Articles from October 2003

Kylie Minogue

As a fan of Kylie, Anna Fioravanti finds that writing about the star from a feminist perspective raises deep questions about the nature of feminism itself. Risking judgement, she explains here why Kylie fits comfortably with her own definition of feminism, and why the singer can indeed be a positive role model for women.

Anna Fioravanti // 20 October 2003

Categories: Music

Body Language Speaks Volumes

Reading feminist research on the subject of non-verbal behaviour was a revelation to Anna Sandfield. Here she explains how women and men's subconscious body language (touching, sitting, even smiling) can reinforce gender roles - without even being aware of it.

Anna Sandfield // 19 October 2003

Categories: Men, Sex and Relationships

Taboo For Who?

Swearing is becoming more accepted in our society, but many people still consider 'cunt' taboo. Why is this? It's time we got over such silly squeamishness, Kate Allen argues.

Kate Allen //

Categories: Language

There is no Groom

Can a traditional wedding ever be compatible with feminist principles? Beth Anderson negotiates the minefield of surnames, dresses, cakes, throwing the bouquet and "bad luck" - and chooses not to blindly follow tradition.

Beth Anderson //

Categories: Sex and Relationships

The Name of the Game

Can you be a 'Mrs' and a feminist at the same time? Mrs Angela Everitt explores.

Angela Everitt //

Categories: Language, Sex and Relationships

Be Unlimited

Lorraine Smith discovers a promising new monthly women's magazine.

Lorraine Smith // 16 October 2003

Categories: Magazines

Searching For Sense And Reason

Cazz Blase sympathises with novelist Jenny Colgan's criticisms of the derogatory term "Chick Lit" - but insists the problem is more complex, and also not as new as is commonly thought.

Cazz Blase //

Categories: Books

News roundup for October 2003

A round up of the months news, compiled by Marna Gilligan

Marna Gilligan //

Categories: News


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