Articles from November 2002

The Experiences of Young Women in Science

Rachael Hawkins examines the experiences in women in science.

Rachael Hawkins // 16 November 2002

Categories: Work and Play

All About Eve

JoJo Kirtley is astounded and disappointed that British feminists seem to have been distracted by trivia and have forgotten the fundamental feminist issue: stopping the violence.

JoJo Kirtley //

Categories: Feminism, Violence

Where are the Radicals?

Natasha Forrest untangles the labels and wonders whether radical feminism has been hijacked by authoritarian and conservative imposters.

Natasha Forrest //

Categories: Feminism

News roundup for November 2002

A round up of the months news, compiled by Sara Vali

Sara Vali //

Categories: News


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