Documentary by Nubian of Blac(k)ademic

// 29 April 2008

I briefly posted about still black: a portrait of black transmen last week. But I feel compelled to post again, because I somehow missed that the film is directed by Kortney Ryan Ziegler, aka Nubian from the late, great blog Blac(k)ademic, along with fellow filmmaker Awilda Rodriguez Lora.

The Feminist 101 blog enlightened me, and it is no surprise that such an interesting project is the work of such an interesting blogger. You can go support Kortney and Awilda’s film here – they are trying to raise money, through donations and t-shirt sales.

Here’s the gist:

Directed by experimental filmmaker Kortney Ryan Ziegler, still black is a feature-length documentary that explores the lives of six black transgender men living in the United States. Through the intimate stories of their lives as artists, students, husbands, fathers, lawyers, and teachers, the film offers viewers a complex and multi-faceted image of race, sexuality and trans identity.

And here is a roughcut trailer:

Comments From You

Shev // Posted 30 April 2008 at 4:46 pm

I am really pleased to see that the F-Word is branching out into a wider idea of what comes under the banner of ‘feminism’. Gender issues are IMPORTANT – and personally I believe that whilst it’s important not to conflate gender issues with feminism (men perform gender too – and let’s not forget all the beautiful non-binary queers), it is directly relevant to examine society’s treatment of those who do NOT confirm to arbitrary binary gender categories.

As I believe has been covered quite extensively in different areas, it is also important to examine race and the structures of power that are interlinked with sexual power structures. This stuff matters – to all of us! White people seem to think that race doesn’t really apply to them directly – but that’s like saying patriarchy doesn’t apply to men! White people may be (definitely are) the beneficiaries of a white supremist power structure within society, but that doesn’t absolve them of examining it and their own role in perpetuating it. And it’s not WOC’s responsibility to educate us – just like it’s not our responsibility to lead a man by the nose to feminist theory, just because he deigns to ask.

So yay for this post – I really look forward to finding this doc and watching it fully.

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