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 Beyond the jokes

This Comedian is a ten year retrospective of Idil Sukan's work in comedy photography. Hannah Dormor finds its insight into identity dazzling

Hannah Dormor // 2 March 2015

Categories: Art, Comedy, Reviews

 Building towards something different

Itala Attieh finds Shurooq Amin's new exhibition We'll Build This City on Art and Love provocative and powerful, as it explores and challenges the position of women in Kuwait and the wider Middle East

Itala Attieh // 7 January 2015

Categories: Art, Reviews

 An incomplete history of women and art

Annie Kevans' portraits of women artists show at the Fine Art Society is just a little too nice for Pamela Edwardes

Pamela Edwardes // 6 June 2014

Categories: Art

 Putting the pieces together

A new exhibition of Hannah Höch's work enchants Nerys Mathias

Nerys Mathias // 16 February 2014

Categories: Art, Reviews

 The many moods of motherhood

At an exhibition of photography centred on motherhood, Philippa Dunjay finds much to consider as different artists portray hopes, fears, misfortunes, joys, trials and questions of maternity

Philippa Dunjay // 16 November 2013

Categories: Art, Reviews

 The joys of sex

At the British Museum's shunga exhibition, Sarah Jackson discovers that the fantasy world of Japanese erotic art has a more relatable sense of fun than modern pornography

Sarah Jackson // 4 November 2013

Categories: Art, Reviews

 Zen and the art of rubbish bin maintenance

Is this a clever twist on daily chores or is it class pornography? Britain's first solo exhibition of Mierle Laderman Ukeles' earlier work makes an uncertain impression on Abbi Davey

Abbi Davey // 16 October 2013

Categories: Art, Reviews

 Getting dirty with Earthy

Malise Rosbech attended Earthy with high hopes but found this "ecosexual bootcamp" lacking in direction or coherence

Malise Rosbech // 4 August 2013

Categories: Art, Reviews

 An end and a new beginning?

Jennifer Patterson considers what two exhibitions of works by female artists indicate about the art world for women today

Jennifer Patterson // 18 June 2013

Categories: Art, Reviews

 From street to canvas

For Lara Tutton, Deedee Cheriel's first London solo exhibition exceeds the hype with a fascinating interplay of colours, motifs and creatures amid a liberating landscape

Lara Tutton // 15 May 2013

Categories: Art, Reviews

 The art of performance

Lara Tutton finds Sheila Ghelani's Rat Rose Bird a fascinating and liberating piece of performance art

Lara Tutton // 8 May 2013

Categories: Art, Reviews

 No interaction at Silver Action

Although Shoshana Davidson looked forward to participating in Silver Action, an artwork involving the discussions of older feminists, she was disappointed by unexpected restrictions and lack of engagement

Shoshana Davidson // 6 February 2013

Categories: Art, Reviews

 Focusing on women

A new photography exhibition attempts to highlight the roles of women and society's messages to them. Shoshana Davidson finds Dorothy Bohm's work is sadly spot on

Shoshana Davidson // 11 December 2012

Categories: Art, Reviews

 Why Feminist Art matters now

In their interview with Judy Chicago, Andrea Berryman and Jennifer Patterson ask the artist about the continuing prevalence of sexism, the sexual politics of her internationally influential, revolutionary art and her definition of feminism

Various Authors // 30 November 2012

Categories: Art, Reviews

 It's just the beginning

Greta Hughson discovers an art award she can really get enthusiastic about, with an event that supports women in contact with the criminal justice system

Greta Hughson // 1 October 2012

Categories: Art, Reviews

 Oh no, Yoko

A collection of Yoko Ono's work is showing at The Serpentine Gallery. Joanne Matthews found TO THE LIGHT too light

Joanne Matthews // 11 August 2012

Categories: Art, Reviews

 All in a day's work

With a massive five gallery takeover of the Arnolfini in Bristol, Olivia Plender has certainly been industrious, but Tom Denbigh questions whether her message always comes across clearly

Tom Denbigh // 4 August 2012

Categories: Art, Reviews

 From the margins to the mainstream

The Tate Modern is focused on modern art, yet it has become a British establishment. However, its latest move is bold and women-focused. Caitlin Hayward-Tapp visits the press opening of The Tanks, a permanent space to come and see performance art and installations

Caitlin Hayward-Tapp // 31 July 2012

Categories: Art

 By the sea, beneath the sea

Tracey Emin's major solo exhibition at the Turner Contemporary brings her back to the town of her childhood. Joanne Matthews appreciates the setting, but isn't so sure about the art

Joanne Matthews // 18 July 2012

Categories: Art

 Her Noise: women creative workers and musicians exhibit and talk at Tate Modern

The Her Noise theme began as a 2001 curatorial project focused on gender imbalance in sonic art. In 2012, Tate Modern hosts the Her Noise Symposium: a day of discussion and art focused on topics such as women's voices and varied uses of technology. Joanne Matthews reports

Joanne Matthews // 19 May 2012

Categories: Art, Music, Reviews

 The Fearless Frame: Barbara Hammer at Tate Modern

Sophie Mayer hugs, shares, learns and grows with Barbara Hammer's Active Cinema during the latter's retrospective at Tate Modern in London

Sophie Mayer // 19 February 2012

Categories: Art, Events, Films, Reviews

 From riots to riot grrrl: Heavens to Betsy revisited

Are you a fan of Heavens to Betsy or riot grrrl? Artist Katie Hare has put together a sound and video installation based on the seminal band's 1993 album Calculated, to appear in London on 14-16 October. Cazz Blase reports

Cazz Blase // 5 October 2011

Categories: Art, Reviews

 A family portrait, without sentimentality

Alice Neel's portraits of pregnant women, mothers and children, undercut the romanticisation of motherhood, argues Sarah Blake

Sarah Blake // 25 September 2010

Categories: Art

 Quilts at the V&A

An exhibition at the Victoria & Albert museum puts the spotlight on quilting, and by extension on the unsung domestic history of women, says Tamasine Pottle

Tamasine Pottle // 19 May 2010

Categories: Art

Women artists and Surrealism

Women have largely been painted out of popular understandings of the Surrealist movement. Susan Gilbert reviews a Manchester Art Gallery exhibition which showcased some of these ignored works

Sue Gilbert // 11 May 2010

Categories: Art

 Demystifying the 'feminine'

Seven artists explore femininity and domesticity in At Home at the Rollo Gallery. Itala Attieh has more

Itala Attieh // 12 April 2010

Categories: Art

 Women's art in Paris: elles@centrepompidou

Susan Gilbert takes us on a tour of the Pompidou Centre's groundbreaking rehanging of its collection to showcase the last 100 years of art through work by women

Sue Gilbert // 17 December 2009

Categories: Art

Mysteries of the Iconographies

Artist Carolee Schneemann may be best-known for 'Interior Scroll', in which she read from a scroll she extracted from her vagina. But, at 70, her influence stretches far beyond that one famous performance piece. Kaite Welsh attended her recent lecture at the Tate Liverpool

Kaite Welsh // 4 October 2009

Categories: Art

 Sexuality and sainthood

Cranach painted Venus to titillate Luther's contemporaries and chaste virgins aimed at keeping women in check, argues Itala Atteih

Itala Attieh // 8 May 2008

Categories: Art

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