Glasgow vigil on Friday

// 11 June 2008

The Glasgow Feminist Network is holding a vigil this Friday, at 6pm in George Square:

The women of Glasgow – the women of the world – should not have to live in fear of men’s violence.

We will be holding a vigil in George Square, at 6pm this Friday the 13th, to commemorate the lives of Eleni, Moira, Michelle, Jeannette, and all the women we’ve lost.

This will be a peaceful vigil with singing, flowers and candles. It will be a time to grieve for the women we’ve lost – but also a time to stand up, be counted, and let everyone know… we won’t stand for this anymore. Violence against women must stop, and until our society changes, more women will die needlessly at the hands of men everyday.

We must let the city know that the women of this city are not and will not be victims. We invite men to attend this vigil and be bold about their refusal to participate in a culture then denigrates, objectifies and, ultimitately, kills women.

Join us. Please forward this message, and invite your loved ones to attend with you.

In memory and in rage,

Glasgow Feminist Network

Comments From You

E-Visible Woman // Posted 11 June 2008 at 3:11 pm

Now everyone on the internet will know I can’t spell ‘ultimately’!

Thank you for posting, Jess – I think it’s going to be a really powerful event, and the more people that know about it, the better.

Rhona // Posted 11 June 2008 at 6:12 pm

I will be there – thanks for posting this, Jess.

On a slight tangent – Moira Jones was killed about a quarter of a mile away from where I live. On the BBC today, there is a story about a man who has appeared in court in connection with a rape which occurred about six weeks ago in the same area – I didn’t even KNOW about this until I saw it connected to the Jones murder in a Glasgow newspaper last week.

I regularly walk and run in this area late at night (ah, the joys of freelancing!), as do many other women, yet we weren’t even informed?

Seriously, how many women have to be raped/abused/killed before this is taken seriously? The streets around here are normally a cop-free zone, but given the current ‘high profile case’, I’ve never seen so many police out and about in my LIFE.

I look forward to this vigil and getting the message across that this will NOT be tolerated.

E-Visible Woman // Posted 11 June 2008 at 7:24 pm

You can read more on the GFN myspace:, where you can also find details of how to join our mailing list, if you are in Glasgow or thereabouts.

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