Articles from February 2003

Good Housekeeping

Could Good Housekeeping be the most feminist magazine around, asks Ailsa?

Ailsa // 16 February 2003

Categories: Magazines

Response to Lesbians: ignored by mainstream female culture?

Louise queries Ailsa's rant on how mainstream magazines ignore lesbians, and below, Ailsa responds.

Ailsa //

Categories: Magazines

Wife Swap

Natasha Forrest wonders if she was the only one shocked by the attitudes portrayed on Channel 4's controversial "Wife Swap"

Natasha Forrest //

Categories: Television

You’re a 44-year old man: the Michael Jackson Interview

Catherine Redfern argues that the Michael Jackson interview raises questions about what is considered "normal" behaviour for men and women.

Catherine Redfern //

Categories: Television

Citibank Photography Prize 2003

Lindsay casts a critical eye over the Citibank Photography Prize 2003. (Yes, but is it art?)

Lindsay //

Categories: Art, Reviews

News roundup for February 2003

A round up of the months news, compiled by Jacquelyn Arnold

Jacquelyn Arnold //

Categories: News

Smug Intentions: Richard and Judy on Chivalry

Holly Combe examines the hidden motives behind the calls for a return to chivalry. When Richard and Judy joined the debate recently, did they really have anything constructive to add?

Holly Combe //

Categories: Men, Sex and Relationships

Strictly Feminist: Interview with Amy Prior

Amy Bell talks to the writer and Ladyfest London organiser Amy Prior about her work and her feminism.

Amy Bell //

Categories: Interviews


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