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// 16 August 2007

Click your way over to Femtique for the 43rd Carnival of Feminists.

Interesting tidbits from this edition include this profile of a Thai artist who has set up an art gallery-come-laundrette-come-cafe in Bangkok, called Rinse and Relax. She has quite an interesting perspective on the similarity between running this business and art space, versus doing pretty much the same chores at home:

“At home the clothes have to be washed and dried. I need tea and coffee breaks. I have to make food to eat. I celebrate the end of the day with some beer or wine. Through the shop, what I do for myself I do also for the public.”

Oh yes, and she is a one-woman band as well, with no staff to help with all these enterprises.

Also worth reading was this description of one woman’s struggle to accept her five year old daughter’s desire to be a cheerleader.

I decided it would be more empowering for her to be able to make her own decision about which sport to try than it would be for me to forbid cheerleading on a feminist principle.

She’s just a different kind of girl than I was. She’s more of a girly kind and I was more of a tom-boy. But, I don’t think it would be empowering to make her feel bad about being a girly-girl.

Photo by poketwiley, shared under a Creative Commons license

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