Articles from November 2004

Subvert the Dominant Pimpiarchy

How did the abusive, exploitative role of Pimp become the epitome of cool? Rachel Bell comments on this outrageous trend in modern culture.

Rachel Bell // 8 November 2004

Categories: Culture and Media, Language, Violence

King Arthur

Ellery looks at the summer blockbuster King Arthur.

Ellery // 5 November 2004

Categories: Films

Velvet Magazine

A new, intellectual magazine for lesbians, reviewed by Lorraine Douglas.

Lorraine Douglas //

Categories: Magazines

Sick of Celebrity

Why is it assumed that all women want to emulate celebrities? Against the suffocating celebrity-worship culture, Nicky Raynor argues in favour of glorious anonymity, individuality, and a greater variety of female role models.

Nicky Raynor //

Categories: Culture and Media, Fashion and Image

Comments from November 2004

Tons of debate, disagreements, and very interesting comments this month.

Catherine Redfern //

Categories: Comments

Make Me a Perfect Wife

Victoria sponge cakes and female submission do not a happy home make. Ealasaid Gilfillan reviews Channel 4's dubious TV series "Make Me a Perfect Wife".

Ealasaid Gilfillan //

Categories: Television

But What of Us? UK Riot Grrrl – Part 2

The second part of Cazz Blase's 3 part series looks at the political aspects of UK Riot Grrrl; how it brought awareness of feminism to a new generation, encouraged female friendship and solidarity, and how gender politics entered the music scene. First published in the zine "Real Girls".

Cazz Blase // 4 November 2004

Categories: Feminism


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