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The F-Word is an online magazine dedicated to talking about and sharing ideas on contemporary UK feminism

Who Are We?

Want to find out more about the editorial team behind The F-Word? Then read on! If you want to see a full list of contributors, this is the place you need to click.

The editorship of The F-Word is rotated between our editorial team. Our current editor is Megan Stodel; her term started in June 2014.

Rotating Editor: Megan Stodel

Editor at large: Jess McCabe

Founder: Catherine Redfern

Section Editors

Comedy: Chella Quint

Features: Asiya Islam

Film: Ania Ostrowska

Music: Holly Combe and Joanna Whitehead

Theatre and Arts: Megan Stodel

TV: Holly Combe

Other Editors

Monthly guest blogs: Josephine Tsui

The F-Word team includes:

Ania Ostrowska
Asiya Islam
Chella Quint
Holly Combe
Jess McCabe
Joanna Whitehead
Josephine Tsui
Megan Stodel
Shiha Kaur

More about the people behind The F-Word:

Ania Ostrowska (Film Editor)


Ania Ostrowska moved to London from post-communist Poland in 2005, enabled by her country’s joining the EU. To sanction her feminist credentials, she got an MA in gender studies from SOAS. She lives in the London borough of Hackney and divides her time between working part-time at the Wellcome Library and reaching a conclusive position on the UK feminist movement.

Asiya Islam (Features Editor, collective member)


Asiya takes pride in being a feminist and is angry with most things most of the time. She moved from India to London in 2009 for a masters in gender, media and culture at the London School of Economics.

Asiya worked at the Fawcett Society briefly while studying for her degree and, after finishing her Master's in 2010, joined the equality and diversity team at LSE, where she continues to work. Asiya has written for The Guardian and Women's Views on News previously. She likes to sporadically blog at Why am I a Feminist when she is especially enraged, frustrated or shocked. Find Asiya on Twitter @asiyaislam.

Catherine Redfern (Founder)

Catherine Redfern founded The F-Word and was editor from 2001-2007. She is from Tameside, Manchester and has been living in London for about ten years, much to her parents' annoyance. She is co-author, with Kristin Aune, of Reclaiming The F Word: The New Feminist Movement, a book about the resurgence and reclamation of feminism over the last ten years, today's issues and today's feminist activism. The book was published in June 2010 by Zed Books. She hangs out @cathredfern and has various craft obsessions which she blogs about on her infrequently updated, unprofessional, low-key personal blog.

Chella Quint (Comedy Editor, collective member)

Chella Quint is a comedy writer and performer, artist, educator and old-school zine-girl from Brooklyn, New York who now lives in Sheffield.

She's pretty sure she learned about equal pay watching an episode of Three's Company at age seven, and she definitely learned about intersectionality while watching Sesame Street.

Chella is most well-known for her adbusting comedy fanzine and performance lecture series, Adventures in Menstruating, which includes the Mobile Menstrual Zine Library, the Stains TM project and her new Period Positive campaign.

Analysis of her menstrual activism has been chronicled by researchers in several different journal articles and in the book New Blood: Third Wave Feminism and the Politics of Menstruation by Chris Bobel.

Chella's work was included in two anthologies last year: Catechism: Poems for Pussy Riot and Here Come The Brides: Reflections on Lesbian Love and Marriage. She regularly performs on the Sheffield spoken-word scene and is a member of Other Voices at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Holly Combe (Music & TV Editor, collective member)


Holly Combe has been a feminist for as long as she can remember but became active when she joined Feminists Against Censorship (FAC) in 2000. She started reading and contributing to the F-Word in 2002 after receiving an e-mail about the site in a Yahoo group she took part in at the time. She joined the blog in 2005, was appointed as joint music editor with Cazz Blase in 2011 and became editor of the TV section of the site in 2013.

Holly has had writing published in a number of other outlets including Yahoo!, STUDIO magazine, Economic Issues, Scarlet magazine, The Guardian, The Fresh Outlook, The New Statesman, Bookslut, Girlchick and The Oxford Mail. She gained an MA in Applied Social Research in 2008 and, along with this, is a radio pundit and occasional DJ.

You can follow her on Twitter @hollycombe

Jess McCabe (Editor at large, collective member)


Jess edited The F-Word from February 2007 to May 2013. You might still see her name pop up on the site, if she gets herself together to write the occasional blog post, feature or review.

Jess makes a living as a reporter, currently covering a beat that includes social housing and environmental issues. She is 31 and lives in South London with one bloke and two gigantic cats. Find her on Twitter @jester, or on Tumblr.

Joanna Whitehead (Music Editor)


Jo has been aware of and interested in social and gender inequality for as long as she can remember. A native Yorkshire-woman, Jo finds inspiration and sanctuary in music and dreams of taking a year off to intensively study - and master - a musical instrument. This week, the trumpet is favourite. She is anti-musical snobbery and has no guilt about any of her musical pleasures.

Jo escapes the "challenges" of her 9-5 through running, reading, discovering new tunes and surfing Pinterest (heavy feminist presence, people). She feels privileged to be part of The F-Word team.

Josephine Tsui (Monthly Guest Blogs Editor, Collective member)


Josephine Tsui is a regular ol' 'Jill of all Trades'. She is also the co-creator of Good Girls Marry Doctors, an organisation dedicated to bringing awareness of women in first generation Asian immigrant families and their struggle to bring feminism in culturally sensitive ways.

As an Asian Canadian, she is currently living in Bristol. Her day job is focuses on women's rights and food security. She has lived in multiple countries in Southern and Western Africa working with Engineers Without Borders Canada. She has also dabbled in medical research including neuropsychology, prostate cancer pathology.

Megan Stodel (Rotating Editor, Theatre and Arts Editor, collective member)


When Megan isn't pondering the gender dynamic created in the latest offering by the National Theatre, she can be found travelling, arguing about politics or experimenting with new recipes (with varying levels of success). Megan can also lick her elbow: a superpower the feminist movement has been long awaiting. Follow her on twitter @MeganStodel.

Shiha Kaur (Collective member)


Shiha Kaur comes from a British-Asian background and originally started out as a guest blogger for The F-Word in April 2010. She worries about the apparent lack of feminists from her community and the social pressures and demands often inflicted on young British-Asian women. She enjoys dancing, cooking and starting craft projects which never seem to get finished. If she has three hours to spare she likes to watch old Bollywood films with the subtitles switched on.

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