Site launched to monitor media portrayals of Michelle Obama

// 13 June 2008

What About Our Daughters has set up a non-partisan site specifically to monitor how the media is portraying Michelle Obama.

Check out Michelle Obama Watch here.

Recent posts? Fox apologising for labelling Michelle as Barack’s “baby mama” in a broadcast.

Comments From You

Shea // Posted 14 June 2008 at 2:43 pm

Good, they need to. Now Clinton is out of the race, the media will invariably fall on Michelle for their women bashing. “Baby mama” indeed!

Vivian Hassan // Posted 1 February 2010 at 8:05 pm

I’m an african american mother, grandmother and great grandmother. After teaching English abroad in the Middle East nearly 3 years I’ve seen the East change drastically. At first the world had not seen the african american as a President!! We were God’s best kept Secret as they say over there. Educated, domestic, beautiful goddess, mother, sometimes husbandless, like ancient Queens long forgotten. Hatshepsut. But they had their papyrus and Dynasty’s of married or unmarried Black Queens as part of their Legacy. Like Deja vu they Remember. She was Teacher, musician, Pharoah, friend with her own wealth. At first they thought we came to Egypt to “clean house” or cook food, until our private drivers. The women in Islam, had forgotten their Black Queen Leadership. They feared the Leadership of Black women/Queens who managed Armies and managed Empires. They were continuously robbed – so the patriachs took helm. Forgotten only by the young people of course, in this Gender biased culture. But now again they begin to Remember and adore the Black woman, for returning to her throne, shedding Light on the Darkness of a world’s forgotten history. A history of 5,000 years – that had NO Wars. We helped the world to Survive for Centuries. And so many are so unhappy with patriachal Leadership in their governments. They see we are not just maids and nanny’s – but Lawyers, Doctors, Educators and Teachers in science, math, social studies – now First Lady or Queen – Pharoah again. Michelle Obama is literate about the Domestic Sciences much like Harriet Beecher Stowe but with a Harvard education. Michelle Obama is far to classy and attractive to be stereotyped for very long except by the perverted admiration society in DC. People will begin to look at the negative comments from the Pundits/Right wing, as he who maketh Lies – about so many Nations -of Color. They know Sapphire and Michelle have nothing in common. Thank God we have a 99% literacy rate here in the USA. The literacy rate in the Middle East is less than 45%. The Women especially needed the English Language and Education to begin to perceive and understand “Michelle Obama”. They are dying too fast and far too young. I wish Michelle would learn Arabic language and talk directly to them. She would have a following greater than she could ever imagine. She is First Lady to the whole world now. The world gets a view of the highest class of womanhood!! from our First Lady Michelle. But the oppressed women of the middle East loves that they now have a heroine – the african american woman to point too as a way OUT! – Michelle’s mature wisdom will now be viewed, listened too and exposed world wide without refute. And She’s not barren of children. The future for our children looks very bright. I’m glad african american women can now lift up and evolve civilization as usual but this time in front of the Lens instead of from behind the Lens. People will DO the Math on their own, of HOW America became so Great in a few days if not already. Say no more to the pundits. We became powerful because of women like Michelle Obama. And behind every Great man – there IS a great woman still – her name is just not Nefertari. I was told upon leaving by a Black woman, Private School Director – that the Black woman has been the strongest, most powerful woman on the planet. Her sensuality has also captured a great man’s heart. Michelle has been exhaulted by God for us. No more on just Papyrus. The World is watching Michelle. She should never feel embarassed as a universal role model. They were very upset that she didn’t come along with Barack on June 4, 2009. However, They want to tell their husbands, fathers, sheikhs, Imams, whomever, etc. – WHY would FREEDOM take her to Heights but NOT ours if granted? The deep Impact on the World, has yet to be felt by the Obama’s. But the shake up has already occurred. I will give her my support 1000%. Please try to tune out the Devil lives in DC – First Lady – spread your image abroad as well.

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