Equality Quiz

So, we're equal now are we? No need for feminism anymore? You sure? Well, find out how equal men and women are by playing this quiz and see how clued up you are.

, 16 May 2001

1. It has been 30 years since the Equal Pay Act. What percentage of men's full time hourly wage do women working full time earn?
2. Since the Equal Pay Act of 1970, the pay gap between women and men has narrowed. If it continues to narrow at the same rate, approximately how long will it be until it closes completely?
3. Women make up about 52% of the general population. What percentage of Westminster MPs are women?
4. What percentage of company directors are women?
5. What percentage of women with families still do all or most of the housework?
6. Women account for just over half (51%) of of staff in higher education. But what percentage of the senior staff - the higher paid group - are women?
7. What percentage of the judiciary are women?
8. Retired men get an average income of £174 a week. How much do women get?

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