Maggie and the monarch

New play Handbagged, about the two of the most prominent British women of the 1980s, was written and directed by women and boasts a majority woman cast. Lissy Lovett finds it to be a breath of fresh air

Lissy Lovett // 24 April 2014

Categories: Reviews, Theatre

 Inconspicuous presence behind the camera

Hayley Ellis Jones is charmed by a film portrait of Jane Bown, great photographer of even greater modesty

Hayley Ellis Jones // 23 April 2014

Categories: Films, Reviews

 Under half of a yellow sun

Katherine Wootton admires superb performances in the screen adaptation of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's Orange Prize winning novel but feels the film doesn't quite convey the story's emotional impact and nuances

Katherine Wootton // 9 April 2014

Categories: Films, Reviews

 Birds Eye View documentaries: from Algeria to Pine Ridge

Sophie Mayer reports from press screenings of two BEV documentaries - Narimane Mari's Bloody Beans and Anna Eborn's Pine Ridge

Sophie Mayer // 5 April 2014

Categories: Films, Reviews

 A Man's Game

HBO's latest tour de force, True Detective, is making waves in America, but hits a major road block when it comes to representation of female characters

Kate Bonynge // 26 March 2014

Categories: Reviews, Television

 Crufts versus the beauty pageant

How are beauty pageants like Crufts? Pamela Edwardes thinks that Major Tom provides a compelling comparison

Pamela Edwardes // 23 March 2014

Categories: Plays, Reviews

 Teen angst and "mounting sexual theoretics"

Sara Yasin revists an old childhood favourite, Dawson's Creek

Sara Yasin // 22 March 2014

Categories: Reviews, Television

 All the naked women of Wall Street

Lizzie Ferguson shifts uncomfortably in her seat, drowned by the ocean of naked women spilling from the screen

Lizzie Ferguson // 16 March 2014

Categories: Films, Reviews

 The One to watch

Rachel Gonzalez Boyd thinks The One is a powerful and unsettling study of the disintegration of a modern relationship

Rachel Gonzalez Boyd // 10 March 2014

Categories: Theatre

 It's not about her

Try as she might, Lily Kendall does not detect the spirit of relationship in Spike Jonze's recent cyber romance

Lily Kendall // 10 March 2014

Categories: Films, Reviews

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