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14474322754_30322bc06f_zUnderstanding motherhood in a time of austerity

Akile Ahmet examines three prominent celebrity mothers favoured by the gossip columns and how they have been stereotyped to reflect the ideas and rhetoric of the austerity age

Akile Ahmet // 3 November 2015

Categories: Culture and Media, Family, Features

9741280_3e235cb71b_zDementia is a feminist issue

Women make up two thirds of the people living with dementia in the UK and a huge proportion of carers looking after those living with dementia, yet policy making doesn't recognise and value them. Nada Savitch speaks to women affected by dementia and calls on young women to change their futures

Nada Savitch // 21 April 2015

Categories: Activism, Body and Health, Family, Features, Interviews

FragmentedSpeaking out, without shame

Zarina shares her journey of overcoming history of being oppressed by her family and breaking away from a forced marriage, aided by solidarity and help she found online

Zarina // 4 June 2013

Categories: Family, Features, Feminism, Violence

StatueBeing a young mum: representation and reality

Teenage mums are seen as at best, a problem and, at worst, a burden. Izzy Koksal talks to a young mum about the reality of teenage motherhood

Izzy Koksal // 3 April 2013

Categories: Activism, Family, Features, Interviews, Stereotypes

Washing-UpTaking advantage of mum?

Rebecca is a student who has moved back with her mum - just what David Cameron has urged young people to do, rather than relying on housing benefit. But, she asks, is this the best plan for either of them?

Rebecca // 4 September 2012

Categories: Class, Education, Family, Politics and Current Affairs, Work and Play

Time-magazine-coverExtended breastfeeding: perverted or praiseworthy?

Earlier this year, Time magazine put on its cover a young, attractive woman with a three-year-old boy sucking at her nipple. She is breastfeeding him, but the image is still...

Rebecca Clough // 31 July 2012

Categories: Body and Health, Family

bethanyl-workingclasswomenFeminism: still excluding working class women?

Working class women talk to Pavan Amara about feeling excluded and patronised by a classist feminist movement where middle class voices are still dominating the debate

Pavan Amara // 7 March 2012

Categories: Activism, Culture and Media, Education, Family, Feminism, Language, Work and Play

ReportHot pants or hot air?

Is the 'sexualisation of young girls' really getting worse - or has it been exaggerated for the sake of shocking tabloid headlines? Ruth Whippman reports

Ruth Whippman // 26 February 2012

Categories: Culture and Media, Family

Outlaw-mother-pictureWho are the outlaw mothers?

An empowered mother is an outlaw mother, argues Jane Chelliah

Jane Chelliah // 14 January 2012

Categories: Family

Piggy banks and budget cuts

Cuts have become politically popular again, but the new thrift is targeted at the most not least vulnerable, says Clare Gould

Clare Gould // 16 December 2009

Categories: Family, Politics and Current Affairs, Sex and Relationships, Work and Play

girlguidesukGirls in the lead

Girlguides can offer girls a respite from pressure of gendered expectations. Clare Burgess offers her perspective as a late-joiner

Clare Burgess // 7 December 2009

Categories: Culture and Media, Family, Work and Play

Breastfeeding: radical, feminist and good for you

Kate Joester explains how breastfeeding helped her understand 'the personal is political'

Kate Joester // 24 January 2009

Categories: Body and Health, Family, Feminism

Time to end parental leave discrimination

Jennifer Gray argues that parental leave laws must become more flexible

Jennifer Gray // 8 December 2008

Categories: Family, Stereotypes, Work and Play

Why feminists shouldn’t have to keep mum

A feminist challenge to sexism within the current cult of motherhood is needed, argues Victoria Dutchman-Smith

Victoria Dutchman-Smith // 4 December 2008

Categories: Body and Health, Family, Feminism, Work and Play

Whose feminism is it?

Is feminism reaching women of colour? How about women who didn't go to university, teenage mums, or women who do not have access to the internet? Annika Spalding calls for change

Annika Spalding // 22 September 2008

Categories: Activism, Family, Feminism, Racism, Work and Play

In the name of the father…

For many women, getting married still means changing their name. Sarah Louisa Phythian-Adams has an alternate proposal

Sarah Louisa Phythian-Adams // 20 August 2008

Categories: Family, Feminism, Language, Sex and Relationships

Sisters! Some of us are mothers, too!

Mothers' issues are feminist issues, argues Ruth Moss

Ruth Moss // 19 August 2008

Categories: Family, Feminism, Stereotypes, Work and Play

Why my son wears pink

At two year's old, Penni F's son happily enthuses over both fairies and trucks. But, she worries, what happens when pressure to be a 'real man' kicks in?

Penni F //

Categories: Family, Men, Stereotypes

Ask a feminist – The F Word problem page

How can I tell if I am a feminist? Can I be a married feminist with children? Check out The F Word's new 'ask a feminist' feature for more

Jess McCabe // 10 January 2008

Categories: Ask A Feminist, Family, Feminism

Feeling a bit uncomfortable?

Who wants to be told they have an incompetent cervix? Jane Purcell reports from the maternity ward

Jane Purcell // 4 December 2007

Categories: Body and Health, Family, Language

Built for women

The Women's Design Service is celebrating 20 years of feminist activism from the planners' office to the building site. Eeva Berglund reports

Eeva Berglund // 9 November 2007

Categories: Family, Feminism, Politics and Current Affairs, Work and Play

Abortion: still a feminist issue

It is 40 years since abortion was legalised in the UK, yet our right to control our own bodies is still under threat. Irina Lester reports

Irina Lester // 6 October 2007

Categories: Body and Health, Culture and Media, Family, Politics and Current Affairs, Sex and Relationships

‘Who… me? I’m just a housewife’

Feminism is not just for women with high-flying careers, and feminists must do more to engage women who feel alienated from the movement, argues Samantha Jay

Samantha Jay // 30 September 2007

Categories: Activism, Family, Feminism, Sex and Relationships, Stereotypes, Work and Play

I did it my way

The word spinster seems woefully out-dated. But, when Emma Hadfield exited a long-term relationship, she found some people still can't come to terms with women who choose to stay single and child-free

Emma Hadfield // 7 July 2007

Categories: Family, Feminism, Sex and Relationships, Stereotypes

A Bride by Any Other Name

When Eleanor Turner announced that she would not be changing her name after walking down the aisle, and instead her new husband would take on her surname, reactions ranged from shock to annoyance. She considers why breaking with tradition provokes such strong feelings

Eleanor Turner // 2 May 2007

Categories: Family, Language, Sex and Relationships, Work and Play

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