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// 4 March 2008

When I Google stuff, I generally don’t look at the number of results. Which is a shame, it turns out, because as Figleaf discovered, you can find some solid evidence for the importance that we place on attractiveness for women versus attractiveness for men.

“Results … about 120,000 for attractive-woman.”

“Results … about 42,900 for attractive-man.”

Roughly 3 to 1 ratio of references to attractive women vs attractive men

“Results … about 586,000 for beautiful-woman.”

“Results … about 74,600 for beautiful-man.”

Roughly 8 to 1 ratio of references to beautiful women vs beautiful men

“Results … about 25,800 for worthy-man.”

“Results … about 5,720 for worthy-woman.”

Roughly 4.5 to 1 ratio of references to worthy man vs. worthy women.

Fair at all? No. Comparable at all? Not really. Coincidence, though? Not that either.

Also see Sinclair at SugarButch Chronicles (includes ads that may be NSFW) for some further analysis of how femininity is perceived as an invitation.

Comments From You

Suzi K // Posted 4 March 2008 at 8:39 pm

Having read the blog article… I agree. Looking and dressing to a stereotype of what femininity attracts massively different behaviour.

I have gone to college dressed in skirt, tights, heels and make up and also gone in jeans t shirt hair in a scrunchie no make up. I discovered that on the whole, people are more inclined to start uninvited conversation with me, more inclined to notice me when I am being ‘femme’ than when I am not.

Rachel // Posted 5 March 2008 at 8:47 am

If you need any further evidence of the way society views women try going into google image search, with safe search off, and googling women’s names. then try men’s names. you’ll see what i mean…

Lindsey // Posted 5 March 2008 at 10:02 am

Have any of you tried using It searches pairs of words to see which gets the most mentions. I just did:

Woman vs Man

Man scored:1,370,000,000

Woman scored: 374,000,000

Over 3.6 times more man references

Girl vs Boy

Girl scored:603,000,000

Boy scored:438,000,000

About 1.5 times the number of ‘girl’s

Ladies vs Gentlemen

Ladies scored:147,000,000

Gentlemen scored:25,300,000

5.8 times as many ladies

Andrew Heenan // Posted 7 March 2008 at 1:30 pm

Just says that we tend to use different words for different genders; handsome is much more a ‘male’ word, while ‘beautiful’ is female. But they are not directly equivalent, so a ‘count’ will tell us little.

Google counts tell us about web words – not about web content.

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