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GPs voted yesterday against a motion to reduce the time limit for legal abortions in the UK, about which I had a proper rant last week. 77% of delegates at...

Lynne Miles // 30 June 2005

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Colombian women face prison for abortion

Human Rights Watch have called for the Colombian government to repeal legislation which makes abortion – even in cases of rape – punishable by up to four and a half...

Jess McCabe // 27 June 2005

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MOD forced to take action on sexual harassment

One in five female Navy personnel, one in eight Army personnel and nearly one in 10 RAF personel have been subject to sexual harassment, the Equal Opportunities Commission revealed yesterday....

Jess McCabe // 25 June 2005

Categories: Blog

US plans blow to teenage access to contraception

Teenagers in the United States could soon face a massive hurdle to accessing contraception, as new proposals would see clinics forced to notify their parents at least five days before...

Jess McCabe //

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Sappho poem discovered

A new 101 word poem by the Ancient Greek poet Sappho has been discovered, the Guardian reports today. The 2.600 year old poem, only the fourth ever recovered, was found...

Jess McCabe // 24 June 2005

Categories: Blog

Chicks and joysticks

Women are making slow progress integrating into the gaming industry, The Guardian reports today. The Government has recently started a big push to get more girls interested in IT, in...

Jess McCabe // 23 June 2005

Categories: Blog

Fight for your Right to Abortion

The British Medical Association are expected to vote in favour of reducing the upper time limit on abortions (currently 24 weeks) to 20 weeks, on the grounds that premature babies...

Lynne Miles // 20 June 2005

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High Achievers "Look Like Men"

Oliver James in Sunday\x92s Observer Magazine looks into research done by an American psychologist which points to a strong correlation between thinness and professional success \x96 he found that curvaceous...

Lynne Miles //

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Men Doing Twice As Much Housework \x85

\x85 but then two times nothing is nothing, isn\x92t it? I jest, of course. But an article on the front page of yesterday\x92s Sunday Times entitled "Hey, Dad, you\x92re an...

Lynne Miles //

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Desperate Housewives

Jo Knowles argues that the suspiciously popular Desperate Housewives is no Sex and the City.

Jo Knowles // 19 June 2005

Categories: Television

Girl blogs from Iraq

The Guardian today features extracts from the blog of “Riverbend”, an Iraqi woman, blowing apart the idea that life is better for women after the war. Riverbend blogs about the...

Jess McCabe // 18 June 2005

Categories: Blog

Sin City

Why did Laura Woodhouse walk out half an hour before the end of this film? As she explains, this so-called &quot;coolest film of the year&quot; brings comic characters to life, but ironically leaves the female characters one-dimensional.

Laura //

Categories: Films

FHM Music Channel

FHM has launched its own music channel and intrepid Natalie Smith finds a common theme in the videos. (Can you guess what it is yet)?

Natalie Smith // 17 June 2005

Categories: Music, Television

Grazia Magazine

Sheryl Plant considers whether, like many women's magazines, Grazia contibutes to women's problems even as it purports to solve them.

Sheryl Plant //

Categories: Magazines

Czech textbooks rife with gender bias

Textbooks in Czech schools are rife with gender bias full of “discouraging” role models for girls, Women’s eNews reports today. This has come to light after a government funded study...

Jess McCabe // 15 June 2005

Categories: Blog

Now Who’s Being Judgemental?

Julie Bindel, the generally fabulous and well respected feminist founder of Justice for Women, has caused ructions with her recent Guardian piece “Why I hate Vegetarians“. In a bafflingly vitriolic...

Catherine Redfern // 14 June 2005

Categories: Blog

Bar staff face sack if they gain weight

With tales of Wal-mart woe in the papers every couple of weeks, no-one could say that worker’s rights in the United States are perfect. And this story from USAToday has...

Jess McCabe // 13 June 2005

Categories: Blog

Women at greater risk of contracting HIV

Women worldwide are at greater risk than men of contracting HIV, an American scientist has said. The Times reports that Thomas Quinn, Professor of Infectious Diseases at John Hopkins Hospital...

Jess McCabe //

Categories: Blog

Mayan tomb sheds new light on status of women

A new archelogical find has prompted speculation that Mayan women may have had a much more powerful role in their society than previously thought, reports. A recently opened crypt...

Jess McCabe // 12 June 2005

Categories: Blog

The Apprentice

How come the female contestants for the job of Apprentice were so disappointing? Lorraine Smith pins her hopes on series two.

Lorraine Smith // 10 June 2005

Categories: Television

On The Radio: Where Have All The Women Gone?

This weeks Radio Times’ cover story reads “The Top 40: We reveal the most powerful people on radio”, and the cover features the top 4: Jonathan Ross, Terry Wogan, Chris...

Barbara Felix //

Categories: Blog

Going Down With Advertising Standards

My eye was drawn, in last issue’s Private Eye (issue 1133, 27/5-9/6/05) to the Ad Nauseam column, and to a little piece about the recent Keep Britain Tidy campaign, which...

Barbara Felix //

Categories: Blog

Minister for Women sets out priorities

Interviewed in The Guardian yesterday, the new Minister for Women, Meg Munn (the one who\x92s been asked to do the job unpaid as the parliamentary salary budget has been spent...

Lynne Miles //

Categories: Blog

Sexual orientation ‘irrelevant’ to children’s upbringing

Sexual orientation of a child’s parents is “irrelevant” to their upbringing, new research confirms. What really matters is whether or not that child has a stable, loving family environment. The...

Jess McCabe //

Categories: Blog

Cherie Blair Should Be Seen and Not Heard

So all this brouhaha about Cherie Blair is starting to annoy me. Now I personally don\x92t really care whether she makes a bit of spare cash in the evenings doing...

Lynne Miles // 9 June 2005

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