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What does feminism mean today? How do you define your feminism? We feminists spend a lot of time discussing, and defending, feminism itself. Here's what we think it's all about.

 "I am a victim of nothing but my own bad choices": Women Against Feminism and neoliberal individualism

The recent group Women Against Feminism is, Alison Phipps argues, yet another example of the neoliberal mantra of personal responsibility which promises achievement for women but has resulted in pushing them back into the kitchen

Alison Phipps // 5 August 2014

Categories: Culture and Media, Features, Feminism

 The silent strong woman

Nayla Ziadeh argues that the fetishisation of exceptional female achievement encourages the systems of oppression which manifest the need for this super human resilience

Nayla Ziadeh // 12 May 2014

Categories: Culture and Media, Features, Feminism, Stereotypes

 Teenage feminism - coming to a blog near you

Chelsea Birkby welcomes the spread of the feminist movement online with open arms for changing young women's attitudes to feminism

Chelsea Birkby // 11 February 2014

Categories: Features, Feminism

 Breaking out of isolation: feminism and creativity

Being creative doesn't have to mean being alone - Jen Steiner argues for increasing the visibility of creative feminists and developing feminist friendly spaces for creative work

Jen Steiner // 4 August 2013

Categories: Activism, Features, Feminism, Work and Play

 Speaking out, without shame

Zarina shares her journey of overcoming history of being oppressed by her family and breaking away from a forced marriage, aided by solidarity and help she found online

Zarina // 4 June 2013

Categories: Family, Features, Feminism, Violence

 Lucy Anne-Holmes, heroine of the No More Page 3 campaign

Lucy Holmes has been spearheading the campaign to pressurise The Sun to drop the bare boobs from its Page 3. Sarah Edmonds speaks to Lucy about her inspiration and challenges

Sarah Edmonds // 21 January 2013

Categories: Activism, Culture and Media, Features, Feminism, Interviews

 What is the Everyday Sexism Project?

Laura Bates created a place to record incidents of everyday sexism, which has quickly attracted thousands of stories from women all over the world. She explains how the project works and why she set it up

Laura Bates // 15 August 2012

Categories: Feminism

 Is 'cupcake feminism' all empty calories?

In the wake of the Jubilee and its proliferation of patriotic kitsch, Laura Brightwell examines the rise of retro chic in Britain and whether cupcake feminism has more substance than its real-life namesake

Laura Brightwell // 10 August 2012

Categories: Feminism

 A week in the life of one novice feminist

Beth Hamilton-Cardus spends a week noting how sexism affects her day-to-day life

Beth Hamilton-Cardus // 17 July 2012

Categories: Feminism

 It's only rock'n'roll but I don't like it

Is it 'only rock'n'roll' when a well known male music star beats his wife or girlfriend? And why do men and women alike afford these stars second, third and fourth chances? Amanda McIndoe investigates

Amanda McIndoe // 1 June 2012

Categories: Culture and Media, Features, Feminism, Men, Music, Violence

 It's not feminism that hurts men

Jo T examines a recent article supporting claims that men are "the new second sex" and finds it to be a highly misleading piece that fails to consider the role of patriarchal structures in men's suffering and instead opts to blame feminism

Jo T // 21 May 2012

Categories: Culture and Media, Features, Feminism, Men

 Women born women?

As a controversial conference restricts entry to 'women born women', Helen G analyses this phrase

Helen G // 21 May 2012

Categories: Feminism, Language

 Feminism: still excluding working class women?

Working class women talk to Pavan Amara about feeling excluded and patronised by a classist feminist movement where middle class voices are still dominating the debate

Pavan Amara // 7 March 2012

Categories: Activism, Culture and Media, Education, Family, Feminism, Language, Work and Play

 You can be anti-porn and pro-sex

I'm no censor, says Lisa Saunders. She talks through some common misconceptions about anti-porn/pro-sex feminism

Lisa Saunders // 13 December 2011

Categories: Culture and Media, Feminism, Sex and Relationships

 Are you writing in permanent marker?

What happens when a brilliant feminist blog gets deleted, or an online magazine disappears? The Women's Library is ensuring that as many resources as possible leave a more permanent mark through the British Library Web Archive, Inderbir Bhullar explains

Inderbir Bhullar // 20 November 2011

Categories: Culture and Media, Feminism, Herstory

 A degree in sexism

Going to university has made me a feminist, says Cherry Morris

Cherry Morris // 14 November 2011

Categories: Education, Feminism

 Abortion and sexuality, under attack

Anti-choice campaigners are trying to turn back the clock on abortion - and attitudes to women's sexual identity, argues Adriana Pérez

Adriana Pérez // 27 October 2011

Categories: Body and Health, Feminism

 You can't smash patriarchy with transphobia

It is time to end the tolerance of transphobia in radical feminist circles, argues Ray Filar

Ray Filar // 3 September 2011

Categories: Feminism

 Feminist critics of SlutWalk have forgotten that language is not a commodity

SlutWalk is primarily a protest movement against victim-blaming, points out Sophie Jones. Feminist critics of the name have got the wrong end of the stick, she argues

Sophie Jones // 8 June 2011

Categories: Activism, Feminism, Language, Violence

 The revolution is in you

Chloe Stopa-Hunt looks back to the historical figure of Lucile Duplessis from the French Revolution and considers how she has been 'put back' into history by modern writers

Chloe Stopa-Hunt // 4 May 2011

Categories: Culture and Media, Feminism, Herstory

 Global feminism(s)?

Feminists in the UK should be learning from women's activism in other countries, says Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones // 12 January 2011

Categories: Activism, Feminism

 Are you feminist enough?

Wearing your politics on your sleeve can be hard if you're not in an explicitly feminist setting. Annika Spalding mulls over the challenge

Annika Spalding // 12 December 2010

Categories: Feminism

 Finding feminism

Josh Hadley charts his journey from teenage dismissal to identifying as pro-feminist

Josh Hadley // 5 December 2010

Categories: Feminism, Men

 A modest reminder

On 2 March, 1911, Emily Davison hid in a broom cupboard in order to be registered as resident at the House of Commons on the census. Nearly 100 years later, as the next census approaches, David Standen revisits Davison's story

David Standen // 24 November 2010

Categories: Feminism, Herstory

 Out with the old warrior queens, in with the new?

Boudicca's warrior-queen appeal to activists is enduring. But, argues Hanna Thomas, is it time to create some new myths?

Hanna Thomas // 3 October 2010

Categories: Feminism, Herstory

 'It's not RAPE rape'

A flurry of reports on birth rape have prompted a backlash against women who use the term to describe their assault experiences. Amity Reed responds

Amity Reed // 30 September 2010

Categories: Body and Health, Feminism

 Jonathan Dean: Rethinking contemporary feminist politics

Jonathan Dean's recent academic book Rethinking Contemporary Feminist Politics analyses the state of contemporary feminism in the UK, and uses The F-Word as a case study. Catherine Redfern invited him to explain more about his findings

Catherine Redfern // 29 September 2010

Categories: Feminism, Interviews

 Empowering just one person: An interview with Zoe Margolis

The outspoken feminist and author of Girl With a One Track Mind and Girl With a One Track Mind: Exposed spoke to Catherine Redfern about feminism, sex, activism and writing

Catherine Redfern // 16 September 2010

Categories: Activism, Features, Feminism, Interviews, Sex and Relationships

 On campus, feminism wavers

University students are used to applying feminist theory in their academic work, but this fails to transfer out of the classroom, reports Lizzie Dearden

Lizzie Dearden // 29 August 2010

Categories: Activism, Education, Feminism

 Compulsory heterosexuality and lesbian existence, 30 years later

A J Conroy looks back at what we can learn about the need to form ties with other women from Adrienne Rich's famous essay

A.J. Conroy // 15 August 2010

Categories: Feminism, Herstory

 Bring the herstory of riot grrrl back into the present

What has happened to the legacy of riot grrrl? asks Heather McIntosh

Heather McIntosh // 3 February 2010

Categories: Activism, Culture and Media, Feminism, Herstory, Work and Play

 In our satin tights, fighting for our rights! But are women really natural campaigners?

Stereotypes about women drawn to campaigning because they are natural nurturers do more harm than good, argues Mhairi Guild

Mhairi Guild // 14 January 2010

Categories: Activism, Feminism, Politics and Current Affairs, Stereotypes, Work and Play

On sisterhood

Katie Sutton was called sexist names at Reclaim the Night, amid continued disagreements between feminists over the issue of prostitution/sex work. Where now for sisterhood at these public events? Includes a response by Finn Mackay

Various Authors // 9 December 2009

Categories: Activism, Feminism, Violence

Moving towards solidarity

Transphobic feminism makes no sense, argues Laurie Penny

Laurie Penny // 6 December 2009

Categories: Feminism

 A gude cause maks a strong arm

Wisrutta Atthakor reports back from the Gude Cause march through Edinburgh, 100 years to the day since Scottish suffragettes took to the city's streets

Wisrutta Atthakor // 18 November 2009

Categories: Activism, Feminism, Herstory, Scotland

 Feminism in London 2009

Charlotte Cooper reports back from the capital's second Feminism in London conference

Charlotte Cooper // 13 October 2009

Categories: Activism, Feminism

 Feminism and the vampire novel

Much has been written about sexism in the Twilight books and film. Here, Caitlin Brown puts the series in context of other popular vampire fiction

Caitlin Brown // 8 September 2009

Categories: Culture and Media, Feminism, Language, Racism, Sex and Relationships, Stereotypes

Confessions of a brand new feminist

Once Anna Corbett would have laughed at the idea she'd call herself a feminist. Here she explains what changed her mind

Anna Corbett // 13 July 2009

Categories: Feminism

 Some body to love

Forget which body-shape is 'fashionable' - women are more than just their bodies, argues Lara Williams

Lara Williams // 7 June 2009

Categories: Body and Health, Culture and Media, Fashion and Image, Feminism, Work and Play

Stink bombing the beauty pagaent

Protesters from Smash Miss Contest sneaked into the Miss London University beauty contest, releasing stinkbombs and distributing letters to the audience. Sarah Levack reports

Sarah Levack // 27 April 2009

Categories: Activism, Culture and Media, Fashion and Image, Feminism

Piercing the whitening silence

Terese Jonsson calls for all white feminists (herself included) to step up to the plate on racism and white privilege

Terese Jonsson // 16 March 2009

Categories: Activism, Feminism, Racism

 Grassroots feminism 2.0?

Want to make connections with grassroots feminist activists across borders and languages? Melanie Maddison talks to Red Chidgey about an online project that aims to help us do just that

Melanie Maddison // 3 March 2009

Categories: Activism, Culture and Media, Feminism, Interviews

 Olive would have told me to shut up and do something

Tara Atluri reflects on the Do You Remember Olive Morris? project and the Remembering Olive Collective

Tara Atluri // 2 March 2009

Categories: Feminism, Racism

Breastfeeding: radical, feminist and good for you

Kate Joester explains how breastfeeding helped her understand 'the personal is political'

Kate Joester // 24 January 2009

Categories: Body and Health, Family, Feminism

 Challenging sex object culture: definitely needed, definitely lively and definitely a key issue for 2009!

A recent feature in The Times labelled protests against the Miss University London beauty pagaents "old fashioned". But, argues Sandrine Levêque, if anything campaigns against the objectification of women and girls are more relevant today than ever

Sandrine Levêque // 4 January 2009

Categories: Body and Health, Culture and Media, Feminism, Racism, Sex and Relationships, Stereotypes, Violence, Work and Play

Why feminists shouldn't have to keep mum

A feminist challenge to sexism within the current cult of motherhood is needed, argues Victoria Dutchman-Smith

Victoria Dutchman-Smith // 4 December 2008

Categories: Body and Health, Family, Feminism, Work and Play

Choice and disability

Are feminist pro-choice politics on selective abortions sidelining the concern of disabled people? Victoria Al-Sharqi argues the case

Victoria Al-Sharqi // 1 December 2008

Categories: Body and Health, Feminism

We're all in this together

Irish and British women must unite in the battle for reproductive rights, argue Ariel Silvera and Sinead Ahern, as they sketch out the history of abortion in Ireland and the UK

Various Authors // 26 October 2008

Categories: Activism, Body and Health, Feminism, Politics and Current Affairs

Whose feminism is it?

Is feminism reaching women of colour? How about women who didn't go to university, teenage mums, or women who do not have access to the internet? Annika Spalding calls for change

Annika Spalding // 22 September 2008

Categories: Activism, Family, Feminism, Racism, Work and Play

Across the porn divide

It's time to end the battle of words, argues Debi Crow

Debi Crow // 10 September 2008

Categories: Activism, Feminism, Language

Million Women Rise - Reflections

Around 5,000 women gathered from across the UK and marched through central London. Although they received no mainstream media attention, the march and rally have since become the subject of much discussion. Louise Livesey talks to some of the people involved...

Louise Livesey // 23 August 2008

Categories: Activism, Feminism

 In the name of the father...

For many women, getting married still means changing their name. Sarah Louisa Phythian-Adams has an alternate proposal

Sarah Louisa Phythian-Adams // 20 August 2008

Categories: Family, Feminism, Language, Sex and Relationships

Sisters! Some of us are mothers, too!

Mothers' issues are feminist issues, argues Ruth Moss

Ruth Moss // 19 August 2008

Categories: Family, Feminism, Stereotypes, Work and Play

Domestic violence and disabled women

Disabled women are twice as likely to experience domestic violence, and can face a range of additional barriers - from inaccessible shelters onwards, Clare Laxton reports

Clare Laxton // 12 July 2008

Categories: Body and Health, Culture and Media, Feminism, Stereotypes, Violence

Why are women so critical of each other?

All to often, the feminist promise of sisters supporting each other does not reflect reality. Rosjke Hasseldine considers what is holding women back from leaving the war of attrition behind in favour of solidarity

Rosjke Hasseldine // 14 June 2008

Categories: Feminism

 Men! Feminism needs you! (Not your privilege...)

Anne Onne dispenses some advice for men commenting on feminist websites and blogs

Anne Onne // 14 June 2008

Categories: Feminism, Men

Hip hop ladies

Beyond the mainstream of 'gangster pop', Nino argues hip hop can be - and is - feminist

Nino // 7 May 2008

Categories: Culture and Media, Feminism

Abortion and disability - whose voices are heard?

Are disabled women's voices silenced in the abortion debate? asks Clare Laxton

Clare Laxton // 4 April 2008

Categories: Body and Health, Feminism, Politics and Current Affairs, Stereotypes

How to get an activist movement to keep women in prostitution

What use are sex worker groups that give out condoms and showers, but can't help women who want to exit prostitution? Ekis reports from Barcelona on prostitution and the campaign for legalisation

Ekis // 16 March 2008

Categories: Body and Health, Feminism, Language, Politics and Current Affairs, Sex and Relationships, Violence, Work and Play

Labours left unfinished: third wave feminism

The third wave and riot grrrl may be inspiring, but risk ignoring feminist history and swapping radical action for gigs and zines. In a fiery essay, Red Chidgey poses some difficult questions

Red Chidgey // 10 March 2008

Categories: Activism, Feminism

UK feminists must address worldwide issues

All over the planet women are denied the most basic rights. Ruthie Samuel asks: where is the outrage?

Ruthie Samuel // 4 February 2008

Categories: Culture and Media, Feminism, Politics and Current Affairs, Violence

Crime and patriarchy

Jo Legg asks, when will feminists take over the Home Office?

Jo Legg // 3 February 2008

Categories: Feminism, Violence

Breaking out of the mould

Claire Daly interviews the first editor of pioneering feminist magazine Spare Rib

Claire Daly // 31 January 2008

Categories: Activism, Culture and Media, Feminism, Interviews

The F Word Podcast - episode three!

Episode three of The F Word podcast - on the tricky topic of pornography - is out now!

Jess McCabe // 14 January 2008

Categories: Body and Health, Culture and Media, Feminism, Podcasts, Sex and Relationships

Ask a feminist - The F Word problem page

How can I tell if I am a feminist? Can I be a married feminist with children? Check out The F Word's new 'ask a feminist' feature for more

Jess McCabe // 10 January 2008

Categories: Ask a Feminist, Family, Feminism

A period of transition

Helen G considers why some feminists are hostile to transgender women

Helen G // 2 January 2008

Categories: Body and Health, Feminism, Stereotypes

Filling the hole

The self-hating mindset, if not the medical condition, of anorexia is frighteningly common, argues Katie Muller

Katie Muller // 6 December 2007

Categories: Body and Health, Culture and Media, Fashion and Image, Feminism, Men

Built for women

The Women's Design Service is celebrating 20 years of feminist activism from the planners' office to the building site. Eeva Berglund reports

Eeva Berglund // 9 November 2007

Categories: Family, Feminism, Politics and Current Affairs, Work and Play

'Who... me? I'm just a housewife'

Feminism is not just for women with high-flying careers, and feminists must do more to engage women who feel alienated from the movement, argues Samantha Jay

Samantha Jay // 30 September 2007

Categories: Activism, Family, Feminism, Sex and Relationships, Stereotypes, Work and Play

What does the politics of hair say about modern Britain?

Racism and sexism are intertwined - so feminism must tackle them both head-on, says Veronica Wood-Querales

Veronica Wood-Querales // 30 August 2007

Categories: Body and Health, Culture and Media, Feminism, Racism, Stereotypes

Can burlesque be feminist?

Burlesque may set feminist alarm-bells ringing, but it can help cultivate a love of your own body, argues Chloe Emmott

Chloe Emmott // 30 August 2007

Categories: Body and Health, Culture and Media, Feminism, Stereotypes

'Honey! Your vagina needs a mint'

The Vagina Institute purports to provide a public service to curious women. But Samara Ginsberg detects a rather different agenda

Samara Ginsberg // 7 July 2007

Categories: Body and Health, Fashion and Image, Feminism, Sex and Relationships

I did it my way

The word spinster seems woefully out-dated. But, when Emma Hadfield exited a long-term relationship, she found some people still can't come to terms with women who choose to stay single and child-free

Emma Hadfield // 7 July 2007

Categories: Family, Feminism, Sex and Relationships, Stereotypes

First impressions

Feminists are caricatured as ugly and fat by society. Assuming a recruitment drive for swim-suit models is off the table, Samara Ginsberg considers what we can do to fight back

Samara Ginsberg // 2 June 2007

Categories: Body and Health, Fashion and Image, Feminism, Stereotypes

From peace camps to protests - Finn Mackay

In the second of a series of interviews with inspiring women, Jess McCabe talks to Finn Mackay, the brains behind the Reclaim the Night marches and the London Feminist Network

Jess McCabe // 3 March 2007

Categories: Feminism, Interviews, Violence

War of Words

'Feminism' 'Slut' 'Bitch': all powerful words evoking strong (mostly negative) reactions. Should we reclaim tainted words, or drop them for something less provocative? Kate Townshend discusses this question, and explains why the language we use to define ourselves - and allow others to use to define us - is still important to the feminist cause.

Kate Townshend // 16 November 2006

Categories: Feminism, Language

Why Not Feminism?

Emma Cosh suggests some reasons why young women shy away from feminism, despite supporting and believing in equality. Feminism today, she argues, involves not just changing the law, but changing the very way we think and behave towards others, and to constantly challenge others to do the same. Is it any wonder that this difficult prospect is unappealing to some?

Emma Cosh // 10 October 2006

Categories: Feminism

Reasons to be Cheerful

It's usually considered that when feminism engages with state institutions, it loses its radical edge and became compromised and weakened. But is that really the case? Jonathan Dean argues that mainstream women's organisations are actually a lot more radical than they are given credit for, and that we can be optimistic about the future of British feminism.

Jonathan Dean // 1 April 2006

Categories: Activism, Feminism

It Ain't Over Till It's Over

Why are some women hostile to feminism, depsite all the freedom the movement has given them? Lara McKinnnon looks back at an experience which may shed some light on the problem.

Lara McKinnon // 5 November 2005

Categories: Feminism

Lament for Sisterhood

E Baeza hopes that someday soon women will support each other instead of seeing each other as competitors in a male-dominated culture.

E Baeza // 5 November 2005

Categories: Feminism

But What of Us? UK Riot Grrrl - Part 4

Cazz Blase updates her classic UK Riot Grrrl history by looking at developments from 2000 up to the present day. Covering an oft ignored but vital chapter in the story of UK feminism, she asks: Where to now for Ladyfest? Has the internet crushed print zines? How has riot grrrl influenced teenage fiction? And, is Riot Grrrl dead or has it just evolved?

Cazz Blase // 9 April 2005

Categories: Feminism

But What of Us? UK Riot Grrrl - Part 3

The third part of Cazz Blase's series looks at the problems inherent in Riot Grrrl, disagreements within the scene over whether it had run its course, the marketing of "Girl Power" and the future of Riot Grrrl. First published in the zine "Real Girls".

Cazz Blase // 13 January 2005

Categories: Feminism

But What of Us? UK Riot Grrrl - Part 2

The second part of Cazz Blase's 3 part series looks at the political aspects of UK Riot Grrrl; how it brought awareness of feminism to a new generation, encouraged female friendship and solidarity, and how gender politics entered the music scene. First published in the zine "Real Girls".

Cazz Blase // 4 November 2004

Categories: Feminism

Important note for all readers

Did you send in a message, comment, or email subscription request between July and September? If so, please read this important message.

Catherine Redfern // 19 September 2004

Categories: Feminism

Is alcohol really a feminist issue?

The hysteria over women and alcohol is flawed feminism, argues Victoria Dutchman-Smith. Women don't need to be protected from equality - they should be free to make their own choices, just like men.

Victoria Dutchman-Smith // 18 September 2004

Categories: Body and Health, Feminism

But What of Us? UK Riot Grrrl - Part 1

Cazz Blase's history of Riot Grrrl in the UK is an important introduction to a movement that is often ignored and discounted by cultural critics and even some feminists. Seen through the eyes of the women and girls who were involved, the first part of this 3 part series recounts the origins of Riot Grrrl in the UK and discusses the musical and DIY aspects of the new Grrrl resistance. First published in the zine "Real Girls".

Cazz Blase // 10 September 2004

Categories: Feminism

Growing up or giving in?

Ms Razorblade is sick and tired of being told that being a lesbian-feminist and a vegan is boring, prudish, and dull, dull, dull. Is refusing men, meat and porn a sign of immaturity - or is 'growing up' really just giving in?

Ms Razorblade // 20 July 2004

Categories: Body and Health, Feminism, Sex and Relationships

Where is the F word not an F word?

Feminism in the US is experiencing a massive revival due to Bush's anti-woman policies. Having recently moved to the States from London, Natasha Forrest muses on the differences between UK and US feminism.

Natasha Forrest // 1 June 2004

Categories: Activism, Feminism

Surf's Up! In praise of the second wave

Finn Mackay offers a rousing call to arms for UK feminists to rekindle the spirit of second wave feminism.

Finn Mackay // 19 April 2004

Categories: Feminism

Feminine Feminism

Laura Wadsworth loves lipstick, fashion, boys, and the colour pink. Does that mean she's not a feminist? No way! Girly girls can be just as feminist as anyone else, she argues.

Laura Wadsworth // 19 March 2004

Categories: Fashion and Image, Feminism

'Feminists are Sexist'

Should feminists have to spend exactly half their time, energy, and resources working on behalf of men to be taken seriously? Catherine Redfern thinks not.

Catherine Redfern // 19 September 2003

Categories: Feminism, Men

Ball breaking? Coming out of the feminism closet.

A recent survey by the Equal Opportunities commission was used by the media to brand feminism as "outmoded and unpopular." Lorraine Smith conducts her own survey, and wonders whether feminism needs an image overhaul before people would be willing to embrace the term. Could we draft Kylie in to help?

Lorraine Smith // 19 July 2003

Categories: Feminism

The F-Word: Contemporary UK Feminism

The F-Word is changing from "young" to "contemporary". Catherine Redfern explains why.

Catherine Redfern // 16 June 2003

Categories: Feminism

Men in feminism

Few men seem interested in feminism. Lizzie Garcha asks how we can encourage more of them to realise that feminism benefits everyone.

Lizzie Garcha // 18 May 2003

Categories: Feminism, Men

Is this website discriminating? Responses

Is this website discriminating against older feminists?

Catherine Redfern // 16 March 2003

Categories: Feminism

Whatever happened to sisterhood?

Kristin Aune examines the concept of sisterhood and wonders whether today's young women are missing out.

Kristin Aune // 16 January 2003

Categories: Feminism

Response to 'Alien She?'

Jennifer Drew responds to Jane Collins' article Alien She?.

Jennifer Drew // 16 January 2003

Categories: Feminism

Alien She?

Jane Collins explains how feminism can be alienating, and still seems to be dominated by priviledged women who frequently forget the plight of the working class.

Jane Collins // 16 December 2002

Categories: Feminism

All About Eve

JoJo Kirtley is astounded and disappointed that British feminists seem to have been distracted by trivia and have forgotten the fundamental feminist issue: stopping the violence.

JoJo Kirtley // 16 November 2002

Categories: Feminism, Violence

Where are the Radicals?

Natasha Forrest untangles the labels and wonders whether radical feminism has been hijacked by authoritarian and conservative imposters.

Natasha Forrest // 16 November 2002

Categories: Feminism

I Love The 70s

Catherine Redfern loves the 70s, but argues that we should feel more hopeful and confident about feminism as it is today.

Catherine Redfern // 16 October 2002

Categories: Feminism

Get Mad

Jamie Lee Merrick gets mad mad mad after reading an anti-feminist website. Here's her furious response.

Jamie Lee Merrick // 16 October 2002

Categories: Feminism, Men

A Third Wave?

Is there such thing as a "Third Wave" of feminism? What are the differences between the feminism of the new generation and that of the Second Wave? Can we make our own revolution in the shadow of those who preceeded us? And why do young women feel so isolated as feminists?

Catherine Redfern // 16 September 2002

Categories: Feminism, Soundbites

More than just 'Jam and Jerusalem': why we should join the Women's Institute

Melanie Dunn wonders whether the Women's Institute would appeal to feminists today - and is the organisation doing enough to appeal to young women?

Melanie Dunn // 16 July 2002

Categories: Feminism

The Lowdown on Ladyfest

The essential introduction to this year's Ladyfest, by staunch supporter Amy Bell.

Amy Bell // 16 July 2002

Categories: Feminism

Interview with Mary-Ann Stephenson

Amy Bell chats with the director of the Fawcett Society as she prepares to leave the post for pastures new.

Amy Bell // 16 May 2002

Categories: Feminism, Interviews

The Freedom Trashcan 2002

We chuck loads of stuff into the trashcan.

Catherine Redfern // 16 March 2002

Categories: Feminism

Happy Birthday to Us!

A quick comment on our one-year anniversary, yippee!

Catherine Redfern // 16 March 2002

Categories: Feminism

Response to 'Rebranding Feminism'

Lynn Cicada responds to the article Rebranding Feminism.

Lyn Cicada // 16 March 2002

Categories: Feminism

Rebranding Feminism

How we can tackle the negative image of feminism among many women? How can we re-brand feminism to make it more attractive to a new generation? These were some of the issues being discussed at a meeting entitled Rebranding Feminism held at the ICA in November. Catherine Redfern reports from the event.

Catherine Redfern // 16 December 2001

Categories: Feminism

Rebranding Feminism? Geethika Jayatilaka's talk

Geethika Jayatilaka, Head of Policy and Parliamentary Affairs at the Fawcett Society, spoke at the Rebranding Feminism evening held at the ICA on 30th November. She's kindly allowed The F-Word to reproduce the text of her talk here.

Geethika Jayatilaka // 16 December 2001

Categories: Feminism

Is this website discriminating?

Is this website discriminating against older feminists?

Catherine Redfern // 16 December 2001

Categories: Feminism

Enough with the pendulum!

There are two phrases guaranteed to make me cringe. One of them is anything involving the pendulum; you know the one that's always "swung too far the other way"?

Catherine Redfern // 16 October 2001

Categories: Feminism, Men

Reply to Nigel Planer

"Men are now in crisis... since the seventies, the pendulum has swung castratingly far in the other direction." wrote Nigel Planer in The Radio Times in June. Jen Clarke responds.

Jen Clarke // 13 July 2001

Categories: Feminism, Men

Pick 'n' Mix Feminism

So many viewpoints, so many arguments! I think I'll just pick 'n' mix. Catherine Redfern shows just how indecisive she really is.

Catherine Redfern // 16 May 2001

Categories: Feminism

Equality Quiz

So, we're equal now are we? No need for feminism anymore? You sure? Well, find out how equal men and women are by playing this quiz and see how clued up you are.

Catherine Redfern // 16 May 2001

Categories: Feminism

The Personal is (or) isn't political (or is it?)

During the 'second-wave' of feminism in the 1960's-70's, the idea developed that 'the personal is political': i.e. that every part of our personal lives could be affected by the political situation. More recently, some have argued that this idea has given feminism a bad name and has caused feminists to focus on the wrong issues. So who's right?

Catherine Redfern // 16 May 2001

Categories: Feminism, Soundbites

I'm not a feminist, but...

What the movers and shakers think feminism is all about.

Catherine Redfern // 16 March 2001

Categories: Feminism, Soundbites

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