"Moulin Rouge meets Chicks on Speed"

// 22 April 2005

Immodesty Blaize, \x91queen of British burlesque\x92 starts a run at the Arts Theatre on 20th April. The show is billed as "a seductive blend of hot charm and high camp" and was featured in the Sunday Times Magazine last weekend, which said "the show looks like cabaret, but with a twist. The primary attraction is the sex, but it’s a sexiness that doesn’t alienate people. It’s erotic, not blue; suggestive rather than explicit".

The focus of the show is on Victorian-style glitz, glamour and entertainment, and also features Immodesty\x92s cabaret partner Walter. The content promises to be rather more subversive than your average strip show \x96 Immodesty herself is all over-the-top Moulin Rouge glamour and doesn\x92t conform to many of your standard stripper stereotypes. Indeed one of her routines is a reverse strip-tease (where she puts her clothes on rather than taking them off). They also once performed at the Annual Conference of the British Sexual Freedom Coalition.

For the curious among you, get a sneak preview of the routines here, and find out more booking information here. I\x92ll be in the second row with a bucket of popcorn and a wide-eyed stare.

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