Tampon case fun from Etsy

// 23 March 2008

bluetamponcase.jpgIt’s probably not very environmentally friendly to ship your tampon case all the way from Sydney, Australia (unless that’s where you live, hi Aussie readers!)

That said, I may not be able to resist these fuzzy felt tampon holders made by Svenja and Anika and sold on Etsy. The case comes in blue and red, and is something of a welcome break from all the uterus-themed stuff tagged “feminist” on the online marketplace for homemade stuff. Although I guess tampons kind of are uterus-themed when you think about it, but the pocket is labelled as for condoms too.

Comments From You

chem_fem // Posted 23 March 2008 at 3:32 pm

This is kind of on topic, I thought that this project might be of interest:

“Three years ago, I was surprised to learn of a growing crisis of STDs among women over 50. Newly divorced or widowed, women find themselves back in the dating game after being married for many years. They are unaware of the prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases. Doctors don’t tell them – no one does.

Knit A Condom Amulet was created to bring awareness to this unspoken problem. As you may know, amulets have been used in cultures worldwide to ward off evil and bring the wearer good luck. The gift inside will most certainly enhance the amulet’s powers of protection. Join in … get some of your stash yarn, Knit A Condom Amulet and give someone the gift of love.”

Naomi Dagen Bloom

Knitting Grandmother and Blogger

For the history of the Condom Amulet Project go to http://www.knitacondomamulet.com/history.html

For patterns and ideas for creating your own condom amulet, go to


Samara // Posted 25 March 2008 at 10:26 am

Or you could just get a Mooncup, which is environmentally friendly and much more comfortable than tampons anyway. And cheaper in the long run. And comes with a pouch!


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