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 "Protecting the life of my child"

D H Kelly has a look at Louis Theroux's recent documentary, focused on the experiences of transgender children and their parents, and considers whether the programmme does justice to their stories

D H Kelly // 26 April 2015

Categories: Reviews, Television

 Power for good?

Amelia Handy watches the recent BBC documentary about Hillary Clinton and argues that having female leadership means little if that leader's policies work to marginalise women on a national and international level

Amelia Handy // 18 April 2015

Categories: Reviews, Television

 The leader of the pack?

Dawn Kofie reports on the antics in Raised By Wolves so far and finds the show warm-hearted and often funny, although sometimes a little thin on plot

Dawn Kofie // 10 April 2015

Categories: Reviews, Television

 A Stella performance

Agata Ostrowska watches crime drama The Fall and is impressed by the staunchly feminist approach of the show's protagonist and her portrayal by Gillian Anderson

Agata Ostrowska // 3 April 2015

Categories: Reviews, Television

 "I haven't been serious about anything since 1918"

Iona Sharma revels in the feminist joy of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

Iona Sharma // 24 March 2015

Categories: Reviews, Television

 Indian women are not the world's daughters

Asiya Islam finds India's Daughter, The BBC documentary on the 2012 gang rape in Delhi, neither educational nor challenging and suggests we question its purpose

Asiya Islam // 12 March 2015

Categories: Reviews, Television

 Bold Berthaud

Dawn Kofie appreciates Laure Berthaud, Spiral's "feminist anti-hero" who isn't afraid to bend the rules, but is disappointed by the predictability of some of the character's personal choices

Dawn Kofie // 11 March 2015

Categories: Reviews, Television

 Leave me alone

What role does gender inequality play in how we approach issues of privacy and autonomy? D H Kelly follows Gemma Varnom's Black Mirror review with an examination of the blocking theme in the show's most recent episode

D H Kelly // 26 February 2015

Categories: Reviews, Television

 Not such a disaster after all

Dawn Kofie finds a refreshing lack of game playing between the characters at the centre of Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney's Catastrophe

Dawn Kofie // 24 February 2015

Categories: Reviews, Television

 "And you just watched"

Gemma Varnom takes a second glance at Black Mirror's '15 Million Merits' and 'White Bear' episodes and wonders if we are inching ever closer to the horrifying and oppressive society they depict

Gemma Varnom // 7 February 2015

Categories: Reviews, Television

 Panel shows: the numbers don't add up

Emily Hoyle reports on the slow progress made regarding women's representation on TV panel shows generally, nearly a year after the BBC acted on recommendations to boost women's presence on screen

Emily Hoyle // 10 January 2015

Categories: Features, Television

 The I-word strikes again

Channel 4 describes Viktoria Modesta as "inspiring, unique and very hot" with "a difference that sets her apart from the idealised form of a pop artist". Gemma Varnom asks, can a disabled performer only be noticed or valued if her performance centres on her apparent otherness?

Gemma Varnom // 19 December 2014

Categories: Music, Reviews, Television

 Finally, the girls are centre stage

Kate Bonynge looks at the third series of BBC3's Some Girls, a comedy about three 18 year olds that marks a change from the male dominated programmes we've come to expect

Kate Bonynge // 16 December 2014

Categories: Reviews, Television

 "All taboos feel dangerous until they're broken"

Ailsa Bristow looks at the second season of Masters of Sex and finds an approach to sexual awareness that is unashamedly political and unafraid of challenging viewers

Ailsa Bristow // 13 November 2014

Categories: Reviews, Television

 Girls: meet your punk foremothers

Stephanie Phillips enjoys rare footage on The Culture Show's Girls Will be Girls episode but is left wanting more than talk of fashion, women's sex appeal and lingering concerns over the survival of the female punk spirit

Stephanie Phillips // 6 July 2014

Categories: Music, Reviews, Television

 One step forward, two steps behind

Following on from Sara Yasin's retrospective look back at Dawson's Creek, Melissa Dunne revisits The X-Files and discovers a few feminist sticking points

Melissa Dunne // 18 May 2014

Categories: Reviews, Television

 A Man's Game

HBO's latest tour de force, True Detective, is making waves in America, but hits a major road block when it comes to representation of female characters

Kate Bonynge // 26 March 2014

Categories: Reviews, Television

 Teen angst and "mounting sexual theoretics"

Sara Yasin revists an old childhood favourite, Dawson's Creek

Sara Yasin // 22 March 2014

Categories: Reviews, Television

 Living Dolls: a distortion of womanhood?

Emily Hoyle watches a recent Channel 4 documentary, shown this week on More 4, about men who engage in 'female masking' and suggests some of their attitudes may leave much to be desired by viewers who identify and live as women

Emily Hoyle // 20 February 2014

Categories: Reviews, Television

 A fantasy of female subjugation

Some female characters can survive in the patriarchal world of Game of Thrones but that doesn't make it feminist, contends Rebekah Owens

Rebekah Owens // 27 December 2013

Categories: Reviews, Television

 In praise of Leslie Knope: feminism and small-town politics

While certainly not perfect in its treatment of minority groups, US sitcom Parks and Recreation also gets a lot right, argues Iona Sharma

Iona Sharma // 24 December 2013

Categories: Reviews, Television

 Who us?

Feminist fans celebrate 50 years of Doctor Who in this group piece wrangled by Whovian and F-Word Comedy Section Editor Chella Quint

Chella Quint // 23 November 2013

Categories: Features, Television

 Me, myself and more

Ailsa Bristow watches Canadian sci-fi cloning drama, Orphan Black and finds a striking affirmation of the feminist adage "biology isn't destiny"

Ailsa Bristow // 18 October 2013

Categories: Reviews, Television

 The new feminist thing?

US women's prison drama, Orange is the New Black, tells the story of a woman imprisoned for transporting drug money. The show has been has been tentatively praised for its representation of a range of female characters. Lola Ripley watches and finds the strong and prevailing message that we are all just one choice away from losing our liberty, particularly those without safety nets

Lola Ripley // 11 October 2013

Categories: Reviews, Television

 How I met your feminists

US sitcom How I Met Your Mother is now approaching its ninth and final series. Levi Grayshon considers the representation of women on the show and finds that, while the central female characters are sometimes shown in a more positive and feminist light than on other popular sitcoms, the treatment of women overall is problematic at best

Levi Grayshon // 8 September 2013

Categories: Reviews, Television

 Brainiac: privilege abuse?

Physics undergraduate Katie Masters looks back at noughties science show Brainiac and finds a limited and alienating portrayal of women in the programme that does nothing to help our underrepresentation in science

Katie Masters // 4 September 2013

Categories: Reviews, Television

 The Millionaire Matchmaker: the unravelling of feminism?

What retrogressive messages does the formula of this sexist dating show put out to the modern woman? Laura Clancy watches and finds it's as if feminism never happened

Laura Clancy // 7 August 2013

Categories: Reviews, Television

 9021-oh: The harsh truth about victim-blaming in US schools?

With its fifth and final series currently showing on E4 in the UK, the US fictional teen drama 90210 has tackled some familiar issues affecting young people. Robyn Harris goes back to series' two and three to examine two storylines where female characters experience abuse and is disappointed to find the show ultimately doing very little to help dispel victim blaming

Robyn Harris // 1 August 2013

Categories: Reviews, Television

 A slug in her house

Beth Startin reflects on the ITV drama Broadchurch and finds an important message on abuse that subtly thwarts the conventional assumption that women whose partners have committed terrible crimes should have known what was going on

Beth Startin // 29 July 2013

Categories: Reviews, Television

 Man v. Food: backlash or banter?

Amy Calvert finds plenty of macho propaganda and some unfortunate portrayals of women when she examines a reality television series following a man's attempts to conquer super-sized food challenges

Amy Calvert // 26 July 2013

Categories: Reviews, Television

 India's Western problem

The BBC's recent India: A Dangerous Place to Be a Woman documentary follows a familiar pattern when it comes to Western reporting on violence against women in India says Asiya Islam

Asiya Islam // 20 July 2013

Categories: Reviews, Television

 The menace of Karl Munro

Coronation Street character Stella has taken back her deceitful partner Karl after being rescued by him from a fire that, unknown to her, he actually started. Gemma Elliott, of the Tumblr blog Feminist Coronation Street, considers Karl's new hero status and the power it has given him over Stella

Gemma Elliott // 9 July 2013

Categories: Reviews, Television

 Teen public property

Farrah Abraham of the MTV reality television series Teen Mom has attracted plenty of salacious media gossip and slut shaming. Chrissy D explores the cultural landscape behind the programme and the hype surrounding her recent sex tape

Chrissy D // 25 June 2013

Categories: Reviews, Television

 Emily Wilding Davison: 100 years on

Catherine Elms watches Clare Balding's Secrets of a Suffragette, a documentary looking at some of the history behind the movement and the events surrounding the death of one of its most well-known figures

Catherine Elms // 6 June 2013

Categories: Reviews, Television

 Blood and guts and liberty

A play about women working in a meat market enchants Shoshana Davidson, who finds the message compelling and the story-telling excellent

Shoshana Davidson // 16 May 2013

Categories: Reviews, Television

 Clara who?

Lucy Pegg explores whether Clara looks set to follow a similar traditional trajectory to other companions on Steven Moffat's Doctor Who. Will she fulfil the role of "strong character, female" Hope Dinsdale highlighted when she wrote about women on the programme back in 2011?

Lucy Pegg // 3 May 2013

Categories: Reviews, Television

 The women they are: engaging with feminist ideas through women's different battles

If telling women's stories is, in itself, a feminist act then Call The Midwife qualifies in spades. Iona Sharma reflects on the second series

Iona Sharma // 30 April 2013

Categories: Reviews, Television

 A country mile ahead

The potential for conflict in Nashville has been seized on by critics but there is much more to the show than warring women and Southern stereotypes, says Sophie Mayer

Sophie Mayer // 3 April 2013

Categories: Television

 Do women dream of electric sheep? Delia Derbyshire and the women of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop

Delia Derbyshire has enjoyed a resurgence of recognition in the past decade and has taken her well-deserved place as one of the founders of modern electronic music. But she was hardly the only woman to work at the BBC's Radiophonic Workshop. Michelle Drury takes us on a journey through the history of the Workshop and pays tribute to the women who passed through the Maida Vale studios

Michelle Drury // 28 October 2012

Categories: Culture and Media, Features, Herstory, Music, Stereotypes, Television, Work and Play, radio

 Call the Midwife: Another kind of nostalgia

Call the Midwife, a historical drama about childbirth set in 1950s London, was an unexpected ratings smash last winter. It's currently being repeated on Thursdays on BBC1. Emily Kenway examines its success as a mainstream drama with an, almost exclusively, female cast

Emily Kenway // 22 June 2012

Categories: Television

 Sherlock's Victorian values

With his Star Trek villainy keeping Benedict Cumberbatch occupied for the foreseeable future, Sherlock fans might have quite a wait ahead of them before the gangly super-sleuth returns for a third series. Meanwhile, here's Helen-Rose Owen to take stock of the show from a feminist perspective.

Helen-Rose Owen // 11 April 2012

Categories: Television

 Happily ever after?: The state of the TV dating show

Take Me Out has recently returned for a second series on ITV. Danielle Almond wondered what this latest incarnation of the prime time dating show had to say about mainstream ideas of gender roles

Danielle Almond // 28 March 2012

Categories: Television

 The manic pixie dreamgirl grows up

Hit US sitcom New Girl arrived on British TV screens in January. The 'girl' is freshly heartbroken Jess (Zooey Deschanel), who finds herself sharing a house with three men. Emily Kenway and Kaite Welsh watched the first episode, to see how the show fared from a feminist perspective

Various Authors // 9 February 2012

Categories: Television

 All the TARDIS Ladies

Before you settle down to digest your Christmas Dinner with the Doctor Who Special, you might like to consider how the show treats its female characters. Hope Dinsdale investigates

Hope Dinsdale // 22 December 2011

Categories: Television

 Game of Thrones

Elaine O'Neill explain why HBO's new swords and sorcery epic isn't just a man's game

Elaine O'Neill // 22 July 2011

Categories: Reviews, Television

 Wigs, lipstick and alcohol: review of the BBC's Silk

Although it may be a gripping courtroom drama, Abby O'Reilly argues that Silk fails to reflect the true status of women in the legal profession

Abby O'Reilly // 27 March 2011

Categories: Television

Spitfire Women

Chloë Emmott reviews a TV documentary which casts light on the women who flew fighter planes in World War II

Chloe Emmott // 25 October 2010

Categories: Television


This three-part BBC documentary has many interesting moments, say Charlotte Cooper and Jess McCabe. However, the series fails to adequately represent women of colour's involvement in feminism and conceives of the family through a heteronormative lens

Various Authors // 8 March 2010

Categories: Television

 Baby Beauty Queens

Eleanor M. reviews a BBC3 documentary about a beauty pageant for pre-teen girls

Eleanor M. // 4 August 2009

Categories: Television

 Miss Naked Beauty UK: more degrading than Miss World?

Laura Doherty reviews a show that promised to fight impossible beauty standards, but fell into all the same traps as a beauty paegent

Laura Doherty // 13 March 2009

Categories: Television

Embarrassing Teenage Bodies advocates cosmetic labiaplasty

Channel 4's series Embarrassing Teenage Bodies is meant to reassure young people. But an episode which saw doctors perform labiaplasty on a 19-year-old achieved exactly the opposite effect, argues Bellavita

Bellavita // 10 February 2009

Categories: Television

 Sex and the Substitutes

Alice Lawlor reviews some of 2008's Sex and the City copycats

Alice Lawlor // 18 January 2009

Categories: Television

The Virgin Daughters

Black-tie dances during which six-year-old girls promise their fathers to abstain from sex until marriage? A documentary about 'purity' balls in the United States horrifies Dawn Kofie

Dawn Kofie // 2 November 2008

Categories: Television

The Perfect Vagina

Cutting away at your labia sounds extreme, but more and more women are going under the surgeon's knife. Amy Clare reports on a Channel 4 documentary which attempted to shine a light on why this is happening

Amy Clare // 10 September 2008

Categories: Television

What not to watch

A recent episode of Trinny and Susannah's latest makeover show suggested that women choose to work in supermarkets to hide in the frumpy uniforms. Alexandra M Kokoli reports

Alexandra M Kokoli // 1 January 2008

Categories: Television

How to Look Good Naked

How to Look Good Naked is a make-over show with a noble purpose - to make women feel good about themselves, argues Dawn Kofie

Dawn Kofie // 6 December 2007

Categories: Television

Loose Women

Loose Women portrays itself as feisty television fun, argues Dawn Kofie, but it patronises the female viewing public

Dawn Kofie // 2 June 2007

Categories: Television

WAG do you want to be when you grow up?

In WAG Boutique, Josefin Skullbacka finds a group of women all-too-willing to define themselves as the wives and girlfriends of footballers

Josefin Skullbacka // 29 March 2007

Categories: Television

Smelling of Roses?

Tampax present their scented tampons as 'natural', associating them with flowers. But Clare Burgess argues that advertising for menstrual products merely exploits and contributes to women's insecurities about periods and their bodies.

Clare Burgess // 11 September 2006

Categories: Products, Television

'Men Are Back' - but where did they go?

Sheryl Plant ponders two recent advertising campaigns from McDonalds and Peugeot 407 which portray a world dominated by women.

Sheryl Plant // 4 March 2006

Categories: Television

Make Me Perfect

Helen Reeves is shocked at Make Me Perfect: a programme that encourages women with low self esteem to comply with mainstream sexist views on beauty rather than question them.

Helen Reeves // 11 February 2006

Categories: Television

Desperate Housewives

Jo Knowles argues that the suspiciously popular Desperate Housewives is no Sex and the City.

Jo Knowles // 19 June 2005

Categories: Television

FHM Music Channel

FHM has launched its own music channel and intrepid Natalie Smith finds a common theme in the videos. (Can you guess what it is yet)?

Natalie Smith // 17 June 2005

Categories: Music, Television

The Apprentice

How come the female contestants for the job of Apprentice were so disappointing? Lorraine Smith pins her hopes on series two.

Lorraine Smith // 10 June 2005

Categories: Television

Make Me a Perfect Wife

Victoria sponge cakes and female submission do not a happy home make. Ealasaid Gilfillan reviews Channel 4's dubious TV series "Make Me a Perfect Wife".

Ealasaid Gilfillan // 5 November 2004

Categories: Television

Pictures Are Not Everything: A Response to 'My Foetus'

Ellery responds to Julia Black's documentary 'My Foetus', which used images of aborted foetuses and was the first to screen footage of an abortion taking place. She ponders the use of imagery and pictures in the abortion debate.

Ellery // 1 June 2004

Categories: Television

If... Women Ruled the World (review 2)

The BBC 'disaster' series If... included a programme called If... Women Ruled the World which attempted to predict gender relations in 2020. Did it make a valid point, or was it just an extended version of the old Harry Enfield 'Women: know your limits!' sketch? Reviewed by Jennifer Drew

Jennifer Drew // 20 April 2004

Categories: Television

If... Women Ruled the World (review 1)

The BBC 'disaster' series If... included a programme called If... Women Ruled the World which attempted to predict gender relations in 2020. Did it make a valid point, or was it just an extended version of the old Harry Enfield 'Women: know your limits!' sketch? Reviewed by Meera Palia

Meera Palia // 20 April 2004

Categories: Television


An investigation into gender inequality in the workplace? Hardly, says Lorraine Smith

Lorraine Smith // 20 December 2003

Categories: Television

Watching the Detectives

Beth Anderson recounts the story told in a documentary about one rape case, and wonders how we can improve the legal system.

Beth Anderson // 20 September 2003

Categories: Television

Not all girls (want to) go to Fendi paradise

In a recent Sunday Times article, Naomi Wolf joined the ranks of those claiming Sex and City is a ground-breaking neo-feminist epic. Alexandra Kokoli discusses Wolf's article and questions whether all that shoe shopping is really as liberating as it appears to be.

Alexandra M Kokoli // 20 August 2003

Categories: Television

More Sex Tips for Girls

Lorraine Smith explains why she can't help cringing with embarassment when she watches Channel 4's "More Sex Tips For Girls".

Lorraine Smith // 20 July 2003

Categories: Television

This is Rockbitch

Lorraine Smith watched channel five's "This is Rockbitch" documentary, but is she any wiser about the radical sex-collective rockers?

Lorraine Smith // 16 May 2003

Categories: Music, Television


How does 24 portray powerful women - and what's with the blonde/brunette thing anyway, wonders Lorraine Smith?

Lorraine Smith // 16 March 2003

Categories: Television

Hairy Women

Lindsay finds a documentary on "Hairy Women" infuriating

Lindsay // 16 March 2003

Categories: Television

Wife Swap

Natasha Forrest wonders if she was the only one shocked by the attitudes portrayed on Channel 4's controversial "Wife Swap"

Natasha Forrest // 16 February 2003

Categories: Television

You're a 44-year old man: the Michael Jackson Interview

Catherine Redfern argues that the Michael Jackson interview raises questions about what is considered "normal" behaviour for men and women.

Catherine Redfern // 16 February 2003

Categories: Television

Not for Girls? The Yorkie and Echo Adverts

Catherine Redfern looks at the crazy world of chocolate advertising.

Catherine Redfern // 16 May 2002

Categories: Television

Model Behaviour

Michelle Jenkin ponders on the possible effects of Model Behaviour.

Michelle Jenkin // 16 April 2002

Categories: Television

Pop Idol

Natasha Forrest explains how Pop Idol demonstrated a fear of women's sexuality.

Natasha Forrest // 16 March 2002

Categories: Television

First episode of Star Trek: Enterprise

Catherine Redfern comments on the first episode of the new Star Trek series.

Catherine Redfern // 16 January 2002

Categories: Television

Ally McBeal

Natasha Forrest explains what really annoys her about Ally McBeal...

Natasha Forrest // 16 December 2001

Categories: Television


Porn is cool, isn't it? It's just a little harmless fun, yeah?

Catherine Redfern // 16 April 2001

Categories: Television

As If

Does this show have the coolest woman on British TV right now?

Catherine Redfern // 16 March 2001

Categories: Television


MTV's animated sarcasm fest.

Catherine Redfern // 16 March 2001

Categories: Television

Boy Meets Girl

Serious documentary or just an excuse to see men in bras?

Catherine Redfern // 16 March 2001

Categories: Television

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