Racist hate in Russia

// 13 May 2008

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Just over two years ago a friend of mine Kayode Ogundamisi wrote a piece “Are you a Black man? Don’t go to Russia” in which is spoke of the racism experienced by African students in Russia…..

It is a shame that the Russian government is turning a blind eye on the growing level of attacks on foreign students and residents in Russia. Students of the international university in Moscow are the worst victims. I was shown video evidence of acid attacks and knife cuts. One African student, Nigerian Mukaila Odedina remains paralysed from an attack from right wing thugs in front of a Russian police station in Moscow, speaking with Mukaila brought tears to my eyes. He is in his final year and would have been a medical doctor in September 2005 now he cannot even raise a flight ticket back home; all contact with the Nigerian embassy yielded no result.

I remember meeting a Zimbabwean woman in 1990, who was to become a good friend, speaking about her similar experience whilst a student in the Soviet Union. “From Russia With Hate” is a video documentary by Christof Putzel which investigates neo-nazi groups in Russia. It’s bad enough that that racist violence is described as “out of control” but many of the skin heads have support from the government….One member of the Duma is interviewed condoning the violence because the “government is not doing enough [about immigration]” A very disturbing documentary particularly when looked at in the context of the British government’s increasingly anti-immigration rhetoric and accompanying legislation – one suggestion from Russia is to take away the citizenship of Russian women who marry foreigners!

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Comments From You

Sian // Posted 13 May 2008 at 3:01 pm

There was a programme on radio four a few months ago about the experiences of Black British tourists abroad-and the couple they had on said their worst experiences were in St. Petersburg. One of the things they said they’d like to see was advice in the guide books for ethnic minority travellers like there already is for women, gay and disabled travellers. Although different ethnic groups would experience different problems in different places, which could take up quite a few pages.

But the situation in Russia is getting rather bad in many ways, this included-support of the goverment especially. I wonder what the reasons for it are?

I wrote an essay on neo-nazism in post-reunification east Germany and research seemed to point to the fact that there had been so few ethnic minorities there before reunification coupled with the high unemployment rates post-reunification. Which was rather a pity as a study had shown pre-reunification that East Germans felt more kindly to foreigners than West Germans did-no doubt to do with the communist solidarity with Cuba and China.

Britain’s current racist and inhumane immigration policies have been making me depressed for some time-my Gran runs a prison visiting and advocacy group for asylum seekers and the situation is unbeliveably dire. According to her, for 12 months after the July 7th bombing, asylum seekers called Mohammed were getting twice the sentences of those who weren’t.. that’s the wisdom of judges for you.

Eric // Posted 15 June 2008 at 11:01 pm

Lets think about this

Cause and affect

Cause: your home land has people come into it with alian ideas and culture. You are also a minority on the plant and your people have learned to not over populate your home land. But the incoming group has not. This hostile group is also taking your means of economic well being(i.e. JOBS).

Effect: You believe like all other ethnic groups you have a right to live. You then take steps to reversing the trends of genocide against your people. If peacful protests do not work then force is used to protect your children. Just like any other group would.

Solution: Stop imigration of all non-white people. And keep minorties at 5% or less. This goes double(2%) for places like Denmark, since it is so small. This in turn will keep the Europeans from voting in another Hitler. Being a Jew myself I would not want to see this.

Lastly, make sure tourism and trade is keep alive and well to avoid waring between nations.

Think about it

Joseph // Posted 20 August 2008 at 5:00 pm

I have lived in Russia for 7 years i would like to explain one thing Russians promote Russianisim and white supremacy, their first targets are Africans who are evident from their skin color making them easy prey,second are any European or Asian men women or children with dark hair,in and third Americans whites if you keep quiet and don’t talk with an accent just being white keeps you safe

only from Nationalistic groups but not thugs. One important measure to take is always be aware of your surroundings look behind your back keep away from public occasions keep you eye out that has been a help to me and even avoided very many bad moments. Russia is not safe and the hate crimes are goverment sponsored by Putin himself i can attribute it this way when they want people to get beat up from certian ethnic groups a facist group would not even waste time attacking any african they meet but would at that point only be targeting European men from Georgia Chechnya Turkey Cyprus and Jews at other times would only be targeting Africans other times Chinese and so on .

sokari // Posted 20 August 2008 at 7:16 pm

Joseph @ Many thanks for your comment which as a long term resident in Russia adds significantly to this discussion. I have spoken to many African students who have lived in Russia over the past 20 years and I your experience very much supports theirs.

Shalu-Emma // Posted 10 November 2008 at 6:44 am

@ Eric. Of course that makes perfect sense. However, you are implying all Russians are only white. If my parents immigrate to Russia from say, China, and I am born there. Am I not a Russian? Why do I not have the right to live there if it is my homeland?

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