Articles from July 2002


After five years subscribing, Catherine Gillespie gives lesbian life & style magazine, Diva, a mixed review

Catherine Gillespie // 16 July 2002

Categories: Magazines

Return of the zines

Oh yes, oh yes, more fantastic self-published zines for ya!

Catherine Redfern //

Categories: Magazines

Le Tigre – London Astoria, May 2002

Despite the lack of guitars, Helen Watling is blown away by Le Tigre

Helen Watling //

Categories: Music

Whose Slut?

The female body has always been associated with sex, ensuring that even straight women find images of women sexy. Natasha Forrest explains why censorship is not the answer and how objectification is not necessarily a bad thing

Natasha Forrest //

Categories: Sex and Relationships

More than just ‘Jam and Jerusalem’: why we should join the Women’s Institute

Melanie Dunn wonders whether the Women's Institute would appeal to feminists today - and is the organisation doing enough to appeal to young women?

Melanie Dunn //

Categories: Feminism

The Lowdown on Ladyfest

The essential introduction to this year's Ladyfest, by staunch supporter Amy Bell

Amy Bell //

Categories: Feminism

Ms Dynamite – It Takes More

If you're sick and tired of endless misogynistic Gangster rap, it seems you're not alone

Catherine Redfern // 15 July 2002

Categories: Music

Garbage – Manchester Apollo, April 2002

Michelle Jenkin reckons Shirley Manson is a goddess, especially

Michelle Jenkin //

Categories: Music

News roundup for July 2002

Compiled by Catherine Redfern

Catherine Redfern //

Categories: News


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