Articles from January 2005

News roundup for January 2005

A round up of recent news, compiled by Sara Vali.

Sara Vali // 17 January 2005

Categories: News

Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason

A bottom the size of two bowling balls? Yeah, right. Rachel Bell argues that the casting of Renee Zellweger undermines the premise of the Bridget Jones character.

Rachel Bell // 15 January 2005

Categories: Films

Resolution = Revolution!

Wondering how to get more active? Isolated? Stuck for ideas on how to help feminism progress? Not sure what you can do? Well, The F-Word is here to help. We've invited groups and individuals to suggest a stack-load of practical suggestions for activism to take you through 2005.

Various Authors // 13 January 2005

Categories: Activism

But What of Us? UK Riot Grrrl – Part 3

The third part of Cazz Blase's series looks at the problems inherent in Riot Grrrl, disagreements within the scene over whether it had run its course, the marketing of "Girl Power" and the future of Riot Grrrl. First published in the zine "Real Girls".

Cazz Blase //

Categories: Feminism

Comments from January 2005

Proving once again that the readers of this site are a thoughtful, intelligent, brave bunch of people.

Catherine Redfern // 11 January 2005

Categories: Comments

Scarlet Magazine

Are you "a sexually confident woman"? Do you always "get what you want"? Scarlet Magazine is a new UK sex mag for women which is hoping to provide an assertive look at women's sexuality. But will it appeal to the Charlottes as much as the Samanthas? Holly Combe sits down with Issue 1 (November 2004).

Holly Combe //

Categories: Magazines

The Incredibles

What messages and assumptions underly this animated movie? Ms Razorblade analyses the "family values", the conformity, the female characters and the incredibly cliched stereotypes. (Yeah, we know it's a cartoon. And?)

Ms Razorblade //

Categories: Films


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