge in 2011 and combined family life and life at the bar with sitting as a Judge, until her appointment to Leeds.

    Ann Page – Beyond the Brief

    Ann has been involved with the Law Society National Commerce & Industry Group for 15 years in a variety of roles and chaired it for 18-months, during which time she initiated many firsts for the Group. She is a published book author (‘Managing External Legal Resources’) and has appeared on the professional services TV channel talking on this topic as well as speaking and writing on lawyers’ professional development. She has wide knowledge of the issues facing the legal profession. She is a passionate, active participant in the changes affecting her professional body and proactively contributes to the future development and shape of things to come.

    Location: Mill & Reeve, Leeds

    Time: No time given as yet. Keep an eye on the page HERE.

    Price: Free event but booking necessary. Click HERE to book. Open to members of Leeds Law Society and non-members who are working in a legal role (solicitor, barrister, trainee, LPC student, paralegal, legal exec, etc.)

    Accessibility: No accessibility information included.

  • Tuesday 16 June – Vron Ware & Lola Okolosie on Feminism and Race

    How have ideas about white women figured in the history of racism? Vron Ware argues that they have been central, and that feminism has, in many ways, developed as a political movement within racist societies. Dissecting the different meanings of femininity and womanhood, Beyond the Pale examines the political connections between black and white women, within both contemporary and historical racism and feminism. Ware will be in conversation with journalist Lola Okolosie.

    Location: London Review Bookshop, 14 Bury Place, London, WC1A 2JL

    Time: 7pm

    Price: £10. To book tickets click HERE.

    Accessibility: The bookshop is wheelchair accessible.

  • Tuesday 30th June – Wednesday 1st July 2015 – Workshop invitation: Women negotiating secularism and multiculturalism through civil society organisations @ Coventry University

    The second of three workshops asking “Is secularism bad for women? Women, Religion and Multiculturalism in contemporary Europe”, this workshop will explore how European societies can secure religious women’s freedom and flourishing. How can societies ensure both gender equality and religious freedom, without sacrificing either? What political arrangements offer the most to those who are religious and female? Is religion an impediment to women’s freedom, or can it be a force for social justice, and how should societies negotiate these issues?

    This workshop approaches these questions by focusing on what women’s and religious organisations are doing to address faith, gender, secularism and multiculturalism. How do these differ by geography or faith group? To what extent do faith-based organisations working for religious inclusion in civil society press for gender equality? How do women’s organisations approach religion, and do they consider religion to be an equality issue alongside ethnicity, gender, sexuality or disability? How are women’s faith-based organisations’ working across secular/religious spheres and with other civil society organisations? How do theological/hermeneutical approaches inform religious organisations’ work on gender and women’s issues?

    Programme: Keynote lectures by Dr Line Nyhagen & Dr Niamh Reilly Featuring 15 speakers (academic and from women’s organisations) from the UK, Netherlands, USA, Mauritania, Belgium, Germany & Sweden. Topics include: Muslim women’s organisations, Christian feminism, FGM, non-religion & gender, Hindu nationalism, legal regulation of women’s dress and new media and religion. Details via:

    Location: Coventry University, Centre for Trust, Peace & Social Relations

    Time: The event will run from Tuesday 30th June 2015 (3.30 registration, 4pm start) to Wednesday 1st July 2015 (5pm).

    Price: Participation fee (includes lunch & refreshments): £15 (standard), £10 (unwaged, PhD, post-doc or civil society organisations). To book a place, click HERE. For more information on the event, including accommodation and travel click HERE.

    Accessibility: No accessibility information provided.

    July 2015

    • Saturday 11 July – PCSR Summer Event: The 4th Wave of Feminism?

      A day for activists, therapists, people of all genders and feminisms to explore what feminism means to us now.

      In the past few years there has been a new generation of women speaking out against sexism and inequality with fresh and innovative energy. There are online projects and campaigns, books, articles, blogs, stand-up comedy and new feminist groups forming in schools and societies. Some are calling it the 4th Wave of Feminism, others prefer to call it Intersectional Feminism. It is characterised by an inclusivity and recognition of the many different and conflicting voices and visions of Feminism, with a particular emphasis on the intersecting of oppressions.

      Nimco Ali: CEO of Daughters Of Eve “No shame in oversharing.”

      Havva Mustafa: Feminist Counsellor “Feminism – Is resistance futile?”

      Lyndsey Moon: Psychologist and Trans Activist “Genderqueer and Feminism”

      There will be a variety of workshops to choose from, including workshops given by The English collective of Prostitutes, Black Women’s Rape Action Project, Southall Black Sisters, and an abundance of conversations to be had.

      Location: NCVO London, N1 9RL

      Time: 10.00am-5.30pm

      Booking: You will need to complete a booking form before attending this event. Please email for more information.

      Price:(includes refreshments but not lunch)
      PCSR member: £80, Non-member: £90,
      Students/Trainees/low-wage or unwaged: £50,
      Early Bird £10 discount off the above rates before 29th May

      Accessibility: The venue is fully wheelchair accessible, parking is available by prior arrangement and there is an induction loop. Please let us know at the time of booking if you have any particular requirements.

    August 2015

    • 20-23 August: London Feminist Film Festival

      Check out our blog post about the festival for venues and to book tickets.

    • Saturday 1 August – Clear Lines Festival: Talking about Sexual Assault – Comedy Night

      Curated by funnywoman Tiff Stevenson, a stellar line-up of stand-up comedians tackle the issue of sexual assault and poke fun at some of our cultural attitudes surrounding rape and sexuality.

      Tiff Stevenson is known for her stand out appearances on ‘Mock The Week’ & ‘Drunk History’. Her other TV credits include ‘The Apprentice: You’re Fired’ (BBC Two), ‘Russell Howard’s Good News’ (BBC Two), ‘Never Mind The Buzzcocks’ (BBC Two) and she regularly hosts the Comedy Club (BBC Radio 4 Extra), plus other Radio credits include Front Row (BBC Radio 4). In August 2015, she will head to the Edinburgh Festival once more for her 6th solo show, ‘Mad Man’.

      Sarah Kendall shot to fame in her native Australia after winning the Raw Comedy competition in 1998, and has enjoyed a flourishing career in the UK. She’s toured internationally and performed at the Hong Kong Fringe, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, the Adelaide Fringe, Edinburgh Fringe, Just for Laughs in Montreal and many more. Sarah has been nominated for a host of awards, including the Perrier. Her TV credits include Russell Howard’s Good News (BBC 3) Beehive (E4/Channel 4) and Edinburgh and Beyond (Paramount). She has also been a panellist on Radio Four’s Dilemma, The Now Show, News Quiz and Best Behaviour.

      Josie Long is a three-time Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee, the star of Radio Four’s All Of The Planet’s Wonders and Short Cuts, and a regular contributor to The Guardian Guide. She’s recently appeared on BBC1’s Have I Got News For You, Channel Four’s 8 Out Of 10 Cats, Comedy Central’s Alternative Comedy Experience, Radio 4’s Just A Minute and many more. Her latest show ‘Cara Josephine’ was the overall best-reviewed comedy show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014.

      Location: I’klectik, Old Paradise Yard, 20 Carlisle Lane, SE1 7LG. (Closest tube stations: Lambeth North, Waterloo)

      Time: 8.00 – 10.00pm

      Booking: You can book tickets HERE.

      Price: £16.00 (+£1.61 booking fee), concessions: £12.00 (+£1.37 booking fee)

      Accessibility: No accessibility information available but we suggest you contact the venue for more information HERE.

    • Wednesday 5 August – Sunday August 9th – Next to Normal presents: AM I NOT PRETTY ENOUGH?!!!?!?!???

      What happens when a comedian and an opera singer collide with glitter, gender stereotypes, speculums and a general lack of respect for polite society? You get a black comedy from the sketch group Next to Normal. Profs. Liz and Clare take you through their findings on the most complex of organisms “woman” accompanied by a mysterious pianist. Their veneer of respectability begins to crumble as the professional becomes personal: could… they be women?

      Whether it be Liz skulling a Fosters whilst singing ‘O Mio Babbino Caro’ or Clare getting personal with the audience, these women don’t form your typical sketch group. With clowning, new music, opera, improvisation and audience participation, you’re set to see a very different kind of show.

      Written and performed by Elizabeth Shearer and Clare Taffurelli, AM I NOT PRETTY ENOUGH??!?!?!?! came from their frustration with labels imposed on them: the female comedian, the uptight opera singer,depressive, slut, crazy, bitch, unintelligent, arrogant. So they decided to express their experiences in a waythat is genuinely exhilarating to watch and to perform, leaving the audience with the message that they have the freedom to express their own experiences through the arts.

      Elizabeth is classically trained singer with a BA in Music from the Queensland Conservatorium, and Clare graduated from KCL with a BA in History. Clare has been gigging on the London circuit since 2010 – with an improv troupe, as a character and stand-up comedian – while Liz recently moved from Australia to pursue her singing career. The duo were likened at a recent gig to French and Saunders.

      Next to Normal made their debut in November 2014, performing sketches on the London comedy circuit. The Camden Fringe proves the premiere of their first full-length show. They plan to tour the show following their Fringe run.

      Location: The Camden Fringe, Phoenix Artist Club, off Charing Cross Road, London, WC2H 8BU

      Time: 5.00 pm (from 5 Aug until 9 Aug)

      Booking: You can book on The Camden Fringe website HERE.

      Price: £7.50 (£5.00 concessions)

      Accessibility: No accessibility information available but we suggest you contact the venue for more information HERE.

    September 2015

  • Wednesday 30 September – Art and the F Word: Feminism

    This September, Linda Smith discusses ‘Art and the F Word: Feminism’. This quirky private club has a distinct 50’s retro feel and our brilliant lectures take place in the small, intimate theatre. The ticket price includes a complimentary glass of wine making these events the perfect mid-week tonic!

    After many years of agitation, feminism has managed to achieve major legislative changes in many parts of the world. As all women know, however, changing the law is one thing, but changing attitudes and cultural practice is quite another.

    Feminism in modern art has used various strategies, ranging from humour and irony through to confrontation and downright belligerence. This lecture starts by looking at the difficulties women had making their voices heard in the macho world of 1950s Abstract Expressionism, and moves on to the highly politicised works of early 1970s radical feminism and on to the more nuanced attitudes of the 1980s and beyond.

    Location: Secret location (revealed on ticket purchase) – Covent Garden area

    Time: 6:30pm doors open for drinks 7:30 Lecture begins

    Booking: You can book on the NADFAS website HERE.

    Price: £10 pp (includes complimentary wine or soft drink)

    Accessibility: No accessibility information available.

    • October 2015

      • Saturday 3 October – Book event: “The Headscarf Revolutionaries”

        On Saturday 3 October 2015 at 2pm the Mary Quaile Club have organised a talk by Brian Lavery about his new book The Headscarf Revolutionaries: Lillian Bilocca and the Hull Triple-Trawler Disaster. The event is free.
        Brian’s book takes readers back to the winter of 1968 when three trawlers from Hull’s fleet sank in rapid succession. One fishwife, Lillian Bilocca, put down her filleting knife, sickened that men died because the authorities failed to bring in the shipping laws that could have saved them. In a few weeks that startled the world, she roused her community and shook the government.

        We are also pleased to welcome Hilda Palmer from the Greater Manchester Hazards Centre who will talk about the work of the centre and some current campaigns.

        Chair of the Mary Quaile Club, Bernadette Hyland says; “Lillian Bilocca and the women involved in the campaign for the rights of fishing workers are an inspiration for all workers today. The Greater Manchester Hazards Centre should be supported to provide hope for all people being exploited through poor working conditions and zero hour contracts.”

        There will be light refreshments served after the talks.

        Location: The Working Class Movement Library, 51 Crescent, Salford, M5 4WX

        Time: 2.00 pm

        Price: Free

        For more information about the event (including accessibility of venue) please email:

      • Monday 5 October – Kitten Killers: Woof

        The Foster’s Golden Jesters Award finalists, Laughing Horse New Act of the Year semi-finalists and Brighton Fringe ‘Best Comedy Show’ nominees present delightfully awkward characters, endearingly grotesque sketches and memorable songs you’ll be singing for days.

        Kitten Killers formed in April 2013 after Fran Bushe, Kat Cade and Perdita Stott met at Soho Theatre’s SYC (Soho Young Company) classes. Since then they have gone on to enjoy success all over the London circuit, a sell-out Camden Fringe run, an award nominated Brighton Fringe show and two years at the Edinburgh Fringe with Underbelly. They return to London with their Edinburgh hour directed by Lee Griffiths (Late Night Gimp Fight).

        ‘Every punchline lands with feline confidence.’ (

        ‘Kitten Killers have talent.’ (Remote Goat)

        ‘Will make you laugh until your sides hurt.’ (Everything Theatre)

        ‘Witty and sharp.’ (The Argus)

        Location: Museum of Comedy, The Undercroft, St George’s Church, Bloomsbury Way, London, WC1A 2SR

        Time: 7.00 pm

        Booking: Tickets for the event can be booked HERE.

        Price: £8

        Accessibility: No accessibility information available. E-mail for more details.

      • Saturday 10 October – Fawcett Society present: Speeding Up the Pace of Change

        Saturday 10 October is the date for our new-style annual gathering where we will be exploring the theme Speeding Up the Pace of Change. Enjoy a great Saturday out in the company of some fantastic feminists so come along and make it really fabulous.

        Join speakers:

        Dame Jenni Murray, Fawcett’s president, long-time host of Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour and national treasure, who will host a round-table discussion on how we can speed up progress in women’s equality, featuring:

        Jo Churchill MP, member of the House of Commons Women’s Equality Select Committee

        Sam Smethers, Fawcett’s new Chief Executive

        Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive of the Royal Society for the Arts and regular panellist on Radio 4’s Moral Maze

        And even a few surprise guests

        Baroness Shirley Williams

        We are honoured to welcome Shirley Williams as a keynote speaker. It’s a great coup to get Shirley because she is accepting only very few invitations these days. One of the UK’s longest serving and most popular feminists, Shirley is certain to send you off with renewed vigour for the fight.

        There will also be:

        Two terrific short films made for us by film students from Ealing Studios Film College

        Announcement of our new partnership with the Royal Society for the Arts

        Details of an upcoming exhibition and networking space

        A video message from the female director of Suffragette and a trailer, both made exclusively for Fawcett

        Keep a look out for more information in the lead-up to the event. We hope to see you there.

        Location: Nevin Lecture Theatre, St Thomas’ Hospital, Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1 7EH

        Time: 12.00 – 4.30 pm

        Booking: Tickets for the event can be booked HERE.

        Price: £12

        Accessibility: No accessibility information available. Submit enquiry to King’s Venues for more details HERE.

      • 13 October – Ada Lovelace Day

        Ada Lovelace Day is an international day of blogging to celebrate the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering and maths.

        For more information on how to get involved, see the Finding Ada website and Facebook group and Finding Ada on Twitter

      • Thursday 15 October – Salon du Chocolat: Club Noir

        Award-wining feminist theatre company Scary Little Girls is bringing Salon du Chocolat from their riveting run at The Voodoo Rooms in the Edinburgh Fringe to London. Salon du Chocolat is an intimate chocolate storytelling experience featuring classic racy literature and chocolate tastings. The show will be at Hemel Hempstead October 14th with a special edition Salon du Chocolat: Club Noir at The Old Church in London on October 15th.

        Location: The Old Church, Stoke-Newington, N16 0JR

        Time: 7.00 – 9.30pm

        Booking: Tickets for the event can be booked HERE.

        Price: £28 (Group booking: £100)

        Accessibility: The Old Church is fully accessible to wheelchair users including a recently installed disabled toilet.

      November 2015

      • 20 November – Transgender Day of Remembrance

        The Transgender Day of Remembrance is a day set aside each year to memorialise those who have been killed as a result of transphobia (anti-trans hatred or prejudice).

        See the Transgender Day of Remembrance website for more information.

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