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Romance novels and feminism genre snobsCan love conquer all – even the genre snobs?

If there are clichés and poorly-written books in every genre, Nick Beard asks, why is romance always singled out for derision?

Nick Beard // 19 November 2015

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Consent-is-sexySex after rape: sharing survivors’ stories

Rape survivors looking for help to cope with their bodies and sex after rape face a vacuum in the information and services available. Pavan Amara speaks to survivors who all wish they had known they weren't the only ones

Pavan Amara // 27 February 2014

Categories: Body and Health, Features, Interviews, Sex and Relationships, Violence

SEXWhy feminists need to talk about the pleasures of sexuality

The lack of education on healthy, pleasurable sexuality and the growing prevalence of pornography are distorting young people's attitudes to sex, relationships and women's bodies, argues Erin Lane

Erin Lane // 28 October 2013

Categories: Features, Sex and Relationships

We-Are-the-Parade-Sabrina-ChapThe long walk to equality

Musician and singer Sabrina Chap talks to Karren Ablaze! about putting the joy in the fight for LGBT rights and how same-sex marriage is by no means the end of the road

Karren Ablaze // 31 May 2013

Categories: Features, Interviews, Music, Politics and Current Affairs, Sex and Relationships

DV1What have I done: escaping domestic violence

When Amanda Prowse set out to write a novel about an abusive marriage, she spoke to women who had experienced violent relationships. The number of women who came forward to talk to her confirms how widespread domestic violence is

Amanda Prowse // 22 April 2013

Categories: Features, Sex and Relationships, Violence

PolyculeThe poly-feminist manifesto: towards a feminist non-monogamy

Some argue that non-monogamous relationships are inherently patriarchy-busting. But in practice that's not the case. A group of workshop participants pieced together this manifesto to change all that

Various Authors // 23 May 2012

Categories: Sex and Relationships

Disabled-accessNo access to the women’s room

Going clothes shopping as a disabled woman is a nightmare, says D H Kelly

D H Kelly // 30 January 2012

Categories: Body and Health, Fashion and Image, Sex and Relationships, Stereotypes, Work and Play

dirtydiaries-flashergirl-metroShe gives me fever

Porn is not for everyone: but it can be for feminists, Mia Engberg tells Sophie Mayer, as her programme of shorts screens in London

Sophie Mayer // 13 January 2012

Categories: Body and Health, Culture and Media, Features, Interviews, Sex and Relationships, Work and Play

Panther-GirlOn a planet far, far away…

The gender politics of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus was eye-rolling enough. But some people look beyond the solar system entirely for their guidelines on sex and relationships, to a fictional planet where men are dominant and women are wives, sex slaves or rebel 'panthers'. Kit Marsters reports

Kit Marsters // 20 December 2011

Categories: Sex and Relationships

The-F-Word-art-piece-%28porn%29You can be anti-porn and pro-sex

I'm no censor, says Lisa Saunders. She talks through some common misconceptions about anti-porn/pro-sex feminism

Lisa Saunders // 13 December 2011

Categories: Culture and Media, Feminism, Sex and Relationships

CrossroadsBreaking up with romance

It's not you, it's me. Lex Delaney explains why she is taking a 12-month break from romance to concentrate on herself

Lex Delaney // 28 June 2011

Categories: Sex and Relationships

Empowering just one person: An interview with Zoe Margolis

The outspoken feminist and author of Girl With a One Track Mind and Girl With a One Track Mind: Exposed spoke to Catherine Redfern about feminism, sex, activism and writing

Catherine Redfern // 16 September 2010

Categories: Activism, Features, Feminism, Interviews, Sex and Relationships

Painful vagina? Your poor husband!

S's experience with vulvar vestibulitis - which makes penetrative sex painful - highlighted the phallocentric medical establishment and limited definitions of sex

S // 14 March 2010

Categories: Body and Health, Men, Sex and Relationships, Soundbites

Piggy banks and budget cuts

Cuts have become politically popular again, but the new thrift is targeted at the most not least vulnerable, says Clare Gould

Clare Gould // 16 December 2009

Categories: Family, Politics and Current Affairs, Sex and Relationships, Work and Play

twilightFeminism and the vampire novel

Much has been written about sexism in the Twilight books and film. Here, Caitlin Brown puts the series in context of other popular vampire fiction

Caitlin Brown // 8 September 2009

Categories: Culture and Media, Feminism, Language, Racism, Sex and Relationships, Stereotypes

For the good of the species?

If you believe one story on a popular science news site, there's proof that older men "chasing" younger women benefits humankind (or should that be mankind?) Eirwen-Jane Pierrot considers the impact of these sensationalist claims on women in the real world

Eirwen-Jane Pierrot // 15 April 2009

Categories: Culture and Media, Men, Sex and Relationships, Stereotypes, Violence

objectprotestorChallenging sex object culture: definitely needed, definitely lively and definitely a key issue for 2009!

A recent feature in The Times labelled protests against the Miss University London beauty pagaents "old fashioned". But, argues Sandrine Levêque, if anything campaigns against the objectification of women and girls are more relevant today than ever

Sandrine Leveque // 4 January 2009

Categories: Body and Health, Culture and Media, Feminism, Racism, Sex and Relationships, Stereotypes, Violence, Work and Play

Now That’s What I Call Misogyny!

Molly Lavender is exasperated at gender segregation in music – and the way pop songs valorise abusive relationships

Molly Lavender // 4 December 2008

Categories: Culture and Media, Sex and Relationships, Stereotypes, Violence

‘The useless organ’

Maggie Lee tells of the devestating effect her hysterectomy had on her sexuality and more

Maggie Lee // 2 November 2008

Categories: Body and Health, Sex and Relationships

Incitement to rape

Denying women's sexuality won't prevent rape, argues Victoria Dutchman-Smith

Victoria Dutchman-Smith // 13 October 2008

Categories: Sex and Relationships, Violence

HPV vaccination – the debate isn’t over yet

St Monica's in Manchester does not want girls vaccinated against HPV on school grounds. Kit Roskelly argues that all schools have a responsibility to protect their pupils' health

Kit Roskelly // 10 October 2008

Categories: Body and Health, Culture and Media, Sex and Relationships

In the name of the father…

For many women, getting married still means changing their name. Sarah Louisa Phythian-Adams has an alternate proposal

Sarah Louisa Phythian-Adams // 20 August 2008

Categories: Family, Feminism, Language, Sex and Relationships

What a load of wank

Hordes of girls dream of becoming glamour models, but are too embarrassed to even talk about masturbation. Sophie Platt rages against a taboo which only affects girls and women

Sophie Platt // 14 July 2008

Categories: Body and Health, Sex and Relationships

Kink 101

BDSM may set off red flags for feminists, says Kit Roskelly. But so does sitting in judgment on women's sexual preferences

Kit Roskelly // 5 July 2008

Categories: Sex and Relationships

Cartoon special…

In a break from our usual text-based programming, a selection of cartoons on the theme of men and women, by Yvonne Howard

Yvonne Howard // 9 June 2008

Categories: Men, Sex and Relationships

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