Articles from August 2003

Women Who Wrock

Anna Sandfield is delighted to find an internet radio station broadcasting music by female artists and woman-fronted bands.

Anna Sandfield // 20 August 2003

Categories: Music

Not all girls (want to) go to Fendi paradise

In a recent Sunday Times article, Naomi Wolf joined the ranks of those claiming Sex and City is a ground-breaking neo-feminist epic. Alexandra Kokoli discusses Wolf's article and questions whether all that shoe shopping is really as liberating as it appears to be.

Alexandra M Kokoli //

Categories: Television

It’s rude to point: blame culture’s easy way out

New crime statistics show that reports of rape are on the increase - yet the conviction rate remains pitifully low. Why, asks Carter-Ann Mahdavi, are the female victims still being blamed, and the actions of male rapists ignored?

Carter-Ann Mahdavi // 19 August 2003

Categories: Culture and Media, Violence

Driven to Distraction

Men assume that women know nothing about cars, but increasingly these days they couldn't be more wrong. Lorraine Smith insists she, and many other women, know a lot more about cars than the colour.

Lorraine Smith //

Categories: Work and Play

Rankin and Bailey Down Under

Where do we locate female sexuality? Pin-ups? Pussies? Tamlyn Monson explains how a somewhat ill-conceived exhibition by two male photographers yields an inadvertent answer.

Tamlyn Monson //

Categories: Events

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

The Harry Potter series is incredibly popular with children and adults alike. Beth Anderson is also a fan, but she wonders what messages the most recent book, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, is sending about the role of boys and girls (and men and women). Is the magical world created by J.K Rowling as limited by stereotypes as ours?

Beth Anderson // 16 August 2003

Categories: Books

News roundup for August 2003

A round up of the months news, compiled by Sara Vali

Sara Vali //

Categories: News


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