News roundup for February 2003

A round up of the months news, compiled by Jacquelyn Arnold

, 16 February 2003

Peanuts Ad Campaign Critisised

BBC Report

A brand of peanuts has been critisised for reviving an old advertising campaign from the 1970’s that features a semi-clad glamour model on packaging behind the pub snacks whose body gets progressively revealed as the packets are removed.

Selective Sex Abortions Creates Bride Shortage In India

BBC Report

The widespread practice of aborting female foetuses because of traditional preference for boy children in India is causing a whole generation of young men to be unable to find brides. The common but illegal systematic abortion of girls over many decades has left thousands of men ‘buying’ women from poorer communities to marry.

Abortion Rights Still Under Threat In US

Independent Report

The abortion debate continues in America thirty years after Row Vs Wade. Campaigners on both sides say that the ruling safeguarding women’s right to abortion has never been under such threat. In the Wake of Sanctity Of Human Life day, pro-life campaigners praise President Bush and his Republican administration for their support.

Conservatives Use Psychiatrist To Tempt Women

BBC Report

The Conservative party have enlisted the help of a psychaitrist to help sort out it’s problem in recruiting female candidates. “Tory chairman Theresa May said Professor Jo Sylvester had devised a list of skills needed to become an MP in the hope of boosting the number of female parliamentary hopefuls.”

Court Date Set For Embryo Dispute Women

BBC Report

Two women who took legal action to enable then to use their frozen embryos without their partner’s consent will have their case heard in the High Court in June. They are challenging the law which states both parties must consent to use of any embryos created from a man’s sperm and a woman’s egg on human right grounds. The ground-breaking case – the first of it’s kind to deal the rights of people who undergo IVF and the status of resultant enbryos – is expected to last five days.

Pro-Life Advertisements Critisied

BBC Report

The UK Life League has been told to stop distributing leaflets depicting pictures of aborted foetuses with the caption “RIP. In memory of the six million unborn British babies murdered by abortion since 1967”. The Advertising Standards Authority ruled the leaflets were likely to cause serious offence.

Women Return To Afghan Roads

BBC Report

Officials in Afghanistan have liften a ten-year ban against women driving. Thirty women are due to recieve their licenses after completing a four month course of driving lessons.

Boy Births More Trouble

BBC Report

A new study shows that boy babies are more likely to cause a difficult labour than girls. Research suggests that the delivery of boys is more likely to neccessitate the use of forcepts, drugs or emergency caesarian sections. A potential explaination is down to the size of baby boy’s heads being bigger than girls.

Contriversal Magazine Back On sale

Media Guardian Report

‘Celebrity Bodies’, a magazine that advises women on how to get bodies like Kylie Minogue and Geri Halliwell is back on sale and claiming to now be promoting ‘curves’ rather than ‘overly thin models’ after Women’s Minister Tessa Jowell called it ‘grim reading’.

Kenyan Women Protest Discrimination

BBC Report

Women in Kenya are demanding the government take action over a group of men belonging to the controversial Mungiki religious sect assaulting and stripping women seen wearing trousers in public. The attacks forced many women to stay indoors or wear dresses or skirts for fear of assault.

Scotland Yard Boosts Women in Special Operations Teams

Independent Report

Scotland yeard is to introduce a scheme to boost the number of women and ethnic minorities in it’s special operations devision such as the Paedophile Unit and Special Branch. This comes after Metropolitan Police figues showed that it has only 47 women in it’s senior detective ranks which it puts down to “unsociable hours, poor prospects of promotion, and an old boy’s network of white male detectives”.

DIY Now A Women’s Job

BBC Report

A survey suggests more than one in three women now tackle all the DIY jobs in their homes as they do not trust a man to do it correctly. The survey of 700 women by DIY chain Focus claimed that most believed they were more practical and efficient than men.

Trades Union Glass Ceiling Smashed

Independent Report

The TUC has chosen it’s first ever female deputy general secretary and assistant general secretary in it’s 160-year history, in stark contrast to the leadership of it’s individual unions which are still dominated by men.

Sixty Women claim Rape Against Surgeon

BBC Report

Over sixty women who claim they were raped by disgraced gynocologist Rodney Ledward are to sue the health authority who employed him. The solicitor representing the women said the women were taking action in order for official recognition of what happened to them.

C-Word Makes BBC Debut

Independent Report

A drama-documentary on BBC about witchcraft became the first ever programme to have the c-word passed for usage by BBC censors. Despite the BBC being braced for a flood of complaints, the actual number recieved did not make it into double figures.

Mattel Loses Barbie Lawsuit

BBC Report

Mattel, the makers of Barbie, have lost their lawsuit against Danish pop group Aqua for making fun of the doll. Mattel claimed that the song ‘Barbie Girl’ infringed on their trademark and sullied the toy’s reputation, but judges dismissed the lawsuit saying the song was ‘parody’.

Women Better At ‘Baby Talk’ Than Men

BBC Report

New research has found that women are better at ‘baby talk’ than men – possibly because they spend more time with their babies and learn the vocal patterns they respond to. Women’s speech patterns were found to be clearer than men’s, and babies pick up on the effect of speech rather than actual words.

Tatu Top UK Charts

BBC Report

Controversial Russian pop duo tatu have topped the UK charts amid claims that they promote ‘paedophillic pop’. In the video accompanying the song, the two girls wear school uniforms while kissing and fondling one another. The creator of the band admitted they were an ‘underage sex project’.

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