Articles from March 2002

The Freedom Trashcan 2002

We chuck loads of stuff into the trashcan

Catherine Redfern // 16 March 2002

Categories: Feminism

Happy Birthday to Us!

A quick comment on our one-year anniversary, yippee!

Catherine Redfern //

Categories: Feminism

Response to ‘The Biological Clock’

Niamh Devlin tells us motherhood rocks, in response to the article The Biological Clock

Niamh Devlin //

Categories: Body and Health

Response to ‘Rebranding Feminism’

Lynn Cicada responds to the article Rebranding Feminism

Lyn Cicada //

Categories: Feminism


Lorraine Douglas reviews the magazine for women who write

Lorraine Douglas //

Categories: Magazines

Pop Idol

Natasha Forrest explains how Pop Idol demonstrated a fear of women's sexuality

Natasha Forrest //

Categories: Television

News roundup for March 2002

A round up of the months news, compiled by Catherine Redfern

Catherine Redfern //

Categories: News


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