London Assembly candidate – rape ‘no big deal’

// 1 April 2008

A BNP candidate for the London Assembly elections in May has been outed by the Evening Standard as the author of a far right blog, where he has said both rape and domestic violence are no big deal.

As “Sir John Bull”, candidate Nick Eriksen said:

“I’ve never understood why so many men have allowed themselves to be brainwashed by the feminazi myth machine into believing that rape is such a serious crime … Rape is simply sex. Women enjoy sex, so rape cannot be such a terrible physical ordeal.

“To suggest that rape, when conducted without violence, is a serious crime is like suggesting that forcefeeding a woman chocolate cake is a heinous offence. A woman would be more inconvenienced by having her handbag snatched.

“The demonisation of rape is all part of the feminazi desire to obtain power and mastery over men. Men who go along with the rape myth are either morons or traitors.”

I am sure readers don’t need me to explain why this is disgusting. However, the chocolate cake comparison is interesting. Over at the Feminism 101 blog, tigtog explains exactly why this comparison demonstrates not that rape isn’t a big deal, or women would like to be raped, but that liking sex (or dessert) in other contexts does not mean that it is any less awful to have it forced upon you.


On 5 November 2005, in an item entitled “Give her a slap!,” Mr Eriksen approvingly quoted Noel Coward as saying: “Some women are like gongs – they need to be struck regularly.” On 8 November, he claimed that “the vast majority of domestic [assaults] are initiated by the woman.” Mr Eriksen also wrote on 24 November 2005 that mothers “should never go out to work” and described career women as “unnatural and vile… it is a strange kind of woman who would want to invest [her] energies into her job rather than into a man.”

Apparently this rape apologist stands a good chance of getting elected. And it was not very hard to get to the bottom of his identity – a reporter simply emailed the blogger, pretending to be a fellow racist, and he responded with his own name and giving the phone number of the London party leader of the BNP.

What did he say when challenged on his views?!

Contacted by the Standard last night, Mr Eriksen admitted the blog postings were written by him, but said they were “deliberately provocative” in order to stimulate debate.

What is it with people thinking they can say something totally beyond the pail, vile and misogynistic (or hateful in whatever way), and think that just saying “oh, I was trying to start a debate” is somehow an excuse?!

(Hat tip to Melissa for sending this link)

Comments From You

Jorma // Posted 1 April 2008 at 1:05 pm

I bloody well hope these people never come to power!Otherwise be prepared to eat lots of choclate cake.

Leigh Woosey // Posted 1 April 2008 at 1:14 pm

Here’s my idea. Print out the quotes in large type (impact or tahoma- something that will stand out) on white on black, include the weblink and the source at the bottom. Blow this up to A3 or A2 and stick them up with wallpaper paste over any of his campaign posters or billboards that you can reach safely or at any free poster board sites that are near to where he campaigns or displays his own publicity. Also produce A6 versions and insert them into any stacks of flyers he or the BNP has put out. Some poeple will, of course, agree with him but the majority will see what a vile creature he really is.

Léonie // Posted 1 April 2008 at 1:15 pm

That is unbelievable. Surely he would have been able to anticipate precisely the reaction that he would provoke. No debate or intellectual questions, just outrage, and so surely nothing of interest to a ignorant bigot such as himself. There is no debate to be had. He hangs himself with his own words.

Samara Ginsberg // Posted 1 April 2008 at 1:15 pm

“Women enjoy sex, so rape cannot be such a terrible ordeal”

Ladies and gentlemen, I think we have the quote of the century!

maquis // Posted 1 April 2008 at 1:33 pm

There’s more. BNP organiser Nick Eriksen in his article, ‘Give her a slap! (Right Now!, 5th November 2005):

“Very few men have any inkling of the hatred and contempt which most women have for them”.

“Come on Ross, let’s see if you’re as tough as your on-screen persona – give your wife a good slap!”

maquis // Posted 1 April 2008 at 1:38 pm

Here’s some more stuff by the London BNP organiser, Nick Eriksen. In one of his articles, ‘Men are more intelligent than women – official’ (25th August 2005), Nick Eriksen states:

“Men are more intelligent than women – it’s a fact. Let’s be proud of it, let’s celebrate it, let’s take advantage of it, and let’s not tolerate women who seek to deny it”.

Then Nick Eriksen argues that women should return to the home and full-time motherhood, and endure domestic servitude to men in his article, ‘Bachelor is Best!’ (30th June 2005):

“Women have changed. Although there are, of course, a few rare exceptions, women in general are no longer the lovable, sweet, docile, feminine, submissive, domesticated, caring, fun, loyal, decent, creatures of yore. All that was good in women has now been destroyed and instead of being happy to be the helpmeets of men they want to their competitors”.

Then in another article, ‘The mother of all failures’ (29th August 2007), Eriksen says:

“If women stayed at home and looked after, and supervised, their children, we would have fewer broken homes, fewer latchkey kids, fewer pregnant teenagers, fewer teenage criminals and a better, happier and healthier society all round”

Finally, here’s Nick Eriksen’s article in which he says it’s ok to rape and beat women:

osted by John Bull | 2:17 PM | 16 comments

24 August 2005


As usual, history has proven me right. Some time ago I derided all the fashionable claims put about by the usual feminazi troublemakers that men were drugging women with drugs such as Rohypnol and then raping them. As usual, I was criticised as being ‘misogynistic’. As usual I was right and my critics were wrong. An analysis was recently conducted by the Forensic Science Service of over 1,000 cases where women had complained that their drinks had been spiked. Not one showed any trace of Rohypnol. NOT ONE.

It turns out that these stupid tarts are simply getting blind drunk, taking ‘recreational’ drugs themselves, and then having sex. Next day they wake up with an almighty hangover and a deep feeling of shame and regret. So what do they do then? Why cry rape of course, and try to get a poor innocent man sent to prison in order to save their ‘reputation’ – as if they had one!

Given that only 6% of rape allegations are upheld by the courts, we can see that 94% of rape allegations are lies. Remember that next time you hear a man has been accused of rape. More than 9 out of 10 men accused are entirely innocent. I always knew modern feminazi women were nasty, devious, lying, man-hating creatures, but to seek to ruin a man’s life simply in order to disguise the fact that you are a slapper, or because he broke up with you and you want to get ‘even’, or because he rebuffed your advances, well that’s about as vile as you can get.

The feminazis argue, of course, that guilty men are getting off, but the truth is that a sniffling, doe-eyed lying woman in the witness box is more likely to win the hearts and minds of a jury than an innocent but big burly bloke in the dock. It is inevitable therefore that far more innocent men will be found guilty than the other way round. And that is why, of course, we regularly get stories of men who have spent years in prison finally being found to be innocent. By then their lives have been ruined.

“Assault with a friendly weapon” [quote from the film ‘Waterhole Three’]

In any case, I’ve never really understood why so many men have allowed themselves to be brainwashed by the feminazi myth machine into believing that rape is necessarily such a serious crime. Obviously violent stranger-rape will be traumatic, but feminazis have stretched the definition of rape to include ‘date-rape’ and even ‘husband-rape’!

Rape is simply sex (I am talking about ‘husband-rape’ here, for those who deliberately seek to misunderstand me). Women enjoy sex, so this type of ‘rape’ cannot be such a terrible physical ordeal. To suggest that rape, when conducted without violence, is a serious crime is like suggesting that force feeding a woman chocolate cake is a heinous offence. A woman would be more inconvenienced by having her handbag snatched.

So why have the feminazis built ‘rape’ up as such a serious offence? Because it is the one offence they can accuse a man of without any evidence whatsoever. Even years after the supposed offence took place they can waltz into a police station and destroy a man’s life without a shred of evidence. In other words the demonisation of rape is all part of the feminazi desire to obtain power and mastery over men. Again, for those who are seeking to cause trouble by deliberately misunderstanding me: yes, violent rape by a stranger in the street is a terrible crime, but I am not talking about that – I am talking about ‘husband-rape’. Men who go along with the rape myth (for all types of rape – including ‘husband-rape’) are either morons or traitors.

Mary // Posted 1 April 2008 at 1:55 pm

Hmm…There was a link on here not so long ago to a blog which used the same analogy (of being forcefed chocolate cake or some other favourite food) to prove just how awful rape IS.

If only someone would force their cock into him, and see if he finds it as inconvenient as having a handbag snatched.

Yet more reason than ever to turn up to the polls and keep this horror out of our Assembly.

Mary Tracy9 // Posted 1 April 2008 at 1:56 pm

This is the kind of man who should have his views challenged by someone sticking a painfully large dildo up his arse a good number of times. You know, so he can see how “painless” rape can be.

Stephanie // Posted 1 April 2008 at 2:20 pm

That’s one of the most appalling things I’ve read in my life.

A woman would be more inconvenienced by having her handbag stolen? I wonder has he ever actually asked a woman (does he actually know any?) which she would be more “inconvenienced” by? Absolutely disgusting.

batty // Posted 1 April 2008 at 2:59 pm

i’m just speechless and numb with shock that anyone could be so twisted.

Pearl Witherington // Posted 1 April 2008 at 3:53 pm

I just found out the BNP’s legal officer, Lee Barnes, also has a misogynistic streak like Nick Eriksen. I just read that Lee Barnes (who also stood as a BNP candidate and writes regularly for the BNP website) posted on his personal blog an article entitled ‘2007 Stupid Bitch Award’. In his article Barnes calls Gillian Gibbons a “dumb bitch” and an “idiot”. In another article Lee Barnes calls BBC producer Nasreen Suleaman a “Stupid lieing Taqqiya bitch”:

I also found out that on 17th March serial BNP candidate John Powell was found guilty of beating up his wife. And that BNP councillor Brian Turner from Burnley was convicted of attacking his wife and a police officer, yet the BNP refused to disown him. In fact the BNP even defended Brian Turner by issuing a statement saying: “we are not in the business of persecuting our members because the state considers someone guilty.” Imagine that – the BNP defending a wife beater. But, given that one of its candidates for London mayor says go ahead rape and beat women, then the BNP’s defence of Brian Turner isn’t surprising:

Helen // Posted 1 April 2008 at 4:09 pm

‘rape…conducted without violence’. How exactly does one forcefully have sex with someone against their will without using violence? What constitutes violence, if not using physical force against someone without their consent?

Something tells me that if a BNP candidate had been found to be writing an openly racist blog, I’d have heard about it on the national news rather than on a ‘niche’ website.

Danielle // Posted 1 April 2008 at 4:14 pm

Another reason to hate the BNP, as if I needed one. On the positive side, I can’t really imagine many people taking him seriously, and maybe it might put some people off the BNP and consequently start changing their views… or am I just being naive?

Jess McCabe // Posted 1 April 2008 at 4:17 pm

Not all rape or sexual assault involves the use of physical force – there’s deception, intimidation – ignoring someone saying ‘no’, even if they don’t seem to physically resist. Pestering, guilt tripping someone until they feel they have no option but to say yes. Ignoring and disrespecting the verbal and non-verbal signs that a person does not want sexual contact to occur. Assaulting someone when they are unconscious or not in a state to consent.

Ines // Posted 1 April 2008 at 5:08 pm

I thought this hunter-gatherer, victorian-minded PLUS weirdly moronic and sociopathic kind of man had extinguished some decades ago. I can’t even cry at his idiocy, now.

Rachel // Posted 1 April 2008 at 5:23 pm

As if the inherent contradictions in his nasty little speeches needed further highlighting, I find it quite odd that he’s so against ‘feminazis’. After all, National Socialism would probably agree with him, and his band of mouth breathing thugs calling themselves a political party, much better.

Gary Dunion // Posted 1 April 2008 at 5:49 pm

Melissa mentioned to me that she’d sent the link to you guys. I thought you might be interested in he Green Party’s response. It’s at:


Gary Dunion

Chief Press Officer

Green Party

Lauren O // Posted 1 April 2008 at 7:29 pm

I just can’t get my head around this. I want so badly to believe it’s satire.

Steph Jones // Posted 1 April 2008 at 8:04 pm

Having had a look at this Eriksen blog, there’s a few other articles you may want to check out:

“Word Games – part II (Abortion)”

“Batchelor is Best!” and

“Stupid Woman”


“The mother of all failures”

The rest of it is mostly racist and xenophobic bile…

Rooroo // Posted 1 April 2008 at 8:46 pm

I am absolutely stunned. What a vile creature.

Redheadinred // Posted 1 April 2008 at 9:42 pm

Oh my fucking god. I cannot believe this man can live with himself. He clearly has issues, maybe he had an abusive mother or something, but whatever. But at least it proves to us (and perhaps some readers of the Evening Standard as well) that we’ve got a long way to go, and we have to keep fighting for equality.

But my anger won’t be fulfilled unless I can really blast off some non-articulate, pure emotion, so here goes:

Dear Eriksen, you are cordially invited to go and fuck yourself. Oh, wait, you already do that since clearly no one else will unless you make them. That’s obviously the reason you are so defensive about rape. I sincerely believe that nobody deserves to know the reality of rape when it happens to them, but just to use your own reasoning: go and find a selfish bloke stronger than yourself who decides he’ll do whatever he likes, and see how much it’s like being force fed cake. And then thank god you can’t get pregnant, either.

I seriously suspect that this man is a rapist. Why else would he say this? He obviously thinks women deserve it. And if he ever gets any himself I’d be very, very surprised.

Andie Berryman // Posted 1 April 2008 at 10:05 pm

The importance of this piece is to reach the women in the so called B.N.P stronghold in the north.The message has to made clear that the B.N.P only supports the English white male of working age.It disregards women , their right to sexual autonomy , infact freedom

Martin // Posted 1 April 2008 at 10:07 pm

Unbelievable! People like this fail to realise that the various ‘rights’ movments are part of a social progression. Whilst women’s rights have been around 100 years in the making, 100 years before that would have seen your BNP councillor part of the 99% of males who were denied the vote, and forced to work in conditions which he would find intolerable. (But he might be too knackered to beat his wife up)

Rob Khan // Posted 2 April 2008 at 11:18 am

“I was trying to start a debate” pray tell, what exactly were you Nick Eriksen trying to start a debate on? You may want to start a debate on an issue that may be ambiguous or in which there may be several strong opinions either way? I do not see opinion on the subject of enjoying being raped or likening it to having your handbag snatched as being one that needs debate.

1) I think Nick Eriksen certainly needs a few nights in a prison cell with someone who takes a fancy to his backside.(how was it for you Nick? still think it is worst to have your bag taken?)

2) Vile people like Nick Eriksen spout vile views – don’t expect anything else.

3) Don’t personally think this is really a feminist issue – its an issue for anybody that want any type of discrimination and inequality reduced and eliminated. The BNP are a bunch of morons that don’t have the credentials or apptitude to participate in real politics so they create a party that only requires you to have the academic ability of a dead carrot and the verbal skills of a mute gorilla and the looks to match. OOh I almost forgot if you can shave your head even better. The BNP prey on the disaffected and sprout crap.

It still surprises me that the BNP’s views are not in the mainstream media – maybe that would really let peole know what they stand for

B – Bigoted.

N – Neonatzi.

P – psychopaths.

Jo // Posted 2 April 2008 at 11:54 am

I’m sitting here laughing and feeling a bit guilty about it. I probably should be taking this man’s ‘articles’ more seriously, but… he is so clearly INSANE! Surely even your average BNPer must consider him a nutter? In addition to being a headcase, his writing style is also deadly dull, whiny and repetitive. Anyone who says “feminazi” five times in a single paragraph clearly has not one interesting thought in his head. Even were I a raving mysoginist I wouldn’t want to vote for anyone so lacking in charisma. What a loser.

Lynne Miles // Posted 2 April 2008 at 12:02 pm

@ Rob “Don’t personally think this is really a feminist issue – its an issue for anybody that want any type of discrimination and inequality reduced and eliminated.”

Most feminists want this, plus anyone who does want this ought to be feminist!

Rob khan // Posted 2 April 2008 at 2:09 pm

Thanks Lynne, when I say it is not a feminist issue I was referring to the views of the BNP as a whole rather than specifically referring to the issue of rape as raised by Nick Eriksen.

Wiggly // Posted 2 April 2008 at 7:09 pm

He’s been removed as a candidate:

Unfortunately he’ll just be replaced by someone who is equally misogynistic/racist/homophobic…

Jess McCabe // Posted 2 April 2008 at 7:41 pm

Hi Wiggly,

I saw this story earlier today – must do an update on the post!

It strikes me as hugely ironic that the BNP is chucking someone out for this, when, as you say, that’s their core support! Do they even have a single person to put forward who is not a) racist, b) misogynist or c) homophobic?

Wiggly // Posted 2 April 2008 at 8:03 pm

Not that you’d expect anything else but some commentators on the BNP website are calling this idiot ‘honourable’ for standing down…

Others however are not of the same opinion (though sadly are still staunch BNP supporters):

There is no honour in having a candidate that likens rape to being force-fed chocolate cake, and rape as just well err…sex! This guy is the kind the BNP don’t want. He is exactly what your rivals look for. In this case, free speech has prevailed by exposing the thoughts of someone who is obviously misguided (and I’m being very polite). He has let down a lot of decent people who work hard at gaining credibility for the BNP, as well as BNP members, and God knows they have a hard enough time as it is. Keep Erikson and his ilk out of the BNP. BNP, you’re getting bigger and bigger…keep your eye on your friends.

Zoe // Posted 2 April 2008 at 10:52 pm

I don’t understand why they kicked him out. They stick behind criminals for god’s sake, why not him? I suspect it’s because he attracted too much attention. Personally I want nutters like him to stay *in* the BNP, because then no-one could ever possibly take them seriously. They are trying to get women candidates/voters to seem attractive, but as soon as they win anything the women will be sent back to the kicthen.

You know, I once knew this lesbian who supported the BNP, mainly because she was kind of racist. Even accounting for that, she didn’t seem to realise that they would have her hung for what she is (female, gay) should they ever get in power. I hope she hears of this and comes to her senses.

Rehaam // Posted 2 April 2008 at 10:55 pm

Dangerous times….the BNP should not exist a party that celebrates one form of discrimination will not exercise fairness with other groups….enemies enemy is a friend?

Women and BME communities should join forces to ensure that this party doesn’t have any kind of power…

na // Posted 4 April 2008 at 12:49 am

Animals flirt and fight against their male counterpart for the female.

They do not “rape”.

This guy in many ways worse. I dare you slap the face of a real man

Kim // Posted 11 April 2008 at 12:09 am

It’s kind of depressing. I look at it and roll my eyes, but I can imagine some of the men I work with reading it and saying “Ha, what a legend this guy is.”

Well obviously not if there are any women in the room.

laurel Dearing // Posted 21 June 2008 at 11:21 pm

god i love the way this guy knows what its odd for women to think and feel seeing as he has obviously been a woman and known his place… 0_o

rapes humiliating. more than being force-fed chocolate cake =O

and whts it to do with sex? lol, its about being told youre stupid to think youe allowed control over your own body. i mean you know, we cant even have the right to do our dishes in peace. lol…

god i hope he never has a daughter

Shamik Das // Posted 4 July 2008 at 5:08 pm

Thanks for this expose on the BNP. They may claim to have ditched the racist, far-right skinhead tag, but we all know the truth is they haven’t changed one iota, they’re still the same nasty, misogynistic racists they always were.

Lancaster Unity Fan // Posted 18 July 2008 at 12:45 pm

Apparently according to information sources at Lancaster Unity, Erikson was secretly allowed to return to the BNP following talks with Nick Griffin, so this isn’t the end of the story.

louise westwood // Posted 25 June 2009 at 7:16 pm

its pretty much the most disgusting thing i’v ever heard!

i also read comments on Eriksen on the mailonline and something that disgusted me even more was a WOMAN had written on argeeing with him and expressing her liking of eriksen and that he is a ‘prefect gentleman’

erikenson is a bad as the rapist themselves!

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