True Tube tackles feminism

// 19 March 2008

We’re a bit late with this one, but online video debate channel Truetube has posted up an entire issue about feminism in the UK and beyond.

I can’t embed the videos, but you can check it all out here. Interesting segments include ‘Is feminism for everyone?’, which features interviews with women living on a council estate about the status of women and whether they identify with terms like feminism and women’s rights. In ‘The new wave of feminism’, the DJ Jenni Murray and Charlotte Cooper (who has guest blogged for us and was one of the founders of Subtext Magazine) talk through some basics of the wave theory of feminist history.

Great stuff.

(Via Feministing)

Photo by Debobroto Chakraborty, shared under a Creative Commons license

Comments From You

Redheadinred // Posted 23 March 2008 at 2:46 pm

Some wonderful videos there. The only one I don’t like is the ‘random acts of feminism’ where she puts the pamphlet down and the guy picks it up and reads it, nodding in that caveman way. Come on. That’s not gonna happen.

Very intrigued by the comments about the veil, too. The woman who says ‘if I saw a man in a hood and a balaclava, I’d be intimidated.’, I found that interesting, I’ve never even thought of that before. And I’ve got a full-scale crush on that woman who stands up for the so-called ‘ladettes’, it’s so good to hear someone talk sense! But I want to punch that stupid bloke on the street who says that women have to adhere to other rules to gain his respect. Grr.

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