Articles from October 2002

Feminist Must-Reads

In September we asked the readers of The F-Word to send us their lists of recommended feminist books: what are their favourite feminist must reads? Here's the results. The most recommended book? Germaine Greer's The Whole Woman.

Various Authors // 16 October 2002

Categories: Books

What’s Up Baby?

Missmogga explains why she objects to the commercial sex industry and modern culture's representation of black women.

Missmogga //

Categories: Culture and Media, Sex and Relationships

I Love The 70s

Catherine Redfern loves the 70s, but argues that we should feel more hopeful and confident about feminism as it is today.

Catherine Redfern //

Categories: Feminism

Get Mad

Jamie Lee Merrick gets mad mad mad after reading an anti-feminist website. Here's her furious response.

Jamie Lee Merrick //

Categories: Feminism, Men

More responses to ‘Whose Slut?’

Natasha Forrest's article "Whose Slut?" in The F-Word in July prompted many responses - probably the most on one specific article this site has ever had. Here are the latest comments received during August-October.

Various Authors //

Categories: Sex and Relationships

News roundup for October 2002

A round up of the months news, compiled by Sara Vali and Catherine Redfern

Sara Vali //

Categories: News

Comments from March 2001 – October 2002

Comments from 2001 and 2002.

Catherine Redfern // 14 October 2002

Categories: Comments


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