Big breasts transform everyone’s lives!

// 5 January 2008

I couldn’t sleep last night, and switched on the television at about 4am. I was greeted by an advert that totally confused me. As I recall, it was for Stagecoach, and focused on a wacky professor-type named Harold Hooterson (Hooterson!), who travels on the bus to work where he invents products that will transform everyone’s lives. He demonstrates one, by taking a tablet that immediately gives him a Parton-esque pair of breasts, and he and his two white-coated male colleagues grin and nod in approval. Hooray! Big breasts are the be-all and end-all of everything! Humanity wins!

I figured I’d misinterpreted it through lack of sleep, or perhaps I’d BEEN asleep and dreamed it. It would appear not, though – but if anyone would like to correct my interpretation, please do. I looked for it on YouTube and couldn’t find it – it is, however, available to view on this page.

Meanwhile, on YouTube, I found this, which is presumably part of the same campaign –

I’d like to say I’m surprised, but I’m really not.

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