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You want an example of the diversity in feminism? Then keep reading...

Catherine Redfern // 14 June 2004

Categories: Comments

Taking Charge of Your Fertility

'Taking Charge of Your Fertility' contains empowering practical information for every woman, whether avoiding pregnancy or seeking it. It is the logical follow-on from the classic 'Our Bodies, Ourselves' and is just as ground-breaking, says Catherine Redfern.

Catherine Redfern // 1 June 2004

Categories: Books

Crime and Punishment: Maxine Carr and other ‘evil women’

Jo Knowles explains how the media's demonisation of Maxine Carr is symptomatic of stereotypes often attached to women: either Angels or Monsters, not flawed human beings.

Jo Knowles //

Categories: Culture and Media, Politics and Current Affairs, Violence

Where is the F word not an F word?

Feminism in the US is experiencing a massive revival due to Bush's anti-woman policies. Having recently moved to the States from London, Natasha Forrest muses on the differences between UK and US feminism.

Natasha Forrest //

Categories: Activism, Feminism

Contraception and Control – Teenage Rights

Megan argues that teenagers deserve the same control over their bodies and rights to contraception as any other women - without having to go through their parents.

Megan //

Categories: Body and Health, Sex and Relationships

Pictures Are Not Everything: A Response to ‘My Foetus’

Ellery responds to Julia Black's documentary 'My Foetus', which used images of aborted foetuses and was the first to screen footage of an abortion taking place. She ponders the use of imagery and pictures in the abortion debate.

Ellery //

Categories: Television

Frank – Amy Winehouse

Is Amy Winehouse really looking for someone "Stronger than Me"? Holly Combe argues that Winehouse's debut album presents a somewhat traditional view of heterosexual relationships mixed with a couple of progressive moments. Yet despite its flaws, the music can't be faulted.

Holly Combe //

Categories: Music, Reviews

News roundup for May 2004

A round up of the months news, compiled by Sara Vali

Sara Vali //

Categories: News


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