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Osborne-IF-campaignChancellor’s spending review is bad news for women

Though the Chancellor tried to make good headlines with his recent spending review announcement, it is clear that once again the budget has not been gender-proofed. Polly Trenow discusses the implications for women

Polly Trenow // 29 July 2013

Categories: Features, Politics and Current Affairs

We-Are-the-Parade-Sabrina-ChapThe long walk to equality

Musician and singer Sabrina Chap talks to Karren Ablaze! about putting the joy in the fight for LGBT rights and how same-sex marriage is by no means the end of the road

Karren Ablaze // 31 May 2013

Categories: Features, Interviews, Music, Politics and Current Affairs, Sex and Relationships

Boston_downtown_skylineZubeidat Tsarnaeva and the Muslim mother as terrorist

Zubeidat Tsarnaeva, mother of the 'Boston bombers', has become a figure of controversy. Yasmin Gunaratnam argues that blaming Zubeidat for her sons' actions is part of growing resentment against Muslim mothers

Yasmin Gunaratnam // 10 May 2013

Categories: Culture and Media, Features, Politics and Current Affairs, Racism, Stereotypes

Empty-walletCaring and living in poverty

Suzanna, a lesbian and single mother, currently on benefits, talks to Anastasia Richardson about the effects of poverty

Anastasia Richardson // 4 February 2013

Categories: Activism, Class, Features, Interviews, Politics and Current Affairs

BM-candidatesBristol mayoral election: what about women?

Bristol mayoral election is just round the corner but 14 out of 15 candidates standing are men. Will the election change anything for women? Megan Stodel finds out at Women's Question Time

Megan Stodel // 12 November 2012

Categories: Politics and Current Affairs

telavivbeachA tale of two cities

Is Tel Aviv's reputation as an LGBT-friendly tourist destination just pinkwash? Hannah Brock visits

Hannah Brock // 3 November 2012

Categories: Politics and Current Affairs

Washing-UpTaking advantage of mum?

Rebecca is a student who has moved back with her mum - just what David Cameron has urged young people to do, rather than relying on housing benefit. But, she asks, is this the best plan for either of them?

Rebecca // 4 September 2012

Categories: Class, Education, Family, Politics and Current Affairs, Work and Play

Help-DV-AgenciesHow the coalition cuts are impacting the women of Bristol

As a report finds Bristol's women are being hit hard by coalition cuts, Sian Norris interviews domestic violence advisor Sian Taylor from Wish, one of the organisations forced to slash services

Sian Norris // 2 November 2011

Categories: Politics and Current Affairs, Violence

Condom-bananaWhat is a family friendly government?

When David Cameron promised to form a family-friendly government, you may have got the impression he was talking about a particular and narrow type of domestic arrangement. But Milena Popova imagines how policy would change if support for all families was put at the heart of decision-making

Milena Popova // 3 October 2011

Categories: Politics and Current Affairs

The-ThinkerAfter Banaz Mahmod, where is the justice for victims of honour-based violence?

Five years after Banaz Mahmod's murder, it's time for the government to get serious on honour-based violence, argues Fionnuala Murphy from the Iranian and Kurdish Women's Rights Organisation

Fionnuala Murphy // 23 August 2011

Categories: Politics and Current Affairs, Violence

Women-of-the-WorldCedaw: what is it and how can we use it?

The international bill of rights for women is used internationally to push for equality. But it is a neglected tool in the UK. Charlotte Gage explains

Charlotte Gage // 29 June 2011

Categories: Politics and Current Affairs

That%27s-not-my-nameThat’s not my name

Changing name is a hassle. But what is rarely acknowledged is just how much the current systems place a burden on cis women and trans people that is not shared by cis men. Jane Fae reports

Jane Fae // 10 April 2011

Categories: Politics and Current Affairs, Work and Play

actionaidpanelA day-by-day struggle

From the struggle to keep domestic violence shelters open to the machinations of which mullah to align with, a discussion with four Afghan politicians reveals the challenges women face. Helen G reports

Helen G // 21 March 2011

Categories: Politics and Current Affairs, Religion, Violence

ece2‘I’m 37 with enough stories for an 80 year old’

Ece Temelkuran's passion for storytelling is clear in the first few minutes of meeting her. But, as a Turkish woman, some stories are dangerous for her to tell. Mary Pole reports

Mary Pole // 10 March 2011

Categories: Herstory, Interviews, Politics and Current Affairs

HQ-Opposed-to-Woman-SuffrageThe case against all-women shortlists: the alternative route to participatory democracy…

All-women shortlists are not ambitious enough to deliver the radical change our political system needs, argues Jane Watkinson

Jane Watkinson // 7 February 2011

Categories: Politics and Current Affairs

ScissorsCuts? Women will take them on the chin

Government spending cuts will hit women the hardest, with the most marginalised suffering the most. Fionnuala Murphy from the Iranian and Kurdish Women's Rights Organisation breaks it down

Fionnuala Murphy // 10 November 2010

Categories: Politics and Current Affairs

astornCreating a new kind of media for women in politics

The mainstream media's sexist treatment of female politicians was only heightened during the election. Women's Parliamentary Radio provides an alternative, argues Sophie Kainradl

Sophie Kainradl // 10 June 2010

Categories: Culture and Media, Politics and Current Affairs

trustwomensignIs it time for abortion to return to the political agenda?

Anti-choice lobbyists are gearing up as the new coalition government settles in. We should not let them define the terms of debate, says Lisa Ansell, instead we should push for women's right to access abortion to be shored up

Lisa Ansell // 1 June 2010

Categories: Body and Health, Politics and Current Affairs

suffragettesThe case for all-women shortlists

Whatever the verdict of the General Election, women's representation in the Commons will inch forward at best. Ros Ball argues that all parties must adopt all-women shortlists

Ros Ball // 26 April 2010

Categories: Politics and Current Affairs

activistwomenIn our satin tights, fighting for our rights! But are women really natural campaigners?

Stereotypes about women drawn to campaigning because they are natural nurturers do more harm than good, argues Mhairi Guild

Mhairi Guild // 14 January 2010

Categories: Activism, Feminism, Politics and Current Affairs, Stereotypes, Work and Play

Piggy banks and budget cuts

Cuts have become politically popular again, but the new thrift is targeted at the most not least vulnerable, says Clare Gould

Clare Gould // 16 December 2009

Categories: Family, Politics and Current Affairs, Sex and Relationships, Work and Play

Gender and sentencing

Are the scales of justice in alignment? Rachel Thwaites looks at how women and men are so often treated differently by the system if they commit violent crimes

Rachel Thwaites // 14 November 2009

Categories: Culture and Media, Politics and Current Affairs, Violence

Coherent feminism doesn’t stop at Afghan women

Should all Muslim women boycott the burqa because some women are forced to wear it? Myriam Francois-Cerrah argues not

Myriam Francois-Cerrah // 20 July 2009

Categories: Politics and Current Affairs

Beyond boob jobs – how might the credit crunch affect women?

Carolyn Roberts digs beyond headlines about the impact of the credit crunch on makeup sales and cosmetic surgery, to consider how the financial crisis may affect women in the UK

Carolyn Roberts // 4 November 2008

Categories: Politics and Current Affairs, Work and Play

We’re all in this together

Irish and British women must unite in the battle for reproductive rights, argue Ariel Silvera and Sinead Ahern, as they sketch out the history of abortion in Ireland and the UK

Various Authors // 26 October 2008

Categories: Activism, Body and Health, Feminism, Politics and Current Affairs

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