Articles from July 2004


How does this gung-ho Hollywood film tackle questions of war, feminity and masculinity? Cazz Blase reports. Directed by Wolfgang Peterson (2004).

Cazz Blase // 20 July 2004

Categories: Films

The Stepford Wives

The re-make of The Stepford Wives is less feminist than the original, and misses an opportunity to make an interesting statement about contemporary gender relations, says Natasha Forrest. Directed by Frank Oz (2004).

Natasha Forrest //

Categories: Films

Why it’s time for the ‘battle of the sexes’ to end

Lad culture has done nothing more than perpetuate petty hatred between the sexes. Enough is enough, says Laura Baldwin.

Laura Baldwin //

Categories: Culture and Media, Men, Sex and Relationships

Growing up or giving in?

Ms Razorblade is sick and tired of being told that being a lesbian-feminist and a vegan is boring, prudish, and dull, dull, dull. Is refusing men, meat and porn a sign of immaturity - or is 'growing up' really just giving in?

Ms Razorblade //

Categories: Body and Health, Feminism, Sex and Relationships

Not my Cup of T: slogans on women’s T-shirts

Why is it suddenly fashionable for women to brand themselves "eye candy", "porn star" or "temptress "? Jo Knowles wanders the high-street for clues.

Jo Knowles //

Categories: Fashion and Image

News roundup for June/July 2004

A round up of the months news, compiled by Sara Vali

Sara Vali // 18 July 2004

Categories: News

Comments from July 2004

Handbags, FAM and no negative comments? It has been another bursting inbox...

Catherine Redfern // 5 July 2004

Categories: Comments


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