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From the blog The comic strip: Feminist relationships

Cartoonist-in-residence, Silvia Carrus, depicts some of the pitfalls of heterosexual partnerings

By Guest Blogger
28 May 2017

From the magazine The secret lives of white middle class America

Nick Beard is impressed with the nuanced way in which Big Little Lies deals with domestic violence and the emotional aftermath of rape

By Nick Beard
24 May 2017

From the magazine A story that breaks the skin

Hannah Atkinson reviews Meena Kandasamy’s When I Hit You and finds it a heart-breaking and stunningly realistic portrayal of one woman’s experience of an abusive relationship

By Hannah Atkinson
22 May 2017

From The Magazine

Dance meets digital

Lissy Lovett admires new installation Virgin Territory but does not quite agree with its viewpoint

By Lissy Lovett
18 May 2017

Femininity, sexuality and technicolour magic

Becky Kukla thinks that The Love Witch’s kitsch and technicolour style and insightful view of sexuality, feminism and gender in our world today make the film an instant classic

By Becky Kukla
17 May 2017

Two women speak

No Place for a Woman’s treatment of mental health strikes a chord with Samuel Sims

By Samuel Sims
16 May 2017

From The Blog

The (anti)feminist teachers in popular media

Our monthly guest blogger, Madeleine Pownall, worries about what the portrayal of women in popular media is teaching us about gender and sexuality

By Guest Blogger
27 May 2017

The rise and rise of lad culture on campus

Chloe Price is alarmed by the increasing misogyny and sexist attitudes of male students, and calls for urgent action to make women safer at university

By Guest Blogger
24 May 2017

It’s time to talk about endometriosis

Healthcare and medicine may be improving rapidly, but why do women still face a barrier of shame in the doctor’s office? Asks Emily Chudy


By Guest Blogger
23 May 2017

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