Articles from December 2003


An investigation into gender inequality in the workplace? Hardly, says Lorraine Smith

Lorraine Smith // 20 December 2003

Categories: Television

Stand Up For Equality

Women can be as witty, confident and funny as men. So why there are so few women in stand up comedy, asks Kadie Armstrong?

Kadie Armstrong // 19 December 2003

Categories: Culture and Media, Work and Play

Re-classifying rape

Ilona Jasiewicz argues for re-classifying rape from a sex crime to a hate crime, to make clear that the motive of rape is power - not passion.

Ilona Jasiewicz //

Categories: Politics and Current Affairs, Violence

The Feminist Minefield?

Lorraine Smith doesn't think feminism is incompatible with a penchant for pornography. She argues that the industry is finally beginning to benenfit women, both as participants and viewers.

Lorraine Smith //

Categories: Culture and Media, Sex and Relationships

News roundup for November/December 2003

A round up of the months news, compiled by Sara Vali, with Catherine Redfern

Sara Vali //

Categories: News

Tales of a Librarian – Tori Amos

In this new compliation album, Tori Amos brings together 20 of her favourite songs which deal with deeply personal issues such as motherhood, rape, childhood, religion, sex, and finding a voice. As Nicky Raynor explains, there's much more to Tori than 'Cornflake Girl'.

Nicky Raynor // 16 December 2003

Categories: Music

Comments from August – December 2003

More comments from late 2003

Catherine Redfern // 14 December 2003

Categories: Comments


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