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From the blog Your title here?

If you want to write for us, there are lots of ways you can get involved

By Editor
25 April 2015

From the magazine Flying high with Nightingales

Lissy Lovett finds much to admire in Nightingales, a new take on a Greek myth that deals with rape, revenge and sisterhood

By Lissy Lovett
25 April 2015

From the magazine Branagh's Cinderella: two steps back in glass slippers

Corrina Antrobus hails fabulous performances in new live-action Cinderella but is not quite convinced by Branagh's 'modernisation' of the fairy tale

By Corrina Antrobus
23 April 2015

From The Magazine

Dementia is a feminist issue

Women make up two thirds of the people living with dementia in the UK and a huge proportion of carers looking after those living with dementia, yet policy making doesn't recognise and value them. Nada Savitch speaks to women affected by dementia and calls on young women to change their futures


By Nada Savitch
21 April 2015

Power for good?

Amelia Handy watches the recent BBC documentary about Hillary Clinton and argues that having female leadership means little if that leader's policies work to marginalise women on a national and international level

By Amelia Handy
18 April 2015

Dear White People or what happens when we pin all our hopes to one film

Grace Barber-Plentie enjoys Dear White People but only up to a point

By Grace Barber-Plentie
13 April 2015

From The Blog

Weekly round-up and open thread

This week's collection of interesting links from around the web

By Lusana Taylor
20 April 2015

The cost of free childcare

The Conservatives launched their manifesto yesterday. If they win the election, the party pledges to give parents 30 hours of free childcare. It seems like a great woman friendly policy enabling them to work and have affordable childcare. But I disagree.

By Shiha Kaur
15 April 2015

Has the LibCon coalition kept its promises to women?

Freya Pascall looks back at the 2010 manifestos to find out what's really changed for women

By Guest Blogger
13 April 2015

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