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From the blog Sex, lies and statistics

As the Guardian publishes its British Sex Survey 2014, D H Kelly looks at some unlikely statistics and their influence on women's attitude to their own sexuality

By D H Kelly
30 September 2014

From the magazine Lean in? Be bossy? No: get naked

Sophie Mayer on Sally Potter's new book Naked Cinema, exploring the filmmaker's refreshing take on leadership

By Sophie Mayer
28 September 2014

From the magazine To be a little differently

The Royal Exchange in Manchester has a strong production in Hamlet but the high point for Suzanne Duffy remains Maxine Peake's barnstorming performance as the eponymous character

By Suzanne Duffy
25 September 2014

From The Magazine

Boyhood's girlhood

Reviewing Richard Linklater's unique study of growing up, Sophie Mayer applauds the girlhoods that frame Mason's boyhood

By Sophie Mayer
22 September 2014

Backstage of life: Japan's love hotels

CN Lester praises Love Hotel, a documentary by Phil Cox and Hikaru Toda that beautifully explores the Japanese phenomenon without exploiting its protagonists

By CN Lester
15 September 2014

Girls love gigs too - so let's make them safe

Festivals should mean fun but for women, they have become unsafe spaces. Some festival-goers shared their experiences with Laura Maw, who argues that both organisers and performers need to do more to ensure women's safety

By Laura Maw
9 September 2014

From The Blog

Four inches between friends

Tired of clothes that didn't fit them, D.T. Dragon discovered the joys of tailoring

By D. T. Dragon
30 September 2014

October guest bloggers

October guest bloggers

By Josephine Tsui
30 September 2014

A house of my own

D.T. Dragon laments the apathy the council showed when building adaptations for them in their house

By D. T. Dragon
29 September 2014

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