Line up for FEM ’08

// 10 March 2008

Just got the latest news on who is speaking at FEM ’08 at Sheffield University student union.


– Germaine Greer

– Kira Cochrane, Editor, Guardian Women’s Page

– Julie Bindel, jounalist, The Guardian & Eaves

– Zohra Moosa, The Fawcett Society

– Damian Carnell, Nottinghamshire Domestic Violence Forum

– Natalie Bennett, Carnival of Feminists

– Narmadha Thiranagama, TUC Women’s Policy Officer

– Heather Harvey, Amnesty International UK

– Sandrine Leveque, Object

– Chris Green, UK White Ribbon Campaign

– Sarah Blakemore, Oxfam

– Jan McLeod, Women’s Support Project

– Finn Mackay, London Feminist Network

– Jess McCabe, Editor, The F Word

– Northern Refugee Centre

– Red Chidgey, Feminist Activist Forum

– Gill Court, Subtext

– Charlotte Gage, Abortion Rights


– The rape conviction rate scandal

– Grassroots feminist media

– Women and international development

– Sexism and the City

– Challenging the normalisation of lapdance clubs

– Refugee women

– Women in public life

– Defending a woman’s right to choose

– Challenging destructive masculinities

– The female face of poverty

– HOW TO… run a Reclaim the Night march

– ‘Speed-dating’ networking for grassroots feminist groups


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