Polish women’s candidates strip off

// 27 September 2007

A new political party has emerged in Poland, to champion the rights of women, reports the Telegraph.

The Women’s Party puts issues like equal pay, public funding for contraception and access to abortion at the centre of its platform.

But it is the party’s poster campaign for the upcoming October elections, rather than its politics, that has caught the media’s attention, because its seven candidates pose naked under the slogan: “The party of women. Poland is a woman.”

Writer Manuela Gretkowska said she founded the party as the Polish government considered tightening already strict controls on abortion.

“It is the straw that broke the camel’s back,” she said, adding that Poland’s political scene was usually run by men for men.

“This poster is intended to shatter stereotypes in the anachronistic world of politics, which is more often dominated by uncommunicative men with their black tie outfits,” she said.

“We are beautiful, nude, proud. We are true and sincere, body and soul. This is not pornography, there is nothing to see in terms of sex, our faces are intelligent, concerned, proud.

Let’s face it, with the hard-right Kaczynski brothers in power, Poland needs these politicians. I only hope that they aren’t undermined by this stunt.

The Warsaw Voice has more, especially about Gretkowska, who is, of course, a feminist.

(Via Fleshbot NSFW)

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