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From the blog How parents oppress their mixed race children

Our monthly guest blogger Nicola points out that mixed race children can face oppression from their monoracial parents, who shouldn't claim expertise around being mixed race

By Nicola
20 July 2016

From the magazine I'm Getting My Act Together, Jermyn Street Theatresuare Empowered women and unenlightened men

Rita Suszek enjoys a musical history lesson about the second wave of feminism

By Rita Suszek
21 July 2016

From the magazine Couple on street sq The wrong kind of victim

Following the coverage of the Stanford university rape case, an anonymous contributor discusses her own experiences of sexual assault and the difficulties she faced when identifying herself as a victim of rape


By Guest Blogger
19 July 2016

From The Magazine

Unsexy women: Love, sex and marginalised bodies

In a culture which categorises some groups of women as unattractive, D H Kelly explores how this has an effect far beyond whether or not we find love or get laid


By D H Kelly
8 July 2016

From Serena Williams to Sonita Alizadeh: women in docs at Sheffield Doc/Fest 2016

Ania Ostrowska looks at women on screen and behind the camera at the recent Sheffield Doc/Fest, the UK’s biggest documentary festival

By Ania Ostrowska
8 July 2016

Diversity of women’s voices at the Chinese Visual Festival

Orlagh Watson Hong chats to the festival’s curator Xie Jingjing and filmmaker Yang Lina who both offer insights into Chinese women in film and on screen

By Orlagh Watson Hong
5 July 2016

From The Blog

Ghostbusters reboot answers the call

Corrina Antrobus of Bechdel Test Fest hails all-women Ghostbusters as perfect summer blockbuster

By Corrina Antrobus
19 July 2016

Weekly round-up and open thread

This week's collection of interesting links from around the web, chosen by the F-Word team

By Lusana Taylor
18 July 2016

The F-Word stage blog: July 2016

The F-Word's round-up of what's happening in the world of comedy and theatre in July

By Lissy Lovett
15 July 2016

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