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Justice looking away sqMy rapist walked free

As only 6% of reported rapes end in a conviction, an anonymous contributor tells her harrowing story

Guest Blogger // 1 February 2016

Categories: Features, Violence

sex_all_6_parts_3Sex, all six parts

What was your first sexual experience? Kat Sadler shares her uncomfortable experiences and dishes out some sound advice

Kat Sadler // 25 January 2016

Categories: Features, Sex and Relationships

fencing squareFighting back against the government’s silencing of Muslim women

Following David Cameron's comments last week about Muslim women, Latifa Akay describes Maslaha's Muslim Girls Fence project which aims to raise the aspirations of Muslim girls against the prevalence of damaging stereotypes

Latifa Akay //

Categories: Features, Religion

Ablaze! coverGrrrl, Interrupted

Cazz Blase speaks to DIY icon Karren Ablaze! about her illustrious career as riot grrrl extraordinaire and fanzine pioneer

Cazz Blase // 23 January 2016

Categories: Activism, Culture and Media, Features, Interviews

bowieGender is performance!

What Bowie meant to me

Melanie // 18 January 2016

Categories: Culture and Media, Features

YSL squareYSL: Fetishism is Eternal

Following the first UK exhibition of the work of Yves Saint Laurent, Rosa Walling-Wefelmeyer examines the language used to describe the fashion designer and his work, and wonders whether this is all about making sales

Rosa Walling-Wefelmeyer // 12 January 2016

Categories: Fashion and Image, Features, Uncategorized

Magali_PettierHill farming, no sugar coating: an interview with the makers of Addicted to Sheep

Director Magali Pettier and co-producer Jan Cawood talk to Ania about their maverick documentary about farmers who breed sheep in the North Pennines

Ania Ostrowska // 10 January 2016

Categories: Culture and Media, Features, Interviews

Sisters UncutSisters Uncut: direct action changes conversations very quickly

Emma Snaith interviews Sisters Uncut, a campaign group who take direct action to oppose cuts to domestic violence services. They discuss the successes of activism in 2015 and look towards the next stage in their fight to save the lives of women in and escaping abusive relationships

Emma Snaith // 6 January 2016

Categories: Activism, Features

Pretty Ugly RESIZEDWho Run The World? Girls!

Jojo Khor, videographer with Who Run The World, talks about the exciting new music company that wants to bring female musicians to the front

Jojo Khor // 25 November 2015

Categories: Culture and Media, Features

IMG_5447 (1) v2The United Ladies of Comedy

Maria Shehata has found out a lot about attitudes to comedy and to women whilst travelling the world and researching her upcoming documentary

Maria Shehata // 23 November 2015

Categories: Culture and Media, Features

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