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// 16 February 2008

We’ve been noticing a definite increase in the number of exciting events going on, up and down the country. We do blog about these events when we can, but we also worry that these posts may get a big lost in the tide of blogging, and readers may miss out on hearing about what is going on.

Therefore, we have created an events page to list the bigger happenings of interest to feminists. You can find it in the menu at the top right of the site:


Meanwhile, our new commenting feature seems to be going well so far! Someone used the comments to bring up the excellent suggestion that we have a ‘recent comments’ box. We thought this was a great idea, and so you will now find one in the right-hand sidebar, looking like this:


Comments From You

mr mike // Posted 17 February 2008 at 11:53 pm

Must admit this blogging phnomenon ( quite new to me ), has made renting to and thus living next door to self professed “feminst Dykes , easier. Aftrer spending three years in a Woman run gender study, I realized early on just why it was that my new tennants so easily seemed to outwit me at every turn. I had to watch what I said to them, since, as I learned in the study, the female brain has the males beat, especially when it comes to memory! I see alot of hesitance on these oages to elevate one sex above the other even though ALL women know and alot of men deny that boys and men are simply not the equal of girls and women, As a lifelong gay male I can recount dozens of instances in my own life where I deliberately sought out the wise council of the only sex that uses both hemispheres of there brains simutaneously, females. Yet still I find myself struggling to match wits with the lesbians next door They, inturn, loved the results when we took a computer I. Q> test and their scores were appreciably higher than mine and five of my best male friends. So it is in that context that I seek out a little online feminist enlightenment. My only concern is that if women everywhere wish to transcend the limits that the male sex is biologically impaired by -women must not be afriad to seize the mantle that men have claimed as male birthright. Even if that means declaring on a web page or two that we are all concieved as XX by default and it is the Xy that is the recessive abberation

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