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Girls Will Be Girls PBPlaying the gender game

Lusana Taylor reviews Girls will be Girls by Emer O’Toole and admires the author’s playful, honest and often very funny approach to gender

Lusana Taylor // 8 February 2016

Categories: Books, Reviews

the-sex-myth-9781451685787_hrYou are not who you do

Kat Wootton reviews The Sex Myth by Rachel Hills and explores the fascinating links between sex and identity

Katherine Wootton // 2 February 2016

Categories: Books, Reviews

OLYMPICS 2008 BEIJINGBreaking Away: how Nicole Cooke rode to success on her own terms

Liz Smith reviews Nicole Cooke’s autobiography and recognises many of the sexist attitudes still prevalent in cycling

Liz Smith // 7 December 2015

Categories: Books, Reviews

asking_cropNever asking for it

Kat Wootton hails Kate Harding’s new book as an important part of a struggle against rape culture

Katherine Wootton // 2 November 2015

Categories: Books, Reviews

Gloria Steinem_author photo (c) Annie Leibovitz featuredA life well lived

Lissy Lovett finds a lot to appreciate in Gloria Steinem’s new book

Lissy Lovett // 29 October 2015

Categories: Books, Reviews

Una iiiOvercoming adversity, becoming brilliant

Joanna Whitehead discusses artistic technique, male violence and slut shaming with Una, author of the new graphic novel Becoming, Unbecoming

Joanna Whitehead // 26 October 2015

Categories: Books, Features, Interviews, Reviews

Asking For It FI copyIs this the most important book of 2015?

Consent and victim-blaming in the age of the smartphone: we should all be talking about Louise O'Neill's Asking For It, says Gemma Fraser

Gemma Fraser // 3 September 2015

Categories: Books, Reviews, Uncategorized

ArtofAskingsquarePlenty of art… but where’s the asking?

Amanda Palmer’s The Art of Asking is emotional and inspiring, but when it comes to the big questions she misses the mark, says Ashley Cook

Ashley Cook // 28 August 2015

Categories: Books, Reviews, Uncategorized

Bridget Christie squareA Book For Her: ridiculing the sacred

Nick Beard finds sharp humour, brutal honesty and a fine introduction to the power of feminist comedy in award-winning stand-up Bridget Christie's first book

Nick Beard // 17 August 2015

Categories: Books, Reviews

Only Ever Yours cover squareBe good. Be pretty. Be chosen

As a new adult edition of Louise O'Neill's dystopian debut hits the bookshops, Gemma Fraser explains why every feminist should pick up a copy of Only Ever Yours

Gemma Fraser // 8 July 2015

Categories: Books, Reviews

WMN-discussion-flyerWomen talk about making noise

The music women make when left to their own devices is often sidelined. Julia Downes, editor of 2012's Women Make Noise, previews an upcoming discussion in Sheffield on 16 October about DIY feminist efforts to counter this

Julia Downes // 13 October 2014

Categories: Books, Events, Music, Reviews

naked-cinema2Lean in? Be bossy? No: get naked

Sophie Mayer on Sally Potter's new book Naked Cinema, exploring the filmmaker's refreshing take on leadership

Sophie Mayer // 28 September 2014

Categories: Books

wavesAll at sea

Sophie Mayer is swept away by Drift, Caroline Bergvall's latest poetry collection

Sophie Mayer // 26 August 2014

Categories: Books, Spoken Word

Celluloid_ceiling_coverUnder and through the celluloid ceiling

Sophie Mayer finds recent collection of essays on women's cinema a mixed bag but a powerful tool nevertheless

Sophie Mayer // 3 July 2014

Categories: Books, Reviews

lily-la-tigresseUnleashing the chick-lit tiger

Aniqah Choudhri reviews a very different kind of novel targeted at young women - one inspired by Angela Carter and horror films

Aniqah Choudhri // 16 February 2014

Categories: Books

DARKROOTS_300dpi_titlecoverShort is beautiful

In our series rounding up our reviewers' favourites of 2013, Hayley Ellis Jones focuses on the best short fiction she's read this year

Hayley Ellis Jones // 20 January 2014

Categories: Books

the-end-of-the-wasp-seasonFierce or formulaic?

As part of our series previewing our reviewers' favourites of 2013, Holly Millar reviews The End Of The Wasp Season, by Denise Mina, and concludes that this is a very special type of 'lady copper'

Holly Millar // 12 January 2014

Categories: Books

n282558Alternate histories and alien textures

Jolene Tan rounds up the best science fiction and fantasy she has read in 2013 - from novels to short stories

Jolene Tan // 15 December 2013

Categories: Books

the-tattooistA subtle story of sadism

Katherine Williams is intrigued by The Tattooist by Louise Black, a sinister insight into a controlling, cruel obsessive

Katherine Williams // 8 December 2013

Categories: Books, Reviews

poison-220x339Fantastical stories and feminist stereotypes

Laura Buttrick steps into a world of feminist fantasy fiction - and looks at the cliches that just won't disappear

Laura Buttrick // 30 November 2013

Categories: Books, Reviews

a_l_kennedy_main_1958699fThe novel that narrates itself

Louise Crichton reviews AL Kennedy's compelling story about the mediums who trade on the hope of contacting the hereafter, The Blue Book, in which the book itself is a character

Louise Crichton // 8 November 2013

Categories: Books

Tori-in-articleTori and the women who love her: feminism in action?

The iconic Tori Amos and her devoted followers do not fit the stereotypical view of women's place in music. But what about the women who just crave a good tune? Louise Allan takes a critical look at US scholar Adrienne Trier-Bienieck's recent book about Amos fans and argues that there are a variety of female music lovers out there doing their own thing who cannot all be categorised by "women's issues"

Louise Allan // 21 October 2013

Categories: Books, Music, Reviews

Cover-of-My-Education-by-Susan-ChoiPast shirts and skin

My Education by Susan Choi addresses love and lust in the life of a graduate student. Katherine Wootton finds it gripping

Katherine Wootton // 10 August 2013

Categories: Books, Reviews

Xiaolu-Guo-at-the-Cines-del-Sur-Granada-film-festivalTo turn the body: a look at Xiaolu Guo

M. Lý-Eliot looks at the work of this exciting young novelist and her exploration of the themes of isolation, education and revolution

M. Ly-Eliot // 2 August 2013

Categories: Books, Reviews

Cover-of-Dirty-Work-by-Gabriel-WestonA compassionate brute

Dirty Work by Gabriel Weston investigates the difficult life of an abortion provider. Katherine Williams finds it complex and compelling

Katherine Williams // 25 July 2013

Categories: Books, Reviews

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