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From the blog rsz_photo-1452270313744-e5ccb6de0c78 Rape: I was waiting for it to be my turn

A survivor shares her story

By Guest Blogger
11 February 2016

From the magazine Girls Will Be Girls PB Playing the gender game

Lusana Taylor reviews Girls will be Girls by Emer O’Toole and admires the author’s playful, honest and often very funny approach to gender

By Lusana Taylor
8 February 2016

From the magazine square ryan Pop culture, feminism and laughs

Nick Beard finds Katherine Ryan manages to introduce a lot of feminist ideas through jokes about pop culture in her new tour Kathbum

By Nick Beard
8 February 2016

From The Magazine

Cool cats

Grace Sharpley finds the sketch group Kitten Killers have a lot of funny things to say and sing about contemporary sexuality

By Grace Sharpley
4 February 2016

Hinds hit hard

After listening to their debut album, Holly Martin is first in line to join Hinds’ girl gang

By Holly Martin
3 February 2016

You are not who you do

Kat Wootton reviews The Sex Myth by Rachel Hills and explores the fascinating links between sex and identity

By Katherine Wootton
2 February 2016

From The Blog

February 2016 playlist

February 2016 playlist, for your listening pleasure

By Joanna Whitehead
10 February 2016

Weekly round-up and open thread

This week's collection of interesting links from around the web, including everything from Facebook's "motherhood challenge" to the "safe spaces" question

By Lusana Taylor
8 February 2016

Should men have their own gender equality movement?

To kick start our #feMANism season, examining the place of men in modern feminism, Sarah Fletcher makes the case for a separate men's movement


By Guest Blogger
7 February 2016

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