Articles from January 2002

Jar Openers

How to fight patriarchy with a small rubber circle...

Catherine Redfern // 16 January 2002

Categories: Products

Interview with Natasha Walter

Natasha Walter is the author of "The New Feminism (1998)" and edited the collection "On the Move: feminism for a new generation (1999)". She is a regular columnist for The Independent, has worked at Vogue and The Guardian, and has appeared on BBC 2's Newsnight Review. Interview by Catherine Redfern.

Catherine Redfern //

Categories: Interviews

The UK Press – Time for a change

Lorraine Douglas scans the shelves of WH Smiths but fails to find anything of interest.

Lorraine Douglas //

Categories: Culture and Media

First episode of Star Trek: Enterprise

Catherine Redfern comments on the first episode of the new Star Trek series.

Catherine Redfern //

Categories: Television

News roundup for January 2002

A round up of the months news, compiled by Catherine Redfern

Catherine Redfern //

Categories: News


Rearrange the words "worms", "can", and "of" into a well known phrase or saying...

Catherine Redfern //

Categories: Sex and Relationships, Soundbites


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