Articles from March 2006

"Equality Kills Feminism"

There have been at least three recent articles in The Guardian commenting on Alison Wolf’s Prospect article about the supposed downside of women’s freedom. We have apparently reached the end...

Holly Combe // 30 March 2006

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Reproductive Rights: Women Pitched Against Each Other (Again)

Catholic Herald editor, Cristina Odone, is in the Guardian today, reminding us that not all anti-abortion activists are violent “freaks or fanatics” fired by religious zeal. In fact, she points...

Holly Combe // 29 March 2006

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Raunch 0, Blog 1

Feminists who were enraged by Kate Taylor’s recent Guardian comment piece defending “raunch culture” (which referenced Rachel Bell’s article on this site, and which fellow F Word blogger Holly commented...

Catherine Redfern // 28 March 2006

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New London Feminist Culture Magazine

Vagina Magazine is a London based “feminist culture magazine” which intends to publish it’s first issue in June, and is looking for contributors and interested people to help out. “The...

Catherine Redfern //

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‘Protest Now’ Group Formed

Blogger and F Word contributor Laura has set up a Yahoo Group, “designed to bring together women who wish to organise protests and direct action to make our voices heard...

Catherine Redfern //

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Comments on articles

F Word readers may be vaguely interested to know that I have just uploaded comments received on articles during January 2006 (gradually working my way through the backlog…!). To read...

Catherine Redfern //

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More Praise for Macho Man

Yet again, The Times has been bemoaning the apparent decline of traditional manhood. Nirpal Dhaliwal thinks the ascent of the alpha female has led to the rise of the omega...

Holly Combe // 26 March 2006

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Men! Don’t Expect Equality on a Thursday

There’s an article by ex-GQ sex columnist, Kate Taylor, in today’s Guardian, slating Ariel Levy for criticising women who embrace raunch culture. (I’ve not read Levy’s Female Chauvinist Pigs yet...

Holly Combe // 23 March 2006

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Budget 2006

Chancellor Gordon Brown set out what is likely to be his last budget earlier today. Amongst the more predictable economic, fiscal and other random measures announced, some points of interest...

Lynne Miles // 22 March 2006

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OC Rapists get 6 years

The three men at the centre of the infamous ‘OC rape case’ were sentenced last week to six years in prison. They were found guilty at a second trial, last...

Lynne Miles // 20 March 2006

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Hospital demands payment for baby

A hospital in Israel has apparently refused to hand over a baby to its mother until she paid her medical bills. The woman gave birth to triplets at the al-Muqassad...

Jess McCabe // 18 March 2006

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Sarler misses the point on rape campaign

Carol Sarler (in today\x92s G2) manages, so far as I can see, to completely miss several points on the current Home Office campaign regarding the rape law. Her argument is...

Lynne Miles // 16 March 2006

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Feminists Googlebomb Bill Napoli

Candy at Smart Bitches Who Love Trashy Novels has a cunning plan to googlebomb Bill Napoli. To celebrate this South Dakota senator\x92s own special brand of misogynistic vileness, she has...

Lynne Miles //

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The mantra of "choice" and why it is bad news for girls and boys

The Independent runs with an interesting story today, about what girls and boys want to learn in science class. Leeds University asked a bunch of 15 year olds what they...

Jess McCabe // 13 March 2006

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Daft sentencing committee wants to reduce prison time for rapists and wife beaters

Rapists will no longer face such tough jail sentences and “date rapists” will be let off with lighter sentences, under new guidelines to be issued to judges, the Observer reveals....

Jess McCabe // 12 March 2006

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Mexico uses sex dolls to educate on sexual harassment

Mexico is running an advertising campaign using sex dolls to educate its “infamously macho men” about why sexual harassment is wrong, the Independent reports. The open-mouthed plastic figures are the...

Jess McCabe // 10 March 2006

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Parliament Debates Violence against Women

To mark International Women’s Day (oddly, a day late) the House of Commons held a debate on violence against women yesterday. Subjects covered included domestic violence, the representation of women...

Lynne Miles //

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International Women’s Day 2006

Happy International Women\x92s Day, everyone! Thought I might start off by listing a few events I\x92ve come across happening around the UK to commemorate the day. This isn\x92t an exhaustive...

Lynne Miles // 8 March 2006

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Designers mask models

Western fashion is often presented as the polar opposite of the burqa. Where one seeks to cover women in ungainly sacks that conceal not just their curves but their personality,...

Jess McCabe // 5 March 2006

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We Are Five Years Old!

Yep, it was five years ago that The F Word first went online, can you believe it? It’s been lots of fun and I hope that the site has been...

Catherine Redfern // 4 March 2006

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‘Men Are Back’ – but where did they go?

Sheryl Plant ponders two recent advertising campaigns from McDonalds and Peugeot 407 which portray a world dominated by women.

Sheryl Plant //

Categories: Television

North Country

Jess McCabe reviews North Country, a film with a feminist plotline based on a true story about a woman who brings sexual harassment charges against her workplace; the first of its kind in the U.S.

Jess McCabe // 3 March 2006

Categories: Films

Comments from March 2006

Feedback on articles, controversy, debates, brilliant comments and infuriating emails. It's all in a day's work.

Catherine Redfern // 2 March 2006

Categories: Comments

OK so Ruth Kelly has announced another tranche of measures to prevent those with records of sexual violence from working with young people and vulnerable adults. Whilst there is a...

Louise Livesey //

Categories: Blog

Linda Smith, comedian, dies aged 48

I am sure most people have heard already that Linda Smith died on Wednesday after a long battle with Ovarian Cancer. Tributes here and here. Its a sad loss of...

Louise Livesey //

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