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From the blog Mother and daughter Stop telling me my post-baby body is ‘brave’

Women don’t need to be told that we’re brave for existing in our bodies after giving birth, writes Laura Cooke

By Guest Blogger
14 December 2017

From the magazine Four funny femmes

Four Femmes on the Thames’ show hits the mark for Rhian Evans with its ability to shout from the rooftops about ‘unladylike’ subjects and female taboos with wit and class

By Rhian Evans
13 December 2017

From the magazine Brown girl freedom

Despite being grown women, Sabah Jalal laments the lack of freedom she and her brown sisters face

By Sabah Jalal
12 December 2017

From The Magazine

War stories

Huma Munshi is viscerally moved by the depiction of the effects of war in a new play at the Royal Court in London

By Huma Munshi
6 December 2017

Making music outside the mainstream

Punk, singer-songwriter and academic Helen McCookerybook talks to her former student and award winning British/Polish singer Katy Carr about song writing, blackbirds, Eric Ravilious and why a loaf of bread is not just a loaf of bread. Jane L North is on hand to observe

By Jane North
3 December 2017

Why are bisexual TV characters such complete jerks?

Bisexual characters remain rare on our TV screens, but D H Kelly notices that when they do appear, they are overwhelmingly sketchy and occasionally villainous

By D H Kelly
29 November 2017

From The Blog

Ending exploitation of migrant women starts with a fair wage

A woman's immigration status should not be something which businesses and governments use as a way to maintain cheap labour, writes Nicholl Hardwick

By Nicholl Hardwick
13 December 2017

Weekly round-up and open thread

This week's selection of interesting links from around the web chosen by the F-Word team

By Lusana Taylor
11 December 2017

Pregnancy should be about birth, not body hair

There’s enough pressure on pregnant women to have the perfect birth without the worry of ‘embarrassing’ body hair, writes Laura Cooke

By Guest Blogger
9 December 2017

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